Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Afternoon with Putter!

Putter came to visit me today - finally at long last! yahooooooooo
Our mom's made this playdate quite awhile ago and it was pure agony waiting for today to finally arrive but it did and we had the bestest weather! It was just gorgeous here! A perfect spring day!

Putter arrived just after noontime with her mom Kate and her dad Ted. The hoomans welcomed each other like long lost friends but I have to say that it wasn't that way with us girlz right off the bat! I've bonded with Mitch believe it or not. I can finally say that as much of a pain as Mitch is, I really love the little guy! He's fun and he's my little brother.

I sorta took a hissy when Putter first came into the workshop. Please forgive me Putter, I wasn't a very nice hostess, was I! I was just protecting Mitch but Mitch didn't really need protecting I later came to realize.
Know what? I think Mitch is quite the lady's man! He and Putter had lots of fun together!

Putter is a really sweet girl - very playful with a happy-go-lucky attitude. After our immediate squabble, mom suggested that maybe we should go for a walkie - just the girlz, and leave Mitch home with dad.

This was a good suggestion on mom's part because Putter and I pretty much settled down and got to know each other better without Mitch constantly gnawing on poor Putter's beard and legs and face!
I had a great time showing Putter our neighborhood! Here we are getting better acquainted. Putter is a lot furrier than I am and mom says she actually looks larger! She has the greatest collar! It's green and it's golf related - get it - Putter!

Isn't she a cutie! She is such a playful girl and she was trying her darndest to get me to play with her and I was just too pooped from our walkie. This was the second time around the block for me today!

Putter is doing playbows and Mom wanted so much for me to answer right back to her with my playbows! Next time, okay mom?!

We really had a good time together - all of us - all hoomans and all dogs. Putter's mom and dad are just the nicest people and this was the first time that an Airedale has ever visited me at my house and it was really so cool! Thank you so much Putter!

Putter also came bearing pressies! yeaaaaaaaaaaaa - the bestest part!

She brought this really cool football! Mitch can't really get it into his mouth so I guess that means it's MINE hehehehe *really evil grin*

And Putter also brought us a tennis bone! Mitch is so tired from all of the new adventures today that he could care less about any new toys at the moment! This won't last though! Give him a nap and he'll be chasing me through the house trying to claim all of the toys for himself!

Putter also brought us big, L-O-N-G bully sticks - the kind mom can never seem to find! OMG we can't wait to sink our teeth into those babies! We hear Monday it's supposed to rain so it may very well be another workshop day! Guess what I'll be doing? Yup, chewing on my bully stick! Mom says she's going to put Mitch's away till he's a little bit older.

Thank you so much Putter for our new gifts and for your fabulous visit! We all had such a good time. Let's do it again soon, okay?! I can tell we'll be bestest and goodest friends for a long, long time!
Putter now has her own blog. Her mom took tons of pictures while she was at my house so I'm sure Putter will tell you about her meeting up with me and Mitch for the first time!

And on another note:

Rudy has finished reading the Fitzgo book that we told you about awhile back. So anybody who wants to read it, please go and visit Rudy at his blog and sign up if you want to read it too, okay?

Love ya lots ,


Friday, March 30, 2007

A Visit From Jenna

Mom told us that we were having company today! Yahoooooooooo - it was Cousin Karen from Rhode Island and Aunt Eva and Jenna the Vizsla!
Mitch and I were hanging out in the workshop this morning waiting for them to arrive. We're doing much better playing together. We actually play now instead of fight and mom and dad are much happier about this! About 2 hours after our play session we both collapsed! Notice who got the bed and who got the floor!

We were dead tired! Luckily though we both got some sleep before Jenna arrived!

They pulled in around lunchtime and we were inside already preparing lunch. Jenna was in the kitchen very briefly before she decided that it was just too close quarters for her and Mitch's teeth were bothering her! She's a Queen, ya know! So Jenna waited outside for all of us to finish our lunch. I think she was much happier out there soaking up the sun and communing with nature! We did have a gorgeous day here today!

After lunch we all trooped back out to visit some more. Here's Jenna allowing Mitch to give her a kiss! Notice how she still looks like a Queen! All she needs is a fur-trimmed cape and a crown!

