Friday, October 31, 2008

Dad's Birthday Ice Cream

We took dad to get his birthday ice cream at Wentworths last night - FINALLY - at long last!I was the lookout! Here he comes, Mitch and he's got a huge bag this time! Oh boy, oh boy! Dad is calling this a blizzard! It's coffee ice cream with oreo cookies mixed in and yummy whip cream and a cherry on top! OMG, which one of us can have the cherry, dad?!

Are you really going to eat all of that all by yourself? Don't you need lots of help?Mom got mint chocolate chip again because she said it was so good last time and they don't put many chips in the mix and that makes it better for us!

Me first, Mitch - NO, ME first, Maggie!

OMG, this is soooooooooooooo good! Can you tell I'm just loving it?! It's all over my mouth!
Thanks a lot, Mitch! Now you've pushed ice cream onto my entire face! You have to lick it off for me, okay?

This has sure been some fun birthday treat, dad! Can we do this again tomorrow! Happy birthday once again from your cutest furkids!Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe!

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Halloween Pawty in London

We've been invited to the Halloween pawty at the Tower of London hosted by Eric, Asta and Lacie! Putter will be coming to our house and AireRuby will pick us all up here! We usually don't go for costumes and mom doesn't force us to wear them. Yeaaaa, mom!!! She's made it very easy for us this year! Thanks so much, mom!
Putter feels the same way that we do about costumes so our mom helped her out too!

We got mom to whip up some ghost and bat cookies to share with everyone at the pawty!
And Putter will be arriving with a pumpkin cake that her mom made! Isn't it just beautiful! It's too pretty to eat, right?!

OMG, update - update!!!

Herc has been in touch with Putter and will be traveling to her house and they'll both be meeting us here and Ruby will fly us all to London! whooooooohoooooo - the more the merrier! Check out Herc's costume! The two lovebirds wanted to look like twinsies!

Putter tells us that Herc will be bringing fancy Halloween goodies that his mom made! Aren't they lucious looking! ummmmmmmmmmmm We are going to be eating GOOD! We can't wait!

So we are all set to pawty with all of our other DWB buddies! We're waiting for ya, Ruby! HURRY!

See you at the pawty!

Maggie and Mitch with Putter and Hercules

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday - Halloween

Hi everybody! It's me, Autumn!I decided a few days ago that I really needed to go through mom's trunk of doll clothes and see what I could wear that would be suitable for Halloween this year!I found a lot of jammies and even a baby's hat! Yup, I could dress up as a baby! That could work! Next I rummaged through Maggie and Mitch's toy basket in the kitchen and found the perfect accessory for my outfit! A binkie!
Do I look like I need to be burped?!

Farley has been tagging along behind me and whining that he wants to dress up for Halloween too! Sure - why not! Let's see what we can come up with!

I sure hope your hero, Hector doesn't stop by and see what you've decided to be, Farley! Actually, if we don't tell him it's you, I don't think he'd even recognize you!

Happy Halloween!

See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're Celebrities

Remember we went to Barktoberfest last Sunday? Well, there was a professional photographer there taking pictures and guess what? We were included in her gallery on her website! We're sorry the pictures are faded-looking! We're supposed to be buying them, not snagging them! OOPS!
She got a great shot of Mitch meeting a sweet Puggie!

And she got a great picture of the both of us begging dad for his lunch! And in case you were wondering, yes, dad did share! Thanks, dad!

We also snagged another picture from someone else's photo album! Mom is laughing her head off at one of the doggie's costumes and OMG, what happened to my head! I wonder what dad is saying to Mitch? We also got this awesome butterfly award from Chloe, Chef and Cody, Lady and Zena! Thank you so much, guys! The butterfly is the symbol of transplant and seeing as our dad is a heart transplant recipient this award is extra special to us!

We know that so many of you have already gotten this award so if you haven't gotten it and you'd like to have it, please accept it from us! We love all of your blogs! It's what keeps us smiling all day long!

So until next time.............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our New Blankies

Mom and dad were at BJ's recently and they bought each of us a huge thick blankie for over the top of our family room beds! Each blankie came with a free bone-shaped pillow! Mitch is currently outside in the workshop with dad! Maybe he won't notice that I swiped both pillows! heheheheWhat do you think about this being the perfect hiding place? Do you think he'll spot it?!

So much for my brilliant idea! It took him about 5 seconds to find it! One of those is mine ya know, Mitch! You can't have both of them!

This was a wonderful idea, mom! This blankie is so soft and warm and comfy and it just feels so good! BTW, thanks for the second pillow, Mitch - at least for now! I know you'll snag it before too long!

Maybe not! The boy is out like a light! hehehehe Pleasant dreams, brother!

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's MY Turn!

Hey everybody! It's me, Mitchy, and I read that Maggie and mom got to play catch with marshmallows and I was outside in the workshop helping dad and I missed all the fun that was going on inside the house!

Yesterday mom made New England clam chowder for dindin and when she had a spare moment I asked her if she could toss me some of those oysterette soup crackers so I could practice my catching skills!

Here is comes! I got it, Maggie!

