Sunday, September 30, 2007

Udder Tug

We have been playing a lot with the tug toy that the Airechicks sent me for my birthday. It's really a pretty cool toy and very durable! Lately, it's the first toy we grab to have fun with!

It looks like a big cigar sticking out of Mitch's mouth and he loves wacking everybody with it. He usually starts by wacking mom in her shins or her butt so she'll stop what she's doing and play with him. It normally works!

This leads to me being jealous that mom is playing with Mitch instead of me so I push my way in there and the tugging begins!

The more abuse I give Mitch, the more he loves it! After all, that's what he was looking for in the first place!

Mitch can be so selfish!!!!
Tell me again who this toy belongs to?
ME, that's who!

Apparently, we have a difference of opinion here! I think we need to have a serious discussion!
Uh Oh! I think I hear dad coming! Maybe we should check it out and continue our game later!
So until next time................
Love ya lots,

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tagged: What we love about DWB

We got tagged by Wally to share five favorite things about Dogs With Blogs! This is a tuffy for sure! There are just so many favorites!

1. You guys are our best friends - each and every one of you. We laugh with you and cry with you and have a blast reading about you every single day but to go one step further, we've actually met two of you in person and played with you!

There's my goodest and bestest friend, Putter, who has come to our house and we've walked together and hiked together and entertained together and we write to each other every single day!

And then there's Asta who came all the way from New York with her mom and dad and visited us at the start of their vacation and we shared lunch together and the BEST time together! We wouldn't trade those memories for all the cookies in the world!, would we Mitch!

2. Sunshade is the one who got us started blogging in the first place and we owe her a HUGE thank you! If it weren't for her, we wouldn't be blogging and that would be a truly sad thing! We just love her and her nephew/brother, Jaffa!

3. Bogie is the second blog that we started reading and I fell madly for him! He's adorable and cute and handsome and studly - shall I go on! I was hooked the first time I saw him! Who wouldn't be!

4. Airedales! There are quiet a few Airedales on DWB now and we like comparing looks and tastes and likes and dislikes, just to make sure that we're somewhat "normal"!
Where else can you talk to 30 different Airedales in one day! Not that we don't love all the other breeds in our small, close-knit community, but we do love our own breed LOTS!

5. Entertainment! Mom is always saying, the heck with TV and books when you have DWB! It's more entertaining that any channel that we could watch and any book we've ever read!

Now, who should we tag? We have so many best friends!

We've decided to tag Bogie and Sunshade and Putter! I hope Putter isn't too busy washing bottles or changing diapers seeing as she's now a nanny to her cutest ever twin brothers!

So until next time...........

Love ya lots,

Maggie and the very agreeable Mitch

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Beard Challenge

Stanley and I have a challenge going! We want to see who has the longest beard by January 1, 2008! We have 3 whole months to go! That means every time mom grooms me, she doesn't even think about touching the length, right mom!

I do have a few years on him! I'm 9 years old and Stanley is only 16 months old, but if he's game then so am I!
I've got just over 3" Stanley! What do you have?

I hear rubbing ripe banana and raw egg in your beard encourages growth! I'll have mom stock up on TONS of it! What do you hear, Stan or are you keeping that a secret?
I need a haircut very badly and mom says possible Thursday I'll be upstairs in the grooming room! That'll make my beard look even longer *winking*

awwwwwww come on, mom! This is going a little bit too far, don't you think?!

I need to do some serious thinking about how best to win this challenge!

So until next time................

Love ya lots,


Monday, September 24, 2007

Asta and Bailey's Birthday Bash

We've been going through our drawers and closets looking for appropriate outfits to wear to Asta's and Bailey's birthday bash with a Western flavour.

Mitch had no problem with wearing the bandana but when mom ever found the boots well..............

I think this picture makes it pretty clear what Mitch thinks about wearing mom's cowboy boots on his feet!

We found the perfect vest in her closet for Mitch to wear. He feels totally comfortable now so he's ready to go to the pawty!

And I found this cowboy hat that one of mom's teddy bears used to wear! It's just perfect! I'm ready for the pawty too!

We'll be flying on AireRuby once again with lots of other doggie friends! This will be some pawty!
Asta has peach cobbler on the menu and that's one of our very favorite desserts and Bailey now has a new brother named Benson to introduce to everyone! I can't wait for the fun to begin!

We're ready and waiting for you to land in our yard, Ruby! Watch out for the duckies in the pond, okay? See you soon!

Love ya lots,

Maggie with cowboy Mitch

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mom's Nicknames

Suki tagged us to list 5 names that we call mom.

1. Mom has to be at the top of the list! That is her name, ya know!

2. Treat Lady has to be right up there near the top because she is pretty generous with the cookies and the frosty paws when we're behaving ourselves!

3. Screaming Mimi! Yup, mom can sure yell when someone, who will remain nameless, is getting on her nerves yet again!

4. Evil Woman! Yes, she can be VERY evil when she wants to be! She's old and crotchety in her old age!

5. Poopcicle Kid! Cleaning poops up in the yard is ALWAYS mom's job, never dads!

We're not tagging anyone because we're not sure who has played and who hasn't so if you want to play, please do! We want to know what names you call your mom!

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vehicle Tag!

The Army of Four tagged us to play this very cool game.
It's what kind of vehicle you are; you have to think of what type of vehicle your personality most resembles.

I think I most resemble a Mercedes! It's classy and beautiful. It can turn (and spin) on a dime and it just g-l-i-d-e-s along so elegantly! Mom has had one and she says the heat in her 1968 worked just horrible and I like to be on the cool side so this suits me just fine! This is not mom's old car, just to let you know! And yes, I wish I was sitting in the driver's seat!

Mitch thinks he most resembles an Indian Spirit motorcycle! It's handsome as all get-out and it flies like the wind and it's called a Spirit and he sure has lots of that!
BTW, before the questions start flying - yes, this is my dad's new toy! He's wanted an Indian motorcycle all his life and it finally happened! He's like a kid with a new toy and he cleans it and waxes it more than he rides it! We're not allowed to even touch it - Heaven forbid we get a dog hair or a smudge on it!
And no, there will not be a sidecar for the motorcycle. At least at this time, it's not the plan!
We tag Bogie, Lenny and Sadie and Boatie! Have fun guys!
So until next time...................
Love ya lots,

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pepe's Pizza

Yesterday afternoon mom, dad and their friend Captain Bob (the pilot) went to Pepe's pizza on Wooster Street in New Haven. Pepe's is world famous, ya know!

The walls inside the restauranat have pictures of famous celebrities having pizza at Pepe's! Captain Bob got a new car and the hooman's were celebrating and Bob was buying!