Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Gotcha Day

I have been with my family for 4 years.  Time sure does fly when you're having fun!
 Mom and dad took me to Wentworth's for ice cream!
 This was the tree that was behind us in the parking lot.  
 What kind of ice cream did you bring us, dad?
 I got the cone!   Sorry, the picture is blurry.   I was very excited☺

 I got a pressie for my Gotcha Day~~  Stay tuned!
We got a very nice sympathy card from our vet yesterday.     Thank you very much, Dr A and staff♥
Love ya lots♥

Friday, April 29, 2016

Flower Friday

Our Viburnum is blooming and boy does it ever smell fabulous!  The scent is everywhere!  Mom just adores this bush!
 And the Bloodroot is blooming~
 One of the Magnolia blossoms that the frost didn't bite~
 And mom brought the camera on our walkies.
 And guess what we saw!  Mom wants one of these in the worst way!
 I posed with pretty tulips in a neighbor's yard~
 And I posed with Creeping Phlox in another neighbor's yard~
I found something that I had to roll around on.    Mom is hoping that it isn't something stinky.
The Crab Apple trees are in bloom~

 And we're not sure what bush this flower belongs to but it's such a gorgeous color!
Happy Friday!

Love ya lots♥

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Tour of Barns

Dad's timber frame class tour of barns was much different this year than it has been in the past.    Auntie Lynn handled everything so there was no going out into the workshop to help my mom clean up.   Mom and Auntie Lynn cleaned up everything.  Yes, I did get a smidge of lemon cake and it was very yummy!

Mom found these on our back porch when she was taking me out to do peepee's~
We have no idea who gave us these gorgeous tulips but they sure did make mom smile and added lots of cheer to our house☺
 Look how pretty it is inside the tulip~
And look what Auntie Bev gave mom~
The box says "Save brown sugar, marshmallows and dried fruit by soaking this ceramic disk in water for 15 minutes.   Pat dry and place in appropriate sealed container with food goods.
To resoften brown sugar, dry the ceramic disk for 12 hours. Resoak, pat dry and reuse."

Mom has never seen these before.  Auntie Bev gives the bestest and most useful gifts!  

 They look good enough to eat!
Love ya lots♥

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blue Buff

When Miss Sydney from Chewy asked us what we wanted to review for the month of April and we saw the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rolls as a choice, my paw went up!  It's a new product for Chewy and you had to act quickly and we feel so fortunate that we responded asap.  Mom really and truly wanted Mitch to be able to taste test these rolls because this foodable would have been easy on his jaw but it wasn't meant to be.

The chewy package arrived on Monday, the day that we were celebrating his life.
 Wow - not one - but two Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rolls!
 It smells and tastes fantastic and mom thinks so too but she didn't lick the roll like I did. 
 We are using the roll as a topper on my dindin today.    The roll can also be used as your meal or as a treat. 

Product Description

Blue Buffalo Wilderness feeds your dog’s ancestral wolf-like spirit and his love of meat with Wild Rolls Beef Recipe Grain-Free Dog Food Roll. This soft-moist roll is grain-free and naturally preserved to deliver the smoky flavor of delicious beef in every bite. Wild Rolls make it easy to satisfy your dog’s primal instincts with a versatile food that can be served as a kibble topper or on its own as a fully balanced meal or flavorful treat.
Key Benefits
  • Grain-free beef food roll
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Serve as a full meal, topper or treat
  • Suitable for adult dogs
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • No corn, wheat, soy or chicken/poultry by-product meals

 Good to the very last drop!   I can't wait until my next meal!
Thank you so much Miss Sydney and Chewy!  I highly recommend the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Roll!   It is over the top delicious!

Love ya lots♥

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Helping and Groomies

I got groomed yesterday and while I was on the bench, my worst nightmare happened!
I was beginning to pant and mom agreed that it was a wee bit warm so she turned on the fan.   It must have upset a sleeping fly because he came to life and I spazzed!    I don't like flying insects!  Mom told me that I was going to face my fears because there was no way that she was going to stop.  I jumped off the table twice and she put that horrible grooming noose on me and begged me to please not jump again or I would hurt both of us and she honestly didn't want to bury two Dales in one week.   I didn't jump and we got through it but it was VERY stressful for me!

Next we went for walkies and then of course, the photo session~

 And then it was time to bake.
 I helped with the lemon cake.
 And I helped with the buttermilk bread~
Mom went outside next and she was carrying garden ornies down from the second floor of the red barn.   She kept looking over at Mitch's "in progress" grave site and it made her very sad so she grabbed an angel and gave her a happy sunflower and she happened to have an apple that was ready to eat.  It made mom feel much better.

And this came in the mail~
Thank you so very much, Neil and Sharon.  That was so sweet and thoughtful♥  You guys are the bestest!
 I have had a very busy day!
Love ya lots♥

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Timber Frame Class Weekend

This weekend is my dad's annual timber frame class.  We have been cleaning and preparing and it's finally here.

I helped mom make Coke Cake~
She remembers having a piece of this cake at a neighbors house in Louisiana when she was 13 years old.
If you have plans to make this cake, the recipe says to bake it for 20-25 minutes.  It baked in our oven for 45-50 minutes!

 I would like to say that I got to lick the beaters but mom was really stingy with the sharing of these ingredients~
 I also helped her make cole slaw.    I am not finding my cabbage leaf hat one bit funny mom!
 Here is exactly what I think of you, stoopid cabbage leaft!   Nope, I didn't eat any - just shredded it. 
 The students at class will be thrilled to taste your cole slaw and Coke Cake, mom!
 Mitch has been sending our dad lots of pennies from Heaven♥
And mom got one too♥
Yesterday, we received this beautiful card from our dear friends, Madi and her mom.   Thank you so very much.  We love you♥
Mom and I are off to bake a lemon cake today for the timber frame students!

Love ya lots♥

Friday, April 22, 2016

Flower Friday

We think about you every single morning on our walkie, Mitch.  How we wish you were walking along with us. 
 I smell a chipper!
 The Violets are in bloom~
 And so is the Lamium~
 Our Ornamental Cherry is pretty this year. I love the flowers close-up. 
 The Magnolia is blooming too.   Luckily the snow that we had a couple of weeks ago didn't do much damage.
 The Ornamental Pear is blooming inside the swan pen~
 Its flowers are so pretty close-up too~
Once again - thank you so very much for all of your overwhelming support and outpouring of love.   It helps us lots and lots and we can't ever thank you enough♥

Love ya lots♥