OOPS! I think I jumped too high for that one! Better aim lower next time!
HAHA - thought you'd fool me but I saw you from around the corner! You're a very tricky little cracker!
That one was supposed to be mine! Can't you see me glaring at you, Maggie?!

Darn! Mom's calling dad to dindin! Last one! I think I've got this one!Hey, that was really fun! You guys have to try this at home!

Our friend, Petra is in the running for the Awesome Blog Award for October! If you have never met Petra you're missing out! She is a Boston Terrier and she is a real cutie but don't let her cuteness fool you - she's one little pepperpot! She'll put you in your place in a heartbeat! So if you haven't yet made up your mind on who you're voting for, head on over to the Bone Zone and vote for Petra and thank you!

So until next time..............

Yer friend,


Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Secrets

Lillie Valentine tagged us to tell everyone three of our most personal secrets! Sorry we're so late getting to this, Lillie! This was a tuffie!

Here are the rules: Make 3 confessions (Conan O'Brien style) with the pictures to prove them. Then nominate at least 3 friends to do the same!

I, Miss Maggie, need to poo in private! I always look for that overhanging branch or that extra long grass before I hump up and go!
I, Mitchy boy, am afraid of small kids! Mom and dad have no idea why because no small child has ever been mean to me in their presence - which leads them to believe that it happened in the pet store before dad rescued me!
We are both afraid to go down into the basement! Mom goes down there all the time, especially in the summertime to empty the bucket on the dehumidifier! She never has to worry that we'll venture down and escape out the basement door, so she never has to close the door behind her! It's too bad really because mom says it's so cool down there when it's hot out!
I, Mitch, think that there are bugs trying to attack my butt all the time! I swing around and constantly look at my tail! I do this all the time and mom and dad can't figure out why! Mom says there are no bugs trying to get you, Mitchy - but I don't believe her because I just know there are!I, Maggie, have a mole over my eye and every single time mom grooms me she forgets that it's there and nicks me and it bleeds! This past Sunday at Barktoberfest some lady asked mom if that was a tick on my face! OMG, the embarrasment! I was absolutely horrified! Please don't let this happen again mom - I beg you!

We're not going to tag anyone because we thought this was sort of a hard tag so if you feel the need to play along, please do because we love to know all of your deepest secrets!

So until next time...............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Was Attacked By A Lion

Dad decided yesterday morning that he would like to have his birthday lunch in Rhode Island at Captain Jack's so that's what we did! But before we headed down to the shore, we stopped at Ocean State Harley Davidson to see dad's friend, Dana! And while I was inside I was attacked by a lion! I'm okay - no cuts or bruises anywhere!What a place this is! I'm still trying to decide which bike I want to take home with me! There are just too many choices! I don't see one in a pretty pink yet but I'll keep looking!Nope, no pink motorcycle over here either but I see that I can do LOTS of shopping! What cool clothes!Dad and Mitch have made their selections already! Gosh, dad - do you need any help carrying all of those boxes?! Are you buying out the store?! What did you get, Mitch? You're stickin' pretty close to dad!
After we left the HD store we headed down to Point Judith to Captain Jack's!Holy Moley, Mitch! Here he comes and it looks as if he's got enough food for a week! We're sure gonna pawty today!This was our view while we ate dad's birthday lunch! We had a blustery autumn day and the temps didn't quite reach 50 degrees. What a gorgeous day!

Mom was one happy camper! She got to have her favorite meal - clam cakes! yummmmmmm

What a fun birthday lunch this was dad, but remember, we still need to treat you to ice cream! It's our birthday treat to you!

So until next time...............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday - Bruno's Buddies

Hi everybody! It's me, Autumn! First of all, we have to thank you all for all the birthday wishes that you sent our dad! He was very touched by everyone's comments! Thank you very much! He hasn't had his ice cream trip yet but he will - you can count on that!

You all know that mom and dad and Maggie and Mitch were at Barktoberfest this past Sunday! Mom has asked me to show you the special little treasure that she treated herself to!

It's Harmony Kingdom's Bruno's Buddies!
This is the first time that mom has heard of Harmony Kingdom! The piece is made in England out of crushed marble from artistic director Martin Perry's original models, then distributed to local craftspeople to paint, tint and highlight intricate details (I'm reading this off the label) There were only 500 of these made worldwide and mom feels pretty lucky to have one!
This piece of art is not only beautiful to look at but it has a secret compartment to store something very near and dear to your heart! Mom immediate thought of Maggie and Mitch's puppy teeth!
At the very bottom of the compartment are what looks like 5 bunnies to me! It's hard to tell because they're very tiny!
This is the story that came with the piece:
Airedales are one of Master Carver Peter Calvesbert's favorite breeds but he says that he could never own one. With his straggly beard and wiry hair, he would become one of those people he smirks at for looking just like their dog. But he can still admire them from a distance and carve them! This piece is in homage to Lynda and Joe Ringelstein who own Bruno, a handsome Airedale.

Supposedly there is a signature mouse hiding on one of the dog's ears! I'm still looking.......!

See you all next Wednesday for Halloween!

Love, Autumn