Here's a pic of all of us just hanging by the pond. You don't see too many duckies and goosies because Jenna went swimming and scared them all away!

They didn't stay nearly long enough! Next time they come up from Rhode Island we're planning on hiking and going to New Haven for that famous pizza!

Until next time...............

Love ya lots,


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Workshop Fun

Mitch and I spent lots of time in the workshop today. Dad was turning on the lathe and mom was keeping busy with her projects plus watching out for us.

See that yellow striped thing that Mitch has ahold of? That's my Wiggly Giggly ball in there. Mom bought that for me a long time ago and when I started chewing on it and making holes in it mom freaked and headed to the fabric store to find a sturdy duck fabric. She made a pillow case for Wiggly - but she sewed the end closed so that I couldn't ever get Wiggly out. Wiggly talks to me and he's one of my favorite toys.

Mitch thinks he's kinda cool too and wants to grab him and run off with him. I'm trying to tell him that Wiggly is mine and all I get is backtalk from the little pain!

This is the new bed that mom bought for the workshop. She made an oopsy and just bought one but she figured because the warmer weather is coming that it might be okay. She's well aware that come October when the temps cool off that she'll have to buy another one so we each have a bed and we don't fight. Mitch thinks EVERYTHING is his! He's stingier than I ever was! (Mom here - yea right!)

Now this is the way it should be - me in the bed and Mitch on the floor! Don't you totally agree??!!

Until next time.................

Love ya lots,


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Best Friend Molly

I'm so heartbroken. My best friend that I've known almost all of my life is gone.
She passed over the rainbow bridge today. I just can't believe I'll never see Molly ever again. Molly was only 9 years old. We used to walk almost every single day for YEARS! My mom and Miss Barbara, Molly's mom, are very dear friends. We were just pups when we met each other.
Molly was Barbara and Chris's first dog and they worshipped the ground she walked on. Molly was so loved and she was the Princess at her house just as I am at my house (well, I was until Mitch came along!)

Molly's dad Chris works long hours and he works 6 days a week and Sunday was Chris's day to walk Molly. Chris is so much fun. He calls me ChuckleHead!

When my dad was sick and hospitalized with all of his heart problems, mom had her good friend Barbara to lean on and she helped mom get through her days and months immensely! Molly and I would walk side by side and listen to the two of them chat up a storm. When mom had to spend days in the hospital with dad, it was Barbara that came to let me out to go pee and she would feed me and sometimes she'd take me back to her house and I played and stayed with Molly till mom came and picked me up way after dark!

Once dad has his heart transplant and he was strong enough to walk with me and mom again, I didn't see Molly as often but we always remained very good friends. Chris and Barbara were always there for us. They were life savers for me, mom and dad!
And now their precious girl is gone and they're hurting so much and so are we! Mitch has met Molly two times - once this past Sunday on our walkie and yesterday mom brought Mitch out to do his peepee's and Molly was on her way home - the last leg of her walkie. We only lived doors away from each other.

She was a beautiful Golden Retriever - always the lady, although she did love to walk in her puddles and bark at the ducks and geese at the pond on our usual walkie route.

I'll miss you so much Molly! No one can ever take your place.
We'll always be friends forever.
Godspeed Molly! I love you!
I'll look for your star shining brightly tonight!


Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Campers

Mom is pretty happy today. Mitch and I are getting to be buddies. We're not best buddies yet but we're sure working on it! Yes, we still have our differences but we're working them out! This is a pic from last night~

It's what mom's been hoping for all along! That we can sleep together in the family room with no fighting. Mom is glowing today! Mom calls this picture her dream come true!

Here is a pic from today. We're in the workshop together and really having fun and playing hard! Mitch has my new stuffed bone but that's okay. I got most of the good stuff out already! He can have sloppy seconds!

Here we are again after a pretty good playtime workout! We were both pretty beat!

Mom took me out once to pee and lookie what I found! A pinecone!!!!

Now I'm a big boy just like Jaffa!

We leave you with this video of us working out a serious issue! It looks mighty nasty but we're really just talking Airedale talk! The little nipper stands up for himself - that's for sure!

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,


Sunday, March 25, 2007

My First Week with My New Family

Mitch has been with us for one whole week and mom says he's come such a long way!
He has his peepee and poopoo accidents in the house but for the most part, does most of his business outside! We think this is HUGE considering that he spent 2 whole months in a crate at the pet store. Mom says this picture tells it all!

We're both in the same room and happy - for the moment! Mitch did find my favoritest Mr. Carrot toy (well,one of them) but I am being super sweet to him today and sharing!

Isn't this the perfect photo of a happy puppy?! He's a lot of work for mom and such a pain at times but he's so much fun and so curious and really smart! And mom told me to say all of this good stuff about him. What I really want to say is that I wish all of his teeth would fall out so he stops biting me! *wink*

Mitch met Hoover for the first time today.

I still need to teach him the ropes concerning this mean machine!
Mitch was more fascinated with how fast the cord retracted into Hoover's butt and how much aire was farted into his face from Hoov's back end! We'll get there! A little bit more time is needed!

Dad comes home from Maine today. He's been gone since Wednesday and I REALLY missed him! He's going to be so surprised at how much Mitch has changed in these last few days! I can't wait! Hurry dad!

Till next time.............

Love ya lots,


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our Day of Beauty

Mom decided that she would groom me today so after breakfast she took Mitch out to pee and poo and then crated him so that she could spend the couple of hours on me that she needed to.
After my grooming session we went for our normal walkie. Mitch wasn't too happy being left alone. Mom says she can't wait till he can go for walkies with us - I can wait! I like having mom all to myself!
When we got back home mom took Mitch out for a shorter walk - he had some time on the street but most of the time was spent in the woods where I go for all of my snowy walks - back where the duckies are! Mitch met our swan today and darn, mom didn't have her camera with her! Bad mom!
Mitch barked at Dauby and when she flapped her wings to go back to the water Mitch was scared. hehehehe I wish I would have been along so I could have laughed at him. What a baby!
When they came back inside from their walk, he was carried upstairs to the room where mom grooms me. She didn't get much grooming done on him because Mitch wouldn't stand up for her but mom figures at his young age this is a start and that next time it'll be easier.
After his short grooming session Mitch was dumped in the bathtub! HAHAHA and he wasn't quite sure if he liked it or not. Mom's pretty sure this must be his first bath. He did like to be dried though! He thought mom was playing with him rubbing him briskly and he wouldn't stop biting at the towel the whole time! He came downstairs looking quite a bit fluffier and he actually smelled somewhat better! Here he is all cleaned up!

On our last posting we told you that Mitch gets baby gated in the computer room with mom. Well, he now climbs over the baby gate and plops himself down on the other side! Mom said I NEVER EVER did this before! Yup, Mitch is sure a handful!

Look at the great idea mom came up with to keep him contained and check out the expression on Mitch's face! I guess she outfoxed the little nipper - this time anyway! He's pretty smart and he keeps mom on her toes!

We've been racing through the house a lot lately. Mitch still comes at me with those teeth but I sorta give it right back to him so he doesn't think he's the boss! This is the pink bunny that mom brought home with her the same day she bought our new bed.

Guess who now thinks HE owns it!

This is us deep in conversation about whose toy it REALLY is!

Take a look at this shot! What a doofus! The ball is obviously way to big for him! And do you see him guarding that bunny that we just had our discussion about!

So that's pretty much how our day went today. I hate to admit it but I'm sorta getting used to having the little pain around!

Until next time.............

Love ya lots,


Friday, March 23, 2007

Thank Goodness for Baby Gates

Mom finally decided to use that baby gate yesterday! Mitch is getting much more adventurous! He still chases me through the house but now he picks up mom's collectibles along the way! He's learning the word "no" pretty well but sometimes he very conveniently forgets what it means! Mom shakes her finger at him and he lunges at her and tries to bite her! I'm tellin' ya - this little nipper is a devil! A cute rambunctious devil!I don't mind the gate at all. It gives me a chance to get some much deserved shut-eye on my very own bed just on the other side of the gate. Thank goodness the baby gate was invented!

Mom went shopping yesterday and Mitch and I now have two beds in the family room so there should be no fighting right?? - and I can have one of them too, right Mitch?? He's so stingy - he thinks everything in the world is for him and mom says I'm such a good girl to share my toys with the brat! So maybe mom does love me better! She sure does spend an awful lot of time with him though! She says it's just like having a toddler!

