Saturday, February 28, 2015

Birthday Shopping

I have a birthday coming up very soon and mom took me shopping.
The first thing we did was to get the MitchandMollyMobile washed.
 And then we headed to Agway.  Mom said that I could pick out pretty much ANYTHING that I wanted!
Gotta have a couple of these!
 Mom told me that I went past something that looked like tons of fun.   I need to put it in reverse!
 A tennis ball shooter!   I will definitely keep this in mind, mom!
She told me not to turn my head and to breeze by everything that's on my left.  I can't have rawhide because I try to finish it in record time and I don't chew it and doG forbid if it got stuck and I choked on it!    Okay, mom - I'm not looking!
 She told the nice lady that was checking us out that I had a birthday coming up and I got not one; not two but THREE liver cookies!
I'm beginning to like the sounds of having a birthday!
I can't wait to show Mitch what I chose for us to play with!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots♥

Thursday, February 26, 2015

All Done With Posts

Dad says we're doing great on Professor Mike's barn project.  We're all finished with the posts.   These three are the last of them.
Mom helped work on some girts....
 While dad and Uncle Phil worked on some prints. 
 I'm ready to play ball!
 Oops - need some help here, mom.
 Look where this one landed!  Don't be a woos.  That one is easy pickin's, Molly!
 Carrot break time!
You're supposed to eat your carrot - not my head, Molly! 
 A game of tug is good!

 This stuff is on dad's fireplace mantle.  The photo is of  me (Mitch) at the beach on Nantucket.  Those were sure fun times ♥
 Time to go back to work?   I was just about to take a nap!
So until next time.............

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MilkBone Tree Seeds

We got our Burpee catalog in the mail yesterday.  We couldn't wait to look through it so we could find and order our MilkBone tree seeds!
 Nope, not on this page.
 Not on this page either!
 Where the heck did they hide the MilkBone seeds?
 I even woke Mitch up to have him help me look through the catalog.
Hey, Frankie and Ernie - our page 87 is missing and we think it's been deliberately ripped out!  We are bound and determined to grow a MilkBone tree in our yard this year!

Happy 42nd Anniversary, mom and dad!  This photo is from 1990.  They look like kids in this picture!

So until next time............

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Sunday, February 22, 2015

We Got More Snow

We got another 6 inches of snow on top of what we had and the temps have warmed up and after mom got finished with shoveling and chores, we got to go out and play on our lunge line!   yippeeeeeeee
 Off I go~

 I had the bestest time!
 We have 35 degrees today and the temps are supposed to still rise a wee bit higher. What a treat!
I don't have as much energy as you have, Molly, but I'm going to have just as much fun - my way!
 The Beauty Berry bush still has purple berries on it.  I guess the birdies don't eat grape berries.

 I'm playing mountain Mitch!
 Are there any critters under there?
 Happy Birthday to the father of our country - George Washington!
So until next time..........

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Friday, February 20, 2015

A New Collar for Me

Mom ordered a new leather collar for me way back at the beginning of January.  It finally arrived in the mail on Wednesday.
You all know that I LOVE feathers, right.
I think my new collar is just perfect!
 You ask what I'm so focused on~
 A real swan feather - of course!  Dad saves them and he was nice enough to share one of them with me. 
 Yes, please!
 Remove your lips from MY feather, Molly. Mom says so!

I sure do love my new feather collar.  Thank you, mom!

Love ya lots♥

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Evil Lemon

Angel Maggie did not like to be offered lemons and she would back away and bark her disgust if you ever thought that she would even attempt to lick one.
 Mom thought it might be fun to see what Molly would do if she was offered a cut lemon.  She's not buying it, mom. 
 She's as disgusted with lemons as Maggie was. She's no dummy!
 I happen to think they're pretty tasty.  Are you convinced yet that they're okay, Molly?
Nope, Molly isn't biting!
 Oh well - I guess I'm the only AireKid that likes lemons!
More for me!
So until next time............

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly