Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Trip to the Glenwood and Some Disturbing News

Dad suggested last night that he and mom have dindin at the Glenwood! Mom was only too happy to go along with that idea! It gives her a break from cooking and she knows that we get to go along too, so it's a family outing and everyone is happy!

Yesterday wasn't a bad day weatherwise. It was high in the low 40's so we didn't freeze while we had our picnic in the truck!

Mom had her usual cheeseburger. She says they are the BEST at the Glenwood! She loves that charcoal taste! yummm So do we, but mom was being stingy and we didn't even get a sniff! She did share her French fries though and that made us really happy!

Dad had a BLT and onion rings! And he did sneak us each a tiny piece of an onion ring before mom yelled, "no onions!" Mom is just no fun sometimes!

No ice cream this trip and that was okay! Dad has some at home in the freezer and he is pretty generous about sharing it with us quite a few nights a week!

But then our fun night turned sour. We came home and mom told us that she would be flying to Florida soon to visit my gram and gramp! Like real soon - like next week even!

Oh no! This is not happy news at all! Who will supervise all the tiffs that occur here daily? Will dad yell at Mitch to "please leave Maggie alone"?

I'm really bummed about this! I sure wish I could go too! Please can't AireRuby fly us to Florida and I could come too, mom? I promise I'll be no problem at all!

Mitch isn't sure how to take the news! He's never spent a night without mom! Dad has left him before to go on mini-vacations but mom has always been here and has never left him!

I explained to Mitch that it'll be okay - it'll just be different. You'll probably have to get used to a slightly new routine! Dad doesn't get up at 4AM like mom does but hopefully breakie will still be at 6AM!

Mitch got really quiet and depressed when he heard that the foood situation might change! Mitch sure does love his meals! He lives to eat! He's a growing boy!

Cheer up, Mitch! We can't make mom feel bad! She needs to check on gram and gramp too, ya know!

Dad has promised to make it fun for us here while mom is gone! He said we'll do the Glenwood again and maybe we can do ice cream at Wentworths! Won't that be fun?!

I'm not sure Mitch is buying it! I think it's going to take him awhile longer to accept the fact that mom will be gone for 6 whole days!

But, Mitch - we still have the celebration of life pawty to look forward too! By the way, some of you have asked what the celebration of life pawty is all about. When dad was sick before he had his heart transplant, our friends came out of the woodwork to help us out! They supported us through thick and thin, so after dad's transplant, mom and dad wanted to do something to say thank you to everyone who helped us out and that's how this pawty came to be! Everyone had such a good time the first year and now mom and dad have turned it into an annual event! This will be celebration of life pawty #4!

And we have the SuperBowl to look forward to! We can't forget that! We'll be having lots of good stuff to eat that day! So cheer up for now, okay?! We'll get through it! We will, Mitch!

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stuffed Peanut Butter Bones

I know I said that mom thought that I was getting pudgy but yesterday she was at Petco and she brought home 2 BIG stuffed bones and today she gave one to me and one to Mitch! I've had them before and they are just delicious! This was Mitch's very first one and I think he sorta liked it so much that he'll put his order in for another one!

So I guess this must mean that I'm off the hook for being on a diet? I sure do hope so!

Here's mom telling Mitch that this first bone is "FOR MAGGIE" - that's me, Mitch! That's not my set of choppers on that bone, Mitch! I'm still stuck on sniffing the goodness at the end of the bone!

Mitch did back off and I did get the first bone! And he got his too! Don't you just love the shifty-eye look!

I already have one, Mitch! I don't want yours too! I'm not a thief and a pig like you are! It's yours buddy! Enjoy it!

These bones are so good! Mom gave us these bones at 9 AM this morning and we were still going strong on them at 3 PM. Mom says that it was such a quiet, peaceful day today in the workshop!

This picture was taken just after we first got the bones! By afternoon my beard was a greasy, peanut buttery mess and so was Mitch's but it's so well worth it, right, Mitch?!

Here's Mitch enjoying his bone! He actually finished getting all of his peanut butter out and was trying to distract me so that he could steal my bone! Surprise, surprise *major eye roll*

Mom and dad have been cleaning the workshop all week long. This coming Saturday is their annual celebration of life pawty and there are about 80 people coming! Dad will make 2 huge pots of soup and he's making chicken fingers and we'll do a platter of cheese and crackers and then all of the guests bring their favorite appetizer or dessert or beer or wine or water or soda! We also have 3 musicians that play and it's the best time for the hoomans! Mom and dad are very psyched about it!

Mitch and I are still trying to figure out a way to get an invitation to this pawty! We'll have to let you know if our idea works out or not!

We leave you with a video of us enjoying our stuffed bones. There is music playing in the background. It's Pete's CD! Pete is one of the musicians who will be singing and playing guitar at our pawty!

So until next time...................

Love ya lots,


Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Eyes Have It

We posted about our tongues not long ago! Now we thought we'd post about our eyes! We both have brown eyes but mine are a much darker brown than Mitch's. Mom says that Mitch's even sparkle! That's because he's always thinking up devilish things to do, right?!