These are our two beds - too close together in my opinion! I'm still hanging out in the hallway when Mitch is in the family room at night. Mom keeps trying to get me to come and be with her but when I come for my hugs and kisses from mom, Mitch is right there with his big nose and puppy teeth! He's so nosey!

We'll see how it goes tonight! Maybe I'll relent and hang out with them!

Awhile back I told you all about a book called Fitzgo. Well, Boo and several others suggested that mom and I read "Marley and Me". Boo was kind enough to loan us his copy and now that Mitch is here, mom can read the story to both of us! Thank you Boo for the loan of your book! We'll return it as soon as we're done - we promise! You have to see the pretty colorful stamps that came on the package!

Mom is hoping that she can start chapter one tonight with each of us on his/her bed! I sorta hope so too! We'll see!

Until next time.............

Love ya lots,


Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Package From Suki

The good news is mom got her beauty sleep last night! Mitch did not cry at all. The bad news is that mom didn't set the alarm clock to get up at 1AM to take Mitch out! So when mom rolled over in bed at 4AM she flew out of bed apologizing all the way down the stairs! Yup, Mitch left her a couple of nice surprises.
Hey, I have to go to bat for the little guy here! It wasn't his fault - it was mom's for sleeping like a dead woman - actually we both did - ahhhhhhhhhhh peace and quiet!

The mailman brought us a gift from Suki today!

The package has my name on it but Mitch wanted to get in on the act too! Check out my foot in the pic. That's me hightailin' it out of there before he lunges at me with those alligator teeth!

Suki sent us Mother Hubbard puppy biscuits that she didn't care for. We offered to take them off her hands and she took us up on our offer! Hey, thank you so much Suki! They sure are tasty and a really good size for Mitch's small mouth! Suki offered to send them to us before we even got Mitch! And they're puppy biscuits! hummmmmmmmm could Suki have had a premonition??

Mom even shared one of MY biscuits with the little scamp! She made him sit for it and he did!

Suki also sent a big mailman cookie but I'm not sharing that one! It's mine all mine and mom says yup, that's the way it'll work! yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

She told me that I could have it tomorrow when she runs errands without me. Well, okay!

Things are progressing here. I'm thinking that I want to be in the family room at night again with Mitch and mom and hang out on my bed. Mom says that she's going to get each of us a bed for the family room so that we won't fight over just the one bed. We're getting more used to each other a little bit more each day. I just wish that Mitch would stop chasing me with those needle teeth! Mom tells him to stop it after 10 minutes or so and when he gets nasty with mom and starts biting her, he gets time-out in his crate! Ya know, he's been getting a lot of time-outs! hehehehe

Until next time..............

Love ya lots,


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Could Things be Looking Up Finally?

Things could be looking up for Mitch. Mom and I are so hopeful! Mitch did poopoo's outside today for the first time! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mom is very happy about this progress BUT he peed on the rug! The first time mom couldn't scold him. It was done and overwith! The second time mom caught him in the act and told him that we do peepee's outside and picked him up and took him out. He finished peeing outside! yippeeeeeeeee

So we're so hoping that we're making headway!

Yesterday was not a fun day for me at all. I've been so sad thinking that this evil munchkin has replaced me and that mom and dad love him more than they love me! Mom assures me that this is totally not true!

Dad is in Maine for a few days and it's just mom and me and Mitch. Mom was playing ball with us earlier and I was trying to be a wee bit more accepting of him.

I'm still not sure about him always helping himself to my bones or my ball!

We did have a couple of confrontations. It made mom pretty nervous but afterwards she was applauding me. Thanks mom! I had to bare my teeth two or three times and growl viciously to tell this pesty little pain to stop chasing me - enough is enough. He backed right down and went and sat next to mom. I think I scared him a wee bit! hehehehe It didn't last for long though. He was right back at it! I guess I'll have to display my ire again before all is said and done!

Last night Mitch cried like a baby for over three hours and kept us all awake! It was pathetic - not little whimpers but heartwrenching sobs! Mom is hoping that it won't be a repeat performance tonight. If so, we may have to come up with Plan B.

He really is a happy-go-lucky scamp most of the time though!

Aside from the fact that he steals just about everything I own, he's really making leaps and bounds from where he was on Sunday!

Good thing he's cute because he gets away with murder lots of times!

Until next time..............

Love ya lots,


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day Three with the Monster

The little guy is coming to life around here more and more and showing his true Airedale spirit! He sleeps in MY bed now more than I do! He's chewing on the special blankie that mom made especially for me and when mom tells him to stop he nips her with those puppy sharp teeth! What did those other pups teach him in that pet store??!! Thank goodness we rescued him before he learned any more bad habits!

Look at the way he looks at me. I'm trying to tell him that this is unacceptable behavior for a puppy who just came to live here 3 days ago but he thinks he's boss! He's got both of my favorite toys! Who does he think he is??!!

Mom keeps telling me to stop running from him and stand up to him and tell him who the Princess is around here! I guess I haven't gotten mad enough yet!
Mom has been getting lots of emails telling her that I can be the one to teach Mitch to go potty outside! REALLY??!! Will this get me extra treats? I have been doing a pretty good job in the peepee department but the little bugger still hasn't gotten the hang of poopoo's outside. We're still working on that one.

Little Mitch had to go to the vet today just for a check up! I'm sure glad it was him and not me! He weighs a whopping 21 pounds already! He checked out okay and didn't get any shots. The vet did offer a couple that mom deemed unnecessary. Mom is looking out for his best interests - just like she does with me. Yeaaaaaa mom!!!!

The little guy went for his first major walkie today. We normally walk about 2 miles but we knew this was too much for Mitch's legs seeing as he was crated for 2 whole months in the pet store. So we set out and he was following me and keeping up a pretty good pace! Dad carried him up the hill and he was itching to get back down, so dad put him down and let him go farther till he stopped and sat down. I guess that was our clue that he was pooped. Now dad and mom had to share the chore of carrying this heavy bundle till we got home. We wore his little hiney right out though! How does that saying go " A tired puppy is the best kind"! hehehehe

I hate to admit it but he is pretty cute when he's sleeping like a rock! The only bad part of it is that HE'S SLEEPING IN MY BED!!!!

Till next time.............

Love ya lots,

Monday, March 19, 2007

My New Baby Brother

Guess what? I got a new baby brother yesterday! This is the strangest story you'll ever hear(well, maybe not!)

Mom and my hooman sister went dress shopping on Friday. Missy is getting married in June and they were shopping for a mother-of-the bride dress. Missy asked mom if she minded if they sashayed into the pet store to see the puppies and of course mom said no. Well, mom's great mood turned real sour when she saw a 4 month old Airedale puppy in a crate. It ruined the rest of her day. She came home and told dad all about this baby. Dad asked his sex and mom didn't even know! All she said was that he was so cute and she felt so bad. So mom and dad went back and forth about should we/shouldn't we rescue him and mom finally said no - I'm perfectly happy with one dog!
Well, Sunday afternoon mom and I were out in the workshop visiting with our good friends Phil and Amy and in walks dad with the puppy! By the look on mom's face, you knew she was in total shock! Me too!
My new little brother's name is Mitch! And I can totally understand why Sunshade acted the way she did when Stinky/Jaffa came to live with her. I feel the exact same way! I can't stand being in the same room with him. He touches all of my toys and he was even in MY crate! Dad took him out to the workshop and he stole my bone! I keep waiting for the evil person who dropped him off to please come and pick him up. He's not needed or wanted here!

Mom and dad both think he's really cute and I can't understand why? Can you see those big feet?! He's totally out of proportion! I've never seen such monster feet on a puppy!

Dad tied him to a workbench leg after awhile because the little stinker just wouldn't leave me alone! All he does is chase me and nip me with those razor sharp teeth! Yeowwwww!

He did start barking and putting up a big fuss and mom encouraged me to go see what he wants. I decided maybe mom was right - now was the right time to have a conversation with the little pain and tell him who was boss around here!

I'm not sure the conversation went that well. When we left the workshop to go inside he was still biting at my ankles! I guess we may need to have this conversation again real soon!

So that's my weekend news! It's not exactly the weekend plans that I had in mind! Mom keeps telling me that Mitch is here to stay. I sure hope mom is wrong!

Until next time.............

Love ya lots,