Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Mini-Purse Give-Away Winners

Hi everyone.  It's me, Francesca.  
We have 4 winners!

The winner of the periwinkle mini-purse sitting in the #7 spot is Ludo!  Periwinkle will go beautifully with your furs, Ludo!

And the winner of the striped mini-purse in the #12 spot is Sugar the Golden!

And the winner of the navy mini-bag with the sunflower button sitting in the #18 position is Sue and her Porties.  Yikes - we hope there is no fighting at your house, guys! 

And the winner of the mauve mini-purse and sitting in the #26 spot is Miss Jada!  The purse is just your size, Jada!

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you so much for playing along on my gotcha day!  You guys made it even more special for me! Could the winners please send us their snail mail addresses so that we can get your mini-purses mailed out as soon as possible - maggiesue710 at yahoo dot com.

Guess what I did yesterday.  I played in the snow!
My white fur pieces belong to mom.  There is also a matching muff that goes with the set.  Gram bought them from Hutzler's when mom was a little girl and she's saved them all these years!
They look like they have yellowed up against the white, white snow!

Friends forever,

Friday, January 28, 2011

SnowStorm Denis

This is what the end of our driveway looked like yesterday before dad got the snowblower out. We got 2 feet of snow!  It's a 4 foot jump to get down to the street.
Can you see that the snow is up to my belly?!

The wind whipped and blew all night on Wednesday night and there were drifts everywhere. It's pretty but 2 feet on top of 3 feet makes 5 feet and mom and dad are having a hard time finding spots to put all of this white stuff!
Can you see the pile on top of our front porch roof?  We are crossing our paws that it doesn't collapse!
The snowy handle on the barn door is normally 4 foot off the ground~
I finally got to come out to pee and poo!  When mom brought us out at 4AM we had to PUSH our way out of the back door. We were literally snowed in!  I didn't get too far off the back porch  before I toppled over in the snow. It was just too deep for my liking, being the senior girlie that I am!
Thanks for the walkie trench, dad.  It makes it much easier for me~

That's our wisteria under that huge pile of snow~
Does anybody need or want any snow?
Let us know - we have LOTS of it to share!
So until next time..................

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wheelie Wednesday - My Gotcha Day

Hi everyone!   It's me, Francesca and today is my gotcha day!  I've been with my family for a whole year already!

In honor of my gotcha day, I'm having another mini-purse give-away!
There are 4 mini-purses this time so that means that there will be 4 winners!

 We have already chosen 4 numbers that correspond with the different colored mini-purses and those numbers will be revealed when I post again in a couple of days. 
If you won the last time, we will go to the very next doggie or person or kitty on the comment list so that someone else can have a chance.  And only one comment will be counted to make it fair.
Let the commenting begin and good luck!

Friends forever,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Finished Hallway

Hi guys!  It's me, Mitch!
First of all - thank you so much for all of your help on my peepee issue!  You can't imagine how much better mom feels about this!  She's thinking that maybe I am pretty normal after all!  Geez, mom!

As you can see, the staging is down in the hallway and the walls are white and the trim is Martha Stewart Mourning Dove and the floors have been washed and waxed (Maggie doesn't come upstairs) and some of the furniture is back in place. 

The stairs backs have had their last coat of paint and the stencil is complete.  We tried to convince mom that Airedales should be running along the stairs but she wasn't buying it this time.  Oh well~

This cupboard used to be navy blue and mom wanted to brighten it up so she painted it with the Mourning Dove and stenciled on it too.   The cupboard holds lots of mom's sweaters. 
Mom has sure had fun painting and sprucing up the hallway and the bathroom. She says they both have been very rewarding projects!  So what's next, mom?

So until next time.............

Yer friend,

Friday, January 21, 2011

For the Boys

 Hi everyone!  It's me, Mitch, and mom needs help from all of you boy doggies.   
This is a very personal matter and I can't believe she is putting my peepee habits out there, but she is!

My sissy, Maggie, pees on command. She's always done that and mom loves it. It makes it very easy when it's time to go somewhere because we can just move it along.
Well, I don't peepee on command. I pee when I have to and lots of times I choose to look at the sky and count stars or pretend that there are burglars next door and I need to step up bigtime and guard my mom or maybe I just want to poke along. You get the picture.
It doesn't matter if there is snow and ice on the ground or if there is green grass and the temps are mild. 
I can hold it from 9 at night to 7AM the next morning and it's not a problem.   I don't drink a whole heck of a lot of water so this is probably a factor. 

 Mom says I'm a wierdo about doing poos too - I have to find exactly the right spot, no matter where it is and of course, my nearly perfect sissy who never does anything wrong poos anytime anywhere and she's always getting praised for a job well done.
 Can you see all of this ice in our driveway?  Try and walk on it or better yet, try and pee or poo on it! Girl Scout Maggie has no problems in this department. As long as she's outside, she goes!
So all of you boys - do you do your peepees shortly after you get outside first thing in the morning or do you have to be coaxed and theatened that there will be no cookies for you if you don't go?   Can you all hold it for a million hours too like me?    I'm sick and tired of listening to mom go on and on about this so what's the scoop?

Thank you in advance!

Yer friend,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue's Colored Thursday - Blue

Today's color is blue and it's the last post for Blue's colored Thursday
What an appropriate color for the final call!

We've been participating in this meme for quite some time and we always looked forward to playing.  It was such fun and it gave us such a different appreciation for colors.

Thank you, Blue for starting this wonderful idea and thank you Mollie and Doyle for taking over for Blue when the going got tough.

 We've enjoyed playing so much!

I guess we're both feeling kinda blue today~~~

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Slipping On Ice

You'll never guess what my brilliant mom did?
She washed and waxed the floor in the hallway!
Duh! What was she thinking?
Didn't you know that I'd go slippin' and sliding and need assistance righting myself again?

So mom decided to head to and  check out hallway rugs.
This one is 14' long and works out very well.   
She had to offer me many cookies to get me to enter the hallway again after my stressful spill!

You should have come up with the hockey helmet plan BEFORE the rug, mom!  It would have come in handy!
Copycat Mitch wants to be a hockey pro too!  The slippery floors didn't bother him one bit. 

I'm likin' the new rug, mom!  I think it'll do!

Yup, I'm getting more comfy and trusting now!
It has my vote!  I'm staying!
Please don't wax any more floors in the house ever again. It's too hard for this girl to stay on her dainty Airefeets!

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

MangoMinster - Mitch's Entry

It's MangoMinster time once again!   This is truly the event of the year and it is just so much fun!
I, MitchyBoy, will be entering the Bad Sport category!

I don't want to share and I don't have to!
I can  be a total devil teasing my sissy, Maggie.  She's yellin' at me now and her next move will be to lower her head and  push me out of her way!  Will I move?  Heck no!  I like a good wrestling match!
I swiped Maggie's hat right off her head! 
I'm not a bad sport - I just wanted to try it on! haha
I just love touching her and making her mad!  hehehe
 I can get my sissy SOOOO riled by stealing the toy that she was playing with and not give it back.  Yup, I can be a real pain in the hiney!  Can you see her glaring at me?  
Get out of my way, Maggie!  Mom is tossing the crackers to me - not you!   
She glares a lot, huh?
I'm really a big mush, ya know, but don't tell her that!
Any toy that comes into this house is mine!  I can't help the fact that I hate to share.  Maggie says I'm a stingy bad sport!
I don't have to share and I WON'T!

Yer friend,
Bad Sport Mitch

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blizzard Benedict

 Holey moley! We got 30 inches of snow!  It broke records that have been sacred since 1888 for the most snow getting dumped on Northford in one overnight and all day dumping! 

 Dauby and Grandpa and the duckies are waiting for their breakfast! 
There is really no grass for you to eat anywhere, ya know!
Here comes Mitchy!  He and dad are back from their walkie!
 Mom and dad were outside all day Wednesday shoveling and snowblowing!

 Mom and dad say that we're stuck with the white stuff until spring! 

Time to go back inside and warm up~
 I get a cookie for being a great tour guide, right mom?
Thank you!
So until next time.................

Love ya lots,