Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve with the Corgi Girls

We were invited to a new year's eve pawty at the Corgi girls place! We're so excited, Moxie and Izzie! Thank you so much for inviting us! Mom and dad are staying home! We're more popular than they are! hehehehe

We're getting snow tonight so we thought that the best means of travel for us would be a sled! So we're sliding to the pawty! Hurry up, Mitch! You're lagging!

We really want to bring mom's stuffed celery as an appetizer but we're still trying to figure out how to get it there and keep it looking edible on this sled! We'll figure it out! I think we're going to have to tie a rope on our suitcase and drag it behind us!

Moxie said that we could stay overnight and I think that's what we'll do because we'll be way too tired from pawtying to sled back to Connecticut on the same night!
Get off the hem of my nightgown, Mitch! I need to pack this sometime today, okay!

This is our first time being invited to a new year's eve pawty and Mitch thinks that being the clown of the pawty is the way to go! He's already got the lampshade on his head! Mom has cautioned him about drinking too much and Mitch says that no way is he even touching the stuff! Good boy, Mitchy!

I personally feel that I should step it up a notch so this was my first choice~

Simple yet elegant!

See you all soon!

Happy New Year, everybody! May 2008 be the BEST year ever!

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Boudoir

As you all know, I sleep upstairs with mom and dad at the foot of their bed in my very own bed! I have an orthopaedic bed that's about 8" off the floor!

Good thing I have long legs or I'd need a stepstool to climb in! Mom says seeing as I'm now considered a "senior" I need cushy comfort for my aging bones! Geez mom - I'm not ready for the nursing home YET!

Snowball wanted to see all the stuffies on my bed, so this is for you Snowball!

See all these toys? Some of them were given to me and are mine but lots of them were given to Mitch and because he's a destructive little boy, mom marchies them upstairs and tosses them on my bed and lets me sleep with them!

And if Mitch's destructiveness gets any worse, there's not going to be any room left for me to sleep!

My bikini girl from Stanley still has both her top and her bottoms on! The donut belongs to Mitch. It was a birthday gift from Girl girl. I promise I won't eat it, Mitch!

And the squirrel is Mitch's birthday gift from Huskee! He still has his tail and both eyes, Mitch!

My fuzzy plush carrot from Stanley and Stella still has her leaves!

See Santa's moustache? He only has half of it left! That was Mitch's doing on Christmas day! Poor Santa!

The reindeer is safe and makes a pretty soft pillow! One day you'll thank me for taking such good care of your special toys, Mitchy boy!

Mom got a quick video of me playing with my new pink Christmas piggy! Enjoy!

So until next time...................

Love ya lots,


Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Goodies from Sunshade and Jaffa and one more Award

We were pleasantly surprised today when the mailman brought us a box all the way from Canada - from our best ever Airedale friends, Miss Sunshade and Jaffaman!

What an awesome Christmas card! You guys are just so creative!

Check this out, Mitch! It smells good enough to eat! umm, Maggie! I think it's treats in there!

OMG! It IS treats - pretty red and green frosted bones and dainty little yummies! I think we need this package opened quickly, mom! Pretty please!

What about this one, Mitch! What do you think this could possibly be? It smells just Heavenly! It says on the box Big Dog Little Dog Bakery! It must be something pretty special!

Chocolate bons bons???!!!!!!!!!!!! CANDY!!!!!! Ya mean like the hoomans get????????? The kind they won't share with us????????? The kind they're so stingy with????????

OMG! This is for US?????!!!!!!!

Even mom wanted to sample one of these! She said they look and smell pretty darn good to her! This is OURS mom!

Thank you so much Sunshade and Jaffa! What a wonderful after Christmas surprise and a very welcome one! This has been just the best Christmas ever!

Snowball awarded us the best friends award today! Oh my gosh! We sure are the luckiest pups ever!

Thank you so much, Snowball! We are honored to be your friends!

We would like to pass the award to all of our best friends that voted for us for awesome blog award! Thank you again so much! You are true friends!

So until next time...........

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Awesome Blog Award

What can we say??!! We are THRILLED beyond words to win this high honor! Never in our widest dreams did we ever think that we could ever be the recipients of the awesome blog award!

First of all, we have to thank our dear friend Stanley for nominating us! Thank you so much, Stanley! We feel so fortunate to have you as our friend and we're so glad to know that you like our blog enough to nominate us!

We also have to thank each and every one of you who voted for us! Without your votes, we could never have won this wonderful award! Thank you so much! We are blown away by everyone's generosity!

And we also want to say that just to be nominated is a HUGE honor in itself! Just to know that someone out there loves our blog enough to nominate it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling all over!

We were running against two other very awesome blogs! If you've never been to Amber's blog or Gus and Louie's blog, you just have to visit!

Amber and her sisters are true characters and they will make you laugh out loud! They are also very gifted and very talented girls in agility and basically, whatever they set their minds to do! Amber posts action videos from time to time and she is just amazing to watch! She's one smart girl!

Is this the face of a cut-up or what??!! Amber just kills us!

And if you've never visited Gus and Louie, you're in for a real treat! Gus and Louie are both gorgeous Blue Heelers. Gus is the older brother and Louie is his baby brother and if Louie doesn't remind me so much of Mitch! Their mom posts the most beautiful pictures on their blog! Please stop by and say hi if you haven't already! You won't be sorry that you did!

Once again, thank you so much everyone! We are humbled and honored to accept this award! You guys are the BEST!!!!

Hey ya know - this is one heck of a Christmas gift!

So until next time................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

We had an awesome Christmas! Dad always visits with patients in the hospital on Christmas day and before he left mom said that we could open our packages that were under the tree!

We got edible bones and lots of safe chew toys- the kind Mitch can't destroy hopefully!

Early afternoon, Missy and Jim came to share Christmas dinner and more pressies with us! They gave me the neatest pink piggy stuffie that oinks but you can see by this picture who took over MY stuffie! As soon as Mitch got too rough with her, mom snuck her upstairs and put her on my bed where she'd be safe!

Mitch got a rope toy, one of his very favorite toys from them but he was so busy chewing on MY piggie that I stole his rope toy and got it all soggy!

We both got Christmas stuffies - a cute reindeer and a jolly Santa both of which make the most awesome noises - they have squeakers everywhere, and I can't remember which one of us got which because Mitch claims them both as his own anyway!

He's quite selfish but mom says that I was too at his age so I guess it takes a long while to outgrow it!

And to be honest, as soon as Mitch started ripping Santa's beard off, he was on his way upstairs and as soon as Rudolphs nose was altered, guess where he was off to! Pretty soon there won't be enough room on my bed for ME to sleep!

Christmas dinner was yummy and Mitch and I got a few free handouts from everyone. We did get a smidge of plum puddding and Missy and Jim brought Christmas cookies and we got to sample a bite of those too!

We had a wonderful Christmas and believe it or not, today ( the day after ) Mitch is waiting for more gifts to miraculously appear! He hasn't gotten it yet that Christmas only comes once a year!

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,


Monday, December 24, 2007

Plum Pudding and another Birthday Pressie for Mitchy

Mom and I are making plum pudding today. This is my gram's recipe. She used to make it all the time but hasn't in awhile so mom and I decided to make it again this year! The last time she made it was in 1994 so it has been awhile - and I wasn't even born yet and neither was my furmother!

See that jar of currants and raisins. They've been soaked in gluehwein overnight. The recipe calls for apricot brandy but mom and dad's German friends, Phil and Amy made this delicious German spiced wine for mom and dad to enjoy and mom thought it would be awesome to soak the currants and raisins in this liquid. Check out our plum pudding steamer. It looks like a miniature trash can!

The recipe starts off mixing all of the dry ingredients together - sugar, flour, soda and lots of spices - ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. Next you add chopped nuts. This is one thing that I COULD taste in the recipe. There are lots of raisins and currants that I can't have! booooooooooo

Fruitcake mix goes in there too and mom did give me a tiny sample. It was good!

The recipe also calls for 1 cup of suet! SUET???? Isn't this the stuff you feed the woodpeckers, mom? Why would you want to put bird food in our plum pudding?
Well, instead of using shortening or butter, the recipe calls for suet, Maggie! Wait till you taste how good it is!

It is very tasty, mom - even as just batter! I can't wait to try a smidge of the finished product!

Here it is in the greased mold and ready to be steamed for 3 hours in a kettle of boiling water! Don't forget the lid, mom!

And here we are 4 hours later - mom called gram and gram said that 4 hours would be better! Tada~~~~~~

Now all we have to do is to make the hard sauce, which consists of LOTS of butter and some confectionary sugar and some apricot brandy! Our mouths are watering! We can't wait to have a slice of this awesome smelling delight!

I know turn the blog over to Mitchyman!

Dad was at the post office today picking up packages and he brought one home that had our names on it but mine was the FIRST one mentioned! The package was from our buddies Stanley and Stella!

We opened the card first! Maggie says the animal on the front looks just like me! DOES NOT, MAGGIE! The inside says that this is a HUGE birthday so that's why Stanley and Stella chose a hippo! Seeeeeeeeee - Miss Dummy! They said that a first birthday is one of the biggest events of life and it only comes around once! I'll never stop celebrating, Stanley and Stella! Thank you so much!

I got this cool blue octopus stuffy and this AWESOME Gooberboy bandana! Maggie is very jealous - I can tell! She kept on sniffing it and getting all huffy and she actually tried to rip it off me a couple of times! Maggie is not usually this pushy so I KNOW she wants my bandana very badly! You're not a boy - you can't have it, Maggie!
They also sent us a new Kong ring and this one squeaks! Our other one died awhile back!
And we both got a snoozle to keep us both busy on those cold days in the workshop when it's just sooooooooooooooo B-O-R-I-N-G! yummmmmmmmm - thank you!
And Maggie even scored! She got a plush Mr. Carrot or is it a Mrs. Carrot?! Mom says Maggie can take this upstairs with her to her bed so I don't rip off the leaves! I would never do that! *wink wink*
And mom even scored! Stanley and Stella's girl sent mom the most beautiful necklace ever with an Airedale charm! Mom says she has to choose just the right outfit and she's going to wear it tomorrow for Christmas! Mom wants to know if you made this, Lisa? It's just gorgeous!

