Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Pumpkins

Hi everyone! It's me, Autumn!I guess you heard that mom and dad went to the Durham fair on Friday night and that Maggie and Mitch were left at home with me! They were pretty upset to have missed out on all of that yummy fair food!

Mom did tell me about all of the pretty flower arrangements that she saw~And the beautiful pumpkin wall hanging that won a ribbon~And the cute pumpkin girlie~ And then she showed me pictures of the GIANT pumpkins - pumpkins bigger than anything I've ever seen in my whole life!
This pumpkin weight 903 .5 pounds! Can you even imagine how many pumpkin pies you could make from this one pumpkin?!
This one only weighs in at 614 pounds! What do you mean ONLY?!
I wish I could stand next to this pumpkin and feel tiny!
And then she showed me this one! It's so big that it broke all records for pumpkins grown in the state of Connecticut! It weighs 1,449.5 pounds!
That is one HUGE pumpkin! I picked this pumpkin just a few days ago in of my garden. It weighs in at 5.5 pounds! I guess I'll never win ribbons at the Durham fair!See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Fair That We Missed

Friday night mom and dad went to the Durham fair! It's only about 10 minutes from our house and only a hop, skip and a jump from where we get Durham ice cream!
No dogs are allowed on the fairgrounds! How unfair is this?!

Dad said that he started his evening with a baked potato with all of the good stuff on it! OMG, look at that gooey cheese and bacon bits that we missed out on!
And mom waits all year to sink her teeth into this HUGE sugared donut that's still warm! She says the sugar gets all over her face! Gee, mom - what a horrible shame!
They saw veges being judged~

And every kind of apple you can imagine winning ribbons!
Just imagine if you could run amuck in this room, Mitch! You'd have a tummy ache before the night was over!
Mom said the ice cream cones were almost as big as hooman chairs!
OMG, did mom or dad win one of these and bring it home to us? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
They saw beautiful bunnies~
And roosters~
And baby chicks that just hatched out of their eggs!
And sheep is wild jammies! OMG, does she know how unflattering those jammies look on her?
Hey, she's OUR mom! Stop flirting with her! If we were right there alongside of her where we SHOULD be, you wouldn't have gotten away with that move, buster!

This poor sheep is getting groomed! Those sissors must be awfully painful! He looks like he's dying! Poor thing!

Mom said he was going "maaaaa" in this photo and he was under no stress at all! He probably was embarrassed and didn't want his picture taken in that condition! Heck we can understand that! Mom and dad ended their evening with hot apple crisp with ice cream! Mom said she was so stuffed she thought she would burst! We would have helped you out had you brought us along with you, mom!

Make sure you stop back on Wednesday! Autumn will be posting about the giant pumpkins that she didn't get to see in person because she wasn't invited either!

So until next time....................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Friday, September 25, 2009

EyeWatch Friday

It's Norwood's eyewatch Friday!
Guess what we're keeping our eyes on today?
Did you guess right?
And it's apple pie flavor - Mitch's favorite!
Mitch's 3rd birthday is 2 months away and he's hoping that they'll still have this summer favorite available for him for his special day!
We knew you guys were gonna ask - yup, we both had some of it! YUMMMMM
So until next time...............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Thursday, September 24, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Blue and Yellow Together

Yeaaaa, it's true colors Thursday once again! If you want to play, let our hostess, Blue know! It's so much fun!
Today's colors are blue and yellow together!

This "faker" quilt that was made by dad's sissy is blue and yellow. Underneath this quilt is wool roving that mom needle felts with!
This teddy is dressed in blue and yellow!
This photo has both blue hydrangeas and a yellow marigold in it!
This garden tile has both blue and yellow in it too!
The cover of this book is both blue and yellow!
Next week's color is berry red!

So until next time...........

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - My Autumn Hat

Hi everybody! It's me, Autumn!
Mom made me a new hat for the autumn season! What do you think?
Is it too much? It's got berries and leaves and even tiny pomegranates on it!
Is it over done with too much stuff?
My eyebrows were in my eyes and I used some hairspray to keep them in place! At least now you can see that I have sparkly brown eyes!Yesterday, mom and I decided to change our kitchen table trencher to an autumn theme! It now has pumpkins and gourds and acorns and everything fallish in there!And yesterday morning, being the first day of autumn, mom and I hung our pumpkin banner out the front bedroom window!
You can see that our dogwood tree is just beginning to turn!
I sure do love pumpkins and the entire autumn season! It's so pretty!