Here are my big brown lovelies~
Can we find one without camera flash, mom? Geez! Well, I guess this one will do!

Your turn, Mitch! He's an easier candidate to shoot! Just a figure of speech, Mitch! Don't worry!

Notice the sparkle! What did I tell you! Imp all the way, right?!

On another note - mom thinks that I'm getting fat! Can you even believe it? Last night she decided to weigh Mitch and I for proof! Dad happened to be out and mom "thought" that she could do this job herself! Why would she not be able to?!

Well, I saw the scale enter the family room and I ran for cover! I hate being picked up first of all and secondly, I think I have put on a couple of ounces and no way do I want to give up my snackies - so I high-tailed it!

Mitch was very cooperative! What does he have to lose?! He stood there while mom tried to decide which was the best way to lift him! Gosh, this would have made the funniest video! Where is dad when you need him?! hehehehe

Mom tired every way she could think of to get his tootsies off the ground and lift him up but he's longer and heavier than I am and she didn't want to get too personal, if you know what I mean, with slipping her arms in between his legs to lift! She finally dedided to wait for dad to come home and we were pleasantly surprised that the moose only weighs 60.5 pounds! Mom was expecting it to be more! So Mitch isn't cut off from treats!

Haha, Maggie! I won't have any problem eating treats for both of us!

Like heck you will, Mitch! We'll just see about that! Look what I got!

Now to figure out how to get the lid off!

So until next time................

Love ya lots,


Friday, January 25, 2008

Playing with Kipper

This is my friend, Kipper! We used to get along just fine before Mitch became my brother! She sat on my sofa and I respected her privacy and all was well.

Things changed when Mitch arrived on the scene! See how Mitch is kissing Kipper? He's actually being sweet for the moment! If you give him the chance he'll put that big snowshoe moosiepaw on Kipper and start chewing her nose off! Can you see the damage that he's done to her nose already? She used to be in 100% perfect condition!

See how sweet and angelic he looks! He's really a devil in disguise!

Things are going well right now! We're all just chilling and getting along at this point!

Here's Mitch pretending he's tired and totally not interested in playing anymore!

Now I've lost interest and have gone to sleep! Is Mitch playing coy? Is he playing hide-n-seek with Kipper? What the heck is this all about? Can somebody please tell me?

Don't trust him, Kipper! I swear he's up to no good!

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Twins

Guess what? Putter's mom visited us today and we got to meet her cutest ever brothers for the very first time!

Putter wasn't able to make it! She had a swimming date that couldn't be broken! Next time, Putter! We sure did miss you but we had a great time visiting and having lunch with the boys!

Here I am welcoming the boys into dad's workshop! We thought dad's shop would work out best because of all the room out here!

Your boys are just too cute, Putter, and they're so happy. We can tell that you've been working really hard at your nanny skills!

Mitch wasn't sure about the boys at all. We've mentioned before that Mitch is scared of little children - well, we meant walking children. This is Mitch's first time meeting infants in a stroller! He sorta hid behind me just in case!

Mitch needed reassurance more than once from dad and mom. They both told him that babies are harmless and won't hurt you! Geez, Mitch! They're smiling at you! Don't be afraid!

Mitch got brave a couple of times though and one of the times was when one of the twinsies was having his morning bottle! He thought it would be safe to sniff the top of his head! Doesn't he smell good, Mitch! Just like baby powder, right?!

We had a super fun time with Kate and her boys and by the time they were ready to leave Mitch was starting to get a little bit more relaxed around the twins! Thank you so much for sharing your mom and brothers with us, Putter! We sure do appreciate it! We hope to see you one day soon for some serious walkies!

So until next time.............

Love ya lots,


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Mom groomed me today! It really was against her better judgement because it's so cold out but I hate being hot and I'm miserable when I'm hot and mom knows it!

Sunday night the whole family was in the family room watching the Giants-Packers football game with the fireplace going and the candle lit - a real special Sunday it was - and I was in the kitchen, trying to stay as far away from that heated up room as possible!

But I got my way! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I feel so much better and so much younger! When mom grooms me, for that entire day I act like I'm one year old instead of almost 10! I play with toys and tear around the house and today I was a real B***H to Mitch! (hey, that rhymes) I chased him around and snapped at his hiney and basically gave him everything he totally deserves!

So here I am after eating my dindin finally laying down to enjoy my bone, which by the way, I used to do ALL the time until Mitch came and now it's a rare occurrence!

Do you see this? I want you all to know that we have FOUR of this very same bone! One of them is this chocolate color and we have 2 tan ones that we got for Christmas and we have 1 that's a lighter color! But this doesn't matter to Mitch! If I'm enjoying it - he HAS to have the one that I have! What a pain!

He stares at me and then his stump tail starts to wag and then slowly but surely he swipes it away from me! He very slowly and meticulously reaches down and gently snags it! He doesn't care that I growl and protest! He takes it anyway because he's a spoiled, mean little brother!

But I'm a good sister and I give it up willingly but not before I give him the raspberries! hehehehe

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Online Dog Matching

Our mom was reading about the online dog matching at Huskee and Harry and Cassidy's blog and she wanted to give it a try!

