Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to Normal

Mom was at Agway yesterday and found a Himalayan dog chew that she thought we might like.  It's an x-large size and it was $19.00 and she only bought one.
Miss Stingy latched onto it and growled at me if I even looked her way.  How rude for a puppy to act this way!
 Mom also brought home the new Kong squeaky bone.
 She reminds me of someone I know when I was a wee bit younger.  She thinks that everything belongs to her!
My limpies are gone and the MitchMan is back! 
So until next time........

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Monday, July 30, 2012

Grand Rapids

Guess who dad ran into on the sidewalk in downtown Grand Rapids?
 I wonder who the handsome Airedales are?     Dad didn't get any names.
 Guess what?
Our dad won a silver medal for free-style swimming and a bronze medal for breast stroke!  whooooooohooooooooo

This next picture is of our dad presenting his medal to donor moms, Barbara and Beth in memory of their sons.
Yup, that's our dad!
 That's Patsy in the rowdy pants in the above photo.  She won a bronze medal in golf!  Congratulations, Patsy!  Good job!
Congratulations, dad!  We are so proud of you!

My limpies are improving.  No more sling under my chest to support my weight. I'm back to being on my leash.
 I'm checking for chippers.  I love putting my snooter on his entrance hole and snorting down his hallway.
 The doxy and tramadol are working miracles.  I feel so much better!
 So until next time..........

Love ya lots,

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another First and a Positive

Our sissy was here for dindin on Thursday.  This is Molly's first time meeting our sissy and the girls hit it off very well!

Mom made baked macaroni and they each had a slice of MaggieMeatloaf.

I have been having limpie issues and yesterday, I went to visit my vet.  The stuck that horrible thing up my butt and stole my blood and rotated one of my ankles in directions that I didn't even know it could go in.
I'm Lyme disease positive. 
 And I'm on Doxy and Tramadol.

 A third drug can be prescribed but mom needs a peepee sample before my vet will dispense it.  If I'm spilling protein, this drug can hurt my kidneys so a peepee sample is a must! 
It's pouring rain here and the stoopid office closes at 12:30 so me and Mom are under the gun!
I haven't peepee'd since 8 last night and I ate my breakie and drank water and mom keeps askin' me what the heck I'm waiting for!

Molly offered to peepee for me.  That girl goes peepee 87 times a day!
Thank you, Molly but I think I have to handle this by myself.
Yes, mom, I'm ready to go outside one more time.

Update:  We got our pee sample! yahooooooo

Until next time..........

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Mom had meatloaf for dindin last night and the night before and she shared some of it with us.
We need to tell you the story~
You all know that angel Maggie had kidney disease and for 2 years before she went to Rainbow Bridge she ate hooman food and ground beef was on her menu more than any other meat.
After she passed, mom couldn't bring herself to throw away Maggie's beef so it sat in our freezer.
She thawed it out and made a huge meatloaf!  Mom loves meatloaf and dad, well, not so much, so it was the perfect time to honor Maggie and to cook her beef. 
 Molly liked it~
 And so did I!  Mom says it's actually the best meatloaf she's ever made!
Saturday will be 6 months since our sissy left us.   Where does the time go?  It sure doesn't seem like it's been that long already.
We will be eating meatloaf for a couple more days, Maggie, and we will think of you with each and every bite!

We love you and miss you~

Mitch and Molly

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

He's Off

Guess where we were at 4AM this morning?
 Our dad is flying to Indiana to see his Amish friend, Tim, and then he heads to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the USA Transplant Olympic Games!
While we're completing  in tongue curling and frisbee and pole jumping and roaching and snool art and boxing and extreme weather events, our dad will be competing in running and swimming and discus and long jumping events.    We are hoping that dad takes pictures that we can share with you. 
There is a sure a lot of Olympic stuff going on in the next couple of weeks!

We've already started the celebrations here with bananas and ice cream!  It can only get better, right?!
We are so anxious for the days to begin - all of the Olympic games!

So until next time............

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Very First Time

Yesterday was the first time that I have ever been groomed in my entire 4.5 month old life!
Why the heck did I ever sign up to be an Airedale?
These are my before and after shots~ 
 Mom tried so hard to get me to stand and to sit and to not lay on the table and I just wasn't buying any of it - not even with treats.  I just wanted it to be over asap!
 My puppy fur is in that plastic bag and I feel so naked!  I weighed 33 pounds before groomies. I wonder how much I weigh now?
What will I do when Mitch comes home and sees me looking like this?
Mom says that when angel Maggie got groomed, she was energized and she acted like a nut case and raced around the house happy as a lark.  And she says that Mitch acts the same way.  He races all over the house and he's out of control because he's so happy to be so much cooler.
I'm tired!  I thought grooming was very stressful and mom tells me that we'll be doing it again and again and again throughout my entire life.

Awwwwww, I knew you would feel for me, Mitch.

Mitch is so easy-going. I love my brother and I love to bite him!

** Mom has since chatted with Miss Elaine and she said that I could have been afraid of the noise of the clippers so we'll do better next time, right mom!**

Love ya lots,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tuneful Thursday

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Forever K

You were one courageous and special girl, K, and we will never forget you. Godspeed.

You're giving me a special gift,
So sorrowfully endowed,
And through these last few cherished days,
Your courage makes me proud.

But really, love is knowing
When your best friend is in pain,
And understanding earthly acts
Will only be in vain.

So looking deep into your eyes,
Beyond, into your soul,
I see in you the magic, that will
Once more make me whole.

The strength that you possess,
Is why I look to you today,
To do this thing that must be done,
For it's the only way.

That strength is why I've followed you,
And chose you as my friend,
And why I've loved you all these years...
My partner 'til the end.

Please, understand just what this gift,
You're giving, means to me,
It gives me back the strength I've lost,
And all my dignity.

You take a stand on my behalf,
For that is what friends do.
And know that what you do is right,
For I believe it too.

So one last time, I breathe your scent,
And through your hand I feel,
The courage that's within you,
To now grant me this appeal.

Cut the leash that holds me here,
Dear friend, and let me run,
Once more a strong and steady dog,
My pain and struggle done.

And don't despair my passing,
For I won't be far away,
Forever here, within your heart,
And memory I'll stay

I'll be there watching over you,
Your ever faithful friend,
And in your memories I'll run,
...a young dog once again.

In Memory of Asta, Feb. 1997
(c) Karen Clouston

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Monday, July 16, 2012

Blue Toofies

I have blue toofies!

Okay, okay.  I'll behave for the camera!

Love ya lots,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

How We Spent our Friday the 13th

We had quite an exciting Friday at our house!
Darin and Buddy arrived at 9AM to take down a huge pine tree in our yard. We have been waiting to have this done since last year.

That's supervisor, Molly, on the job outside in our yard.
 And me giving orders from inside the house.    Where is your hardhat, Molly?
 The victim is the tree to your right closest to our house.  He's been dropping branches on our roof for the longest time!  Not anymore after today, pal!
Darin and Buddy use this slingshot hoosey that "ropes" the tree right where they want it so they can pull and kinda pinpoint where the tree will land before the chainsaw gets involved.  
 That's Darin firing up the chain saw. 
The tree is on the ground exactly where Darin planned it to land and what a crack and BOOM it made when it fell!
 The is the woodchipper and he isn't named the Intimidator for nothing. This is one scary machine!
 He takes huge logs and grinds them into sawdust and mulch!   He literally EATS wood! Watch your body parts cause he'll take those too!  YIKES!
 Darin's truck winches the huge logs right across our brook and into the woodchipper. 
The tree is bridging the brook. 
 Dad wants to save the butt logs to make pine boards for a future project. 
 What a workhorse this woodchipper is!  It saves hoomans HOURS of chainsaw and raking work! Our mom is in awe and in love!
What a great morning's work. This is all we have left to clean up and our tractor will help us out with this!
Thank you so much to Darin and Buddy!   What an awesome time saver and it makes mulch too!  Nothing goes to waste!

So until next time........

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly