Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silent Sunday

So until next time....................
Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Friday, July 29, 2011

FYI Friday

We thought you all should know that Wednesday, August 3rd, is National Watermelon day!
We've already let mom know.
We grabbed her purse and made sure she had enough money to buy us a nice big juicy one!     Mom made this purse a few years ago.  It's all of her favorite things for summer - ice cream, watermelon and Airedales!
We hope all of you will be celebrating with us!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wheelie Wednesday - Orange

Hi everyone. It's me, Autumn.
My favorite color is orange and I noticed that my orange poppy is in bloom!
 And so is the orange tiger lily!
 And my gazing ball is orange
 These are white Queen Anne's Lace. 
 Last week, our friend BJ told us that her gram used to cut Queen Anne's Lace and put them in a vase with food coloring.  So we did the experiment.
Guess what?
We now have orange Queen Anne's Lace!
It's magic!

See you all next Wednesday!


Monday, July 25, 2011

A Great Monday

Notice anything?
We both have Airedale collars!
Mom has been wanting both of us to have Airedale collars forever and it's finally happened!
 Can you see how happy we are?
The hot temperatures went away and we went to Lenny and Joe's for dindin!
 Shrimp bisque~
 And a shrimp roll with french fries and cole slaw~
We are very happy pups!
We're on our way to get ice cream!
What a sensational Monday!
So until next time...............

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Like It Hot

 I recently decided that I no long wanted my food served cold right out of the refrigerator. 
Mom was serving it  and I was giving her a pleading look and it was breaking her heart.  She was afraid that one day I would decide that I didn't want to eat anymore and she didn't want that to happen. 
This is what goes on in our kitchen while mom is preparing our meals. 
Yes, I'm the instigator and Mitch is only too happy to go along with whatever I dish out!

Heck!  My food is more tasty than his and I have no problem rubbing it in!
Which bowl would you prefer?
I rest my case!

Mom is on the Yahoo K9 Kidney group and the Kidney Diet Group and the word is that eventually we kidney dogs may not like the taste or texture of one of our foods or the temperature that our food is served to us and we'll refuse to eat it. 

Mom hasn't had a microwave oven in quite awhile because all she used it for was for popcorn and for storage purposes.  
I now have my own microwave oven - just for me!!!!  

Now when mom puts my food down in front of me, I thank her and I woof it down almost as fast as Mitch does!   I love my food warmed up!
 I enjoy every single morsel. 
 And I lick my bowl clean!
 What?  I have a piece of rice on my nose?
Thank you for warming my food for me each meal, mom.  It sure does make me happy!

Love ya lots,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

True Colors Thursday - White

We keep seeing our friend BJ posting for True Colors Thursday and we broke down and had to play. We've missed it so much!

We've chosen the color white~

The Shirley Poppies are in bloom and mom is smiling pretty!

 This is our white Rugosa Rose.    We caught a bee coming in for a landing!
 Miss Autumn is standing on the white garden bench in front of a white birch tree~
 The Queen Anne's Lace is in bloom!
And so is the coneflower!
That was fun! We'll have to play again soon!

So until next time............

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wheelie Wednesday - Nasturtium Hat

Hi everyone. It's me, Autumn.

The nasturtiums are in bloom and they are so pretty but you've just got to see the size of these leaves!
 I have a new hat or an umbrella!
See you all next Wednesday!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Mute Swan Monday - An Update

Margaret and Carlie and doing great!  Margaret doesn't have a problem with Dauby at all because she's bold and does exactly what she wants to do.   Carlie is more respectful.   Dauby still chases the girls but it's more Carlie than Margaret and at this point, it's more of a game and it doesn't go on for long.  It happens a couple of times a day and that's it.  Neither girl is afraid of Dauby at all. 

The girls are getting used to the routine.
They get fed in the morning and in the evening. Both of them are chow hounds/swans!
Dad gave them their own food bucket and their own water bucket.  They love grabbing a mouthful of grain and cracked corn and then drinking.  Their water doesn't look very healthy because it's all cloudy from the grain. 

You can see Dauby in the background watching the girls get fed.  When they've had their fill and move along, Dauby wanders over and eats more of the food.  While she's eating, the girls are preening themselves in the water and having a great time for themselves. 
 The girlz like the ducks hanging around them. 

 There is no question that Dauby is still Queen of her pond and always will be. 
She loves posing for the camera! She's such a ham!
 Mom is literally about 2 feet away from her with the camera in her face.  She really is a very nice bird and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. 
Dauby and the ducks are moulting.  That's why her feathers look so funny. 
 That's Mitch in the workshop waiting for mom to notice him and come over and give him a pat on his head!
So that's the latest on Margaret and Carlie.  We don't expect much to change at this point.  Hopefully one day in the near future, Dauby won't be chasing either girl any more. 

So until next time............

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sunday, July 17, 2011

International Ice Cream Day

We have banana split. What flavor did you get?
We hope everybody is enjoying their ice cream!  We sure are!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Roof Update and a HAirecut

Hi everybody.  It's me, Mitch!
It's been hot here and mom says it's time for me to have a hAirecut only I lost my grooming room. 
This was my grooming room and it's in the process of getting a new roof and now it doesn't even have an end wall!
 Dad found rot and ants and damaged rafters and he and mom were in the process of replacing them. 

Slow and steady will get the job done!

New rafters, new support beams and new sheathing on the roof.  It's coming along nicely!

 So mom says that my temporary grooming room will be in the basement!
I've never been in the basement before.  When the basement door is open and mom is tending to the dehumidifier, she always tells us not to come down there because the boogie woman lives down there and she will get ahold of us and bite our ears off!  Maggie has never gone down to the basement EVER and I like my ears so no way will I go downstairs to the dungeon!

Our basement has a door that opens out  into our side yard so out the back door we go and down to the basement we go. This is the safe route! The boogie woman won't get me this way!
 It's not so bad down here.  This used to be dad's workshop before he built his big barn!
This is my before picture. 

Here I am an hour later~

Mom says that I'm her most handsome boy!
I feel so much cooler already!
Thanks, mom!
So until next time...............

Yer friend,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Birthday Pressie from Reilly and Denny

The mailman delivered a birthday pressie for mom and me yesterday!   The package is from Reilly and and his new little brother, Denny!
 Look at the most beautiful birthday card that Reilly sent me!  His mom, Bree, made it!  I think it's just so special!
 MOOZLES!!!!!  OMG, we haven't had one of these in FOREVER!  Thank you, Reilly!  He even sent one for you, Mitch!  What a thoughtful friend!
 Reilly's mom also sent our mom packages of her beautiful handmade cards.  They are just fabulous!
Each and every one of them is a work of art! So much planning and creativity and time goes into each and every one of them!  They are just amazing!
 This is mom's birthday card.  Isn't it wonderful!  Mom says that it will be treasured forever and ever.  Those are red silk flowers and leaves and butterflies applied to the front of the card.   It's gorgeous!
 Bree also sent mom an art journal.  It's like a scrapbook with tons of soft worn antique paper pages.  You can jot down thoughts and ideas, add photos, newspaper clippings - whatever memory is important that you always want to have a record of!
If you go to Bree's blog she has a video of how to make your art art journal so you can see it for yourself.  It's a "must have"!
 Reilly and Denny also sent us bully sticks!   You guys have totally out done yourselves!   
Please open the wrapper for us NOW, mom!
 When mom saw this next gift she got all teary-eyed.  It's a handmade "book" of our blog!  There aren't any pages - it's just a front cover and a back cover but it's ME and Mitch~
 And check out the spine of the "book".  It says Maggie and Mitch!  Isn't it just perfect!
 We are just totally overwhelmed by Bree and Reilly and Denny's thoughtfulness and generosity!  What a wonderful birthday surprise for me and mom!
Thank you so very, very much!  You guys are the BEST!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Sue and Mitch too