See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kylie's Furry Friends Book

Back in July, Kylie called for photos for anyone who wanted to be in her 200 post photo book. Mitch and I couldn't agree on which photo was our best shot so we sent in two of them and told Kylie to choose her favorite one. I guess she couldn't choose either because both of the photos made her book!
Kylie eventually turned this into a contest and anyone who submitted a photo got to be in her drawing for a free book! Well, guess who won one of the copies of her FABULOUS book?!

Mitch has always thought that Kylie was a very pretty girl! My brother has excellent taste!
OMG, we're in the book!
What secret do you suppose we're sharing, Mitch?

And if you kiss me, I'll yell like you've never heard me yell before, Mitch!
It's so cool to see our photos in Kylie's book along with so many other doggies that we know and love!Not only did we win a wonderful book but Kylie also sent us a yummy rawhide bone!
Actually MY name was on the package, Mitch, so the bone is MINE!
Thank you so very much for the book and for the rawhide, Kylie! We will treasure this book forever!This is the link if anyone would like to order a copy of this beautiful memory book that lots of our very good friends are in!
If anyone has trouble with the link, please let Kylie's mom know.

So until next time...................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Saturday, September 19, 2009

An English Visitor

Dad has been entertaining a man named Mark for a few days now! His is from South Yorkshire, England. The draw is Indian motorcycles! He's had lunch with us a couple of times and mom and dad took him down to Pepe's pizza and of course, he loved it! Who wouldn't?!
He brought dad a wonderful picture book!
Yorkshire is sure pretty!
Gosh, Maggie! This chapter is called The Dales! They sure have funny looking Airedales in Yorkshire! We would call those sheep here!
Today is our sissy's housewarming pawty. Mark has been invited to go with mom and dad but not us! How fair is this? He's only a visitor and we're residents and this is OUR sissy!
Anyway, mom agreed to bring the potato salad for the BBQ and we agreed to help out in the kitchen even though we didn't get an invitation!
The potatoes have been boiled and the hard boiled eggs are all set to go and the onion has been diced and now it's time to add the celery!
Mitch is the official taste tester! That boy LOVES celery!
We just got back from our walkie not long ago and Maggie is pooped! Maybe you're doing too much too soon, Maggie?
Don't bother getting up, Maggie! I can handle this project just fine on my own!
Do you need me to chew for you too?!
I'm just fine, Mitch! I was waiting for everything to be mixed together! No need to rush! It's my new motto!
This is sure yummy mom!And this is the end result!
We sure wish we were going to the pawty too! Don't have too much fun without us, okay?!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Dumb Move

Dad was at a barn raising this past weekend and he was gone all day long and didn't come home until almost bedtime. Sunday night, it was getting late and Mitch thought he heard dad pulling in and he jumped up and raced to the window to look out!
Yes, I know I'm eleven and mom tells me that sometimes we need to act our age, Maggie and not be a dumdum! Well, I was a dumdum!

I didn't realize that I'd done any damage until the next morning. I still climbed the stairs and slept in my own bed that night but dad had to carry me down the stairs in the morning! I wasn't putting any weight on my back leg and mom knew that I had pulled something!

For the next 2 days every time I had to go out to pee and poo I had to have this fancy sling underneath me so mom could help me walk! I HATE being picked up!

No walkies for me and each morning mom and dad and Mitch would go off and leave me at home while they walked our 2 mile route without me. Thank goodness I did still get my cookie so that at least made me happy!On the third morning, I started to feel more like myself and mom put the sling away and Mitch and I could now go out together for pee and poo!
And today is Friday and here I am smiling away and trying to pass dad and Mitch on our walkie!
This is the end of my 2-mile walkie standing in front of my house! Mom saw that I was doing just fine and she let me go the whole way! I am one happy girl!
I'm all better and I've promised mom that I'll be a smarter girl from now on!

I also have very exciting news! One of my very best friends, Miss Sunshade posted today! It's been almost 2 years since the last time she posted and we are so very happy to see all new pictures of her! She is such a character and we've missed her so much!We are crossing our paws that she's back to blogging for good! If you've never met her, please stop by her blog and say hi!

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,