Thank you so very, very much Stanley and Stella and Lisa for all of the beautiful and fun and tasty gifts! We really appreciate it! You guys are way too generous!

Hey guess what, guys? I'm officially 13 months old today! So the celebration continues.......

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Eggnog

We were over at Roy and Gwen's blog and we saw that they were enjoying a taste of holiday eggnog! We have never had this before and Mitch and I asked mom if we could please have a small taste to see if we liked it.
Mom was out shopping this morning and came home with a quart of this wonderful invention!

This is pretty good stuff, mom! Let me make sure that I get every last delicious drop! ummmmm

Mitch wanted his turn too but he decided on a small pewter tankard to drink his eggnog out of! BOYS!! *major eyeroll*
The cup that you drink out of makes a difference to me, Maggie! It has to be just the right one so that the eggnog is at its very best!
Sure, Mitch! Whatever you say!

OH NO! Don't tell me it's all gone??!! Fill 'er up, mom, please! That was sure yummy!

We received this best friends award from our beautiful Eskie friend, Isis!
Thank you so very much!
We are honored to be your friend, Isis!

So many of you have already received this award but if you haven't, then please copy and paste this onto your blog and know that you are our very best friends - all of you!

So until next time...........

Love ya lots,


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Special Painting

Dad surprised mom with an early Christmas gift. We had to rush right over to see what she got!

It's an oil painting and it has a lot of meaning to both mom and dad.

Mitch was born on November 24th so that means that on Christmas Eve he was one month old and most probably spent Christmas in a cage at some puppy mill. We HOPE he was with his mom and sisters and brothers but we don't know any of these facts - we can only suppose. Obviously mom and dad can't change history but in their hearts they can! We didn't get Mitch until he was 4 months old so there's an empty gap.

So the painting of the Airedale puppy that's safe and warm and happy and loved means a whole lot to them! They want the puppy in this painting to be Mitch when he was much younger.

Mom and dad explained to Mitch that even if he didn't have the greatest start to his young life, they were going to make it up to him from now on!

I think Mitch was quite touched!

So we have two more things to celebrate this Christmas, one, that mom has a beautiful new painting for our family room walls - thank you so much dad!

And two, that Mitch has a safe, warm and loving home forever and ever! We sure wish that this could be true for all pups that don't have their forever homes! They should all be as lucky as my brother, Mitch is!

So until next time.....................

Love ya lots,


Monday, December 17, 2007

Too Many Pawties and a Gift from Emma

Mom and dad have been going to too many holidays pawties recently. We always know when we're going to be left alone at home because dad showers and mom mysteriously disappears upstairs for a bit and then comes downstairs with clicky heels on and smelling differently than she normally smells.

Last night was the last straw! Mitch is pretty good about going in his crate when mom asks him if he wants a cookie. He runs right in and sits down and waits! He's such a good boy!

Last night when mom and dad came home from the pawty, this is what they found~

Mitch started ripping the stuffing out of his bed! He was fed up with them going out for hours and leaving us alone! The night before last, no goodies came home with mom and dad but last night we scored! Mom and dad went to Emma's house for a pawty. Emma is our Golden Retriever neighbor friend. She's going to be one year old on Christmas day! This beautiful bag had my name and Mitch's name on it!

Mitch was out in the workshop helping dad make tomato sauce so mom and I figured that we'd just go ahead and open it without Mitch and tell him all about it later! Dad always makes his famous sauce out in the workshop so he can spread out! Dad likes lots of room when he cooks!

So here we are back inside and we need to see what Emma sent us in this beautiful snowman bag! Cool - rawhide candy canes! Mitch is going to love finding out about this!

Chicken yummies! OMG, I can smell them though the bag and they smell just Heavenly!

Do you think we could break that bag open, mom and have a taste?

YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM - what until Mitch tastes these!

We weren't the only ones to receive gifts from Emma! Mom got this beautiful Airedale night light and a whole tray of Christmas cookies! I sure hope you're going to share those cookies, mom!

Mitch and I sure are enjoying these chew sticks!

Thank you so much for these delicious goodies, Emma! You and your mom and dad are just so thoughtful! Mom and dad said to tell you that they had the BEST time at your pawty!

Check out Mitch's new collar! Dad found him and Indian motorcycle collar and leash on ebay! We're still waiting for that sidecar, dad!

Our Christmas card door is looking pretty full! We've added a lot more cards since the last time we posted a picture of it! The mailman is STILL bringing cards every day! It sure is fun getting lots of mail! Thank you everybody for all of your beautiful cards! We love them!

So until next time.....................

Love ya lots,