Mom's top 5 matches are:

Number 1 - the Portuguese Water dog It says he likes the water! He doesn't know it but our mom isn't all that fond of the water! She prefers the sand and reading her book on the beach!

Number 2 - the Airedale Terrier! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, now how come he didn't appear in the number 1 slot?

Number 3 - the Wheaten Terrier! At least it's another Terrier, right?!

Number 4 - the Puli?????????????? How the heck did we get him! I guess because mom doesn't mind the grooming?? Sheesh! Are there eyes underneath all those cords?

And Number 5 - the Australian Cattle dog! He's supposed to be smart and loyal! Hey, so are we!

That was fun! If you haven't tried it out you might want to do so and post your results so we can all see how accurate this site is!

Every single morning in dad's workshop Mitch and I have a conversation to start off our day. This is how it goes ~

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,


Friday, January 18, 2008

Gifts for the Most Improved Beard from Stanley

My package came in the mail today from Stanley for being a runner up for the First Annual GooberStanian Beard Contest! whooooohoooooooooo Thank you so much, Stanley! I sure do like this getting pressies in the mail stuff!

Hey Mitch, this bag has MY name on it - not yours! Back off, buddy!

OMG, check this out! Another treat that I've never had before! I can't WAIT to get at it! Thank you, Stanley!

And another snozzle! They are the BEST! Mitch and I so enjoyed the last ones that you sent! I'm sure one lucky girl!

Stanley even took pity on Mitch and sent him a little something too. Awwwwwwwwwwwww, Mitch is feeling better about things now - you're so sweet to tuck a little something in there for him too! Mitch says he'll be entering that beard contest for sure next year and he's hoping to get a bag with his name on it!

We have rain today and it's just so yucky and dreary out! We know what we'll be doing to make today more fun!

So I leave you with mom's very favorite beard picture of me! She says that I'm the prettiest bearded girl that she's ever seen!

Thank you so much for creating this challenge, Stanley! I sure did have fun playing along and taking my monthly measurements!

By the way, mom hasn't touched the length of my beard so maybe by next January, my beard will reach 6 or 7 inches, just shy of Dovah Doo's spectacular length!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Tag Game

We have been tagged by our friend Marvin to play this game.

I'm red and Mitch wants to play too so he's blue today!

1. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

I choose a teddy bear cub because they're cute and cuddly.

And I choose a moose because that's what mom and dad call me most of the time anyway!

2. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

I want to live in Alaska in the wintertime! I hate the heat!

And I want to live near Joey and Tanner in Arizona! I like to be warm!

3. What is your favourite music?

We both like classical. It's calming and relaxing and we both need this after a good round of biteyface!
Yup, I totally agree, Maggie!


4. What job would you like to have?

I would like to work in the kitchen at a bakery so I could sample all the cookies as they come out of the oven.

And I would like to be a farmer so I could plant and eat all kinds of vegetables, especially celery! Hey, Maggie! Check this out! They make celery cookies! How do these sound to you?!

We are going to tag Hercules and Ike to play the game! Have fun guys!

So until next time...................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Tongues and one more Award

Asta and Stanley have been posting pictures of their tongues and we wanted to show everyone that we have pretty pink tongues too! This is an older picture and my tongue even has a hint of ice cream on it! We haven't been getting ice cream lately and we sure do miss it!

Mitch says ice cream sounds like a great idea to him too! So dad - if you're listening, and it's okay that it's snowing out - we still NEED our ice cream!

Momo and Pinot awarded us the So Special award. Thank you so very, very much! You guys are pretty special to us too!

We would like to pass this award onto Ellie and Snowball! We think you guys are pretty special too!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Christmas Gift and M&M

The mailman surprised us today with a Christmas pressie from Boy and Baby! That mailman was sure holding out on us! We can't believe the nerve of him!

They sent us the cutest card! It says Merry Chrismoose! We call Mitch moosieboy all the time so this card was just the perfect choice!

Guess what they sent us? Dog paw Christmas stockings! Thank you so much! We don't have Christmas stockings - we are so unloved - so we are very excited about this! Now next year mom will have to fill our stockings for us!

Can you tell that they are in the shape of a dog's paw? Aren't they just so cute?! I want the red one and Mitch gets the green one!

They also sent a wrapped package for mom! What's in there?

It's girly creams for mom's hands and they also sent this neat buffer for mom's nails! When mom was in the Mall before Christmas, one of the vendors pulled mom over and buffed her thumb nail and when she was all finished it looked like they had put clear nail polish on mom's nail but the whole shine was all from this buffer! Now mom has her own and she is super psyched! Thank you so much!!! Mom is thrilled with your gifts and so are we! You guys are so sweet!

And speaking of girly stuff, our mom needed a new tube of chapstick and look what she found! It's chocolate M&M chapstick! Mom says it tastes fabulous. I asked her if she could put some on my lips for me so that I could see for myself!

yummmmmmmm - that does taste pretty yummy mom and wouldn't you just know it! In walks Mitch and he wants to try some too!

What a doofus! It's not for boys, silly! Mitch doesn't like to be left out of anything!

So until next time............

Love ya lot,