Saturday, May 1, 2010

Supervising at Crump's

Mom and dad are at Crump's barn site pretty much full-time now. We get up, eat breakie, go for walkies and then head on over to Crump's barn site.
Dad and Mitch have already left and mom and I are right behind them.

Mitch and I are the official supervisors! The barn raising is mid-July and there is LOTS to do before then! Coffee break already?
Blueberry yogurt sounds great to us, dad!This is our view off in the distance that we get to gaze upon when we're not watching mom and dad work! That's a reservoir beyond the white fence. Mom LOVES lilacs and she spent her break time taking pictures and burying her nose in these magnificent blooms! Aren't they such a beautiful color?!Treat time? We're in, mom!
How about some biteyface, Maggie?Time to get back to work!

Happy May day to all of you!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch


scotsmad said...

Don't you just want to bite through the lines and head to the water? Oh well, yoghurt and bitey face can be fun too. At least you get to be with your peeps.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Penny and Patches said...

What a great project! Enjoy the beautiful scenery! July will be here before you know it!

Penny & Patches

Mack said...

I bet you two are the best supervisors ever!!

And what beautiful Lilacs!

Nelly said...

You two are doing a sterling job supervising ... and what a great view! We noticed you're attached to the dreaded 'washing line'.
Happy Mayday to you too! It's beautiful sunshine here too.
Nibbles & Headrubs
Nelly & Finn xx

Gus said...

Good Job Maggie and Mitch! We hope you guys can get some of those lilacs for your Mom's basket today.


Remington said...

Hey blueberry yogurt is one of my favorites too! You are sure hard workers! Happy May Day!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Wow, you guys are hard at work helping to snoopervise on May Day! You sure put me to shame cos I have spent most of the day **cough** sleeping!!

Those lilacs are really pretty!!

Asta said...

Maggie and Mitch
Happy May Day to you too!
You'we doing an excellent job of snoopewvising. You desewve even mowe tweats and bweaks.
thank you fow wishing Mywna and Gilbewt a happy seems like a billion yeaws ago, but theiw love is just as stwong.

Tell youw Mom Lovely last pic .
smoochie kisses

Benny and Lily said...

looks like you guys deserve all those treats since you are working so hard..
Have a fun day
Benny & Lily

Jazzi said...

WOW! Looks like alot of hard work there. Good thing they have you two snoopervising!! And yogurt??? whats up with that?? I better take this up with mom. I got the popsicles and ice cream cuz of you guys,so maybe.......


Jazzi said...

and...cocoanut M & M's
Sounds yummy!!


♥I am Holly♥ said...

Happy May Day to you!! It looks like so much fun were you are and it's so pretty!! Enjoy the weekend and be sure to get more treats!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

Anonymous said...

A barn raising sounds like really hard work. Good luck!

Eric said...

Great work Maggie and Mitch! Looks a cool place to hang out and smell the flowers. Lilacs are good ones for that aren't they? I'm looking forward to seeing the barn raising. (Um ..any reason why it's called Crumps? Terrier nosiness or interest?!)

Wiry love Eric xxx

Martha and Bailey said...

Well Maggie and Mitch, you make great managers and allow yourself lots of treats and fun!
At the same time keeping the workers on their toes.
We trust you are in line for a bonus?
Loved the views and the lilac trees/bushes - very pretty.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Petsitgal said...

You two are such excellent supervisors that it was no wonder you had to take a few breaks to eat yogurt and play because it must be exhausting to keep your eyes on your parents all day!

Thanks, Maggie & Mitch, for your comment about my "Fear of Flying" post because I thought I was the only one who was afraid of low flying birds! Were you barking when Caruso marched up the broom handle? Did he like you? I hope you gave Caruso the "evil eye" after he bit your dad's hand!

By the way, I am hosting another contest called FLOPPY-EARED CAPTION CONTEST so please hurry over for your chance to win the prize!

-xoxo-April & Daisy-

Sue said...

Good job you two! It's easy work and lots of treats, what could be better?

Aksharaa said...

Hi,Great job there,supervising.We so love that white fence picture.
thanx for telling us about TCT.we all love it.we have done a post on Chartreuse. do let us know if u like it.


Buddy n Ginger

violett said...

A barn raising- wow!
And you make the great manager!Is a hard job.
Reward with yoghurt and lots of threats is fairly!
Verry beautiful lilacs

Lots of love

The Airechicks said...

You guys are the HARDEST working Dales - supervising is hard work - very nice looking farm -

Ater work do you guys go for ice cream?

Keep up to good works - Hope your Mum gets some of the purple flowers to take home with her....


Thor said...

Hi Maggie & Mitch! Great work supervising! I bet yogurt was delicious! Very pretty lilac!
Thor xx

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Great job woo two!

Thanks fur sharing all those great pikhs too!

Mom and I passed a lilakh bush like that the other week - she wanted to turn around and snap a pikh fur it was such a pawesome kholour!

PeeEssWoo: The header pikh is so khool!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Wow, maybe we need to start snoopervising something to get some blueberry yogurt - all we get is the plain stuff. And your Mom's lilacs are such a gorgeous deep color - haven't seen any like that around here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - lookslike a gorgeous day there.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Teddy said...

I love the color of those lilacs too! We just have the lavender colored ones here, which I love anyway.

Looks like you two had a happy May Day.


Lorenza said...

Sounds like you had a pawesome snoopervising day!
I am sure your Mom and Dad are very busy with the project.
Kisses and hugs

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We love those lilacs. We have been trying to make one of those bloom at our farm and it just WONT. Your is awsomely beautiful.

I love blue berry yogurt too. Maybe it is my favorite. I hope you did not get too tired out doing all the snoopervising.
tee hee hee

the 4 Bs said...

that's great that you kiddos get to supervise this barn building stuff. it's way better than staying home alone and missing all of the fun. our mom likes lilacs too and she brings the flowers in our house to smell. then she sneezes. silly humans.


Teddy Bear said...

Looks like a pawfect Saturday!:)

Teddy Bear

Mango said...

That is a wonderful place to go to work for sure. Must be a blueberry yogurt farm, huh? Can't wait to see more.


The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

What a great project - your Mom and Dad are able to do something they love and they can take you along.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

Sam said...

How lucky you guys are to be able to go with! I always wish I could take Sam along with me, and Monty too now!


Wyatt said...

How nice you get to go to work with your family! Airedales make the best supervisors!

Mary at Marby Bulldogs said...

What a beautiful place! Lilacs are my favorite too. Gotta find some to steal for a vaseful. lol

Mary and the bullies

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Maggie and Mitch,
Isn't it wonderful that you get to go with Mom and Dad to work!! Bruce use to go to work with me everyday!! It is nice to have your pups with you all the time b/c they want to be close 24/7.
Very pretty Lilacs!!!
Thanks for you visit!!
XXOO, Bambi & Fern

The Army of Four said...

Hey you guys! Sorry we got so behind reading! It's all TOTALLY Mom's fault. Something about "lots of work to do" , blah, blah, blah. Whatever!
LOVED the chartreuse pix! And coffee next week!?! I can't wait! I love coffee!
Your garden is looking great. Ours is apparently what's taking a lot of Mom's time lately. How unfair is that?!!? And LILACS! We have our Korean Dwarf Lilacs in bloom now and they smell incredible! I posted about them today -- and posted a pic of the Lily of the Valley you guys sent last year! They look SO COOL!!!!
Play bows,

Petsitgal said...

What beautiful lilacs, love the smell of those flowers! You guys look like you make great supervisors. We love blueberry yogurt, especially frozen yogurt on very hot days!

Amber and Nala said...

Hope you enjoyed that yogurt and your May Day! ;)


Matilda said...

Hi Maggie and Mitch!
Wow, what a great work place! You two must be great supervisors.
I saw "Back to the garden" blog, too. My mom loves your garden! It is still a bit cold here. We are looking forward to spring flowers!
Kiss Kiss


Woof Maggie and Mitch,
Sorry it's been awhile since we visited. We're gonna try harder next time. As always we love reading your blog and we really enjoy the photos.

Desert Pups

Life With Dogs said...

Not a bad way to pass the day! Makes me wish Monday wasn't just around the corner. :)

Sherry said...

I love lilac season. The whole neighborhood has been smelling of lilacs on our walks.
Sherry, ALanis & Miro

tula said...

hi maggie & mitch,
not a bad place to work- are you hiring? i am good at eating blueberry yogurt and can definitely help you gaze out into the beautiful fields.


Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

Gorgeous place to work! Mom is so wishing that she could get a job looking over such a great view! *grins* Blueberry yogurt for break time sounds YUMMYLICIOUS!


Hollie and Janie said...

Well, You two are the best supervisors around! I'm sure you'll keep the humans in line!! I love yogurt, too!! It's like good for you icecream!!

Persephone and Buster said...

nice swimming hole! take lots of pictures when you raise the barn.. sounds very festive and you two supervise all of it.. wOw! not a bad day at work eh? have fun.
theBUSTER, Ms.Blue & Ms.Persephone..psssst mom told use Ms.P just had a bath....heeeeeeheeehee

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Hey guys,

Your work looks quite fun, and it looks a beautiful place to hang out and play.... and supervise too of course! hehe

Have a great week! :)

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Maggie and Mitch -

The lilacs are beautiful. Mama loves lilacs too.

We bet you are good supervisors on the barn raising.

Love -

Hershey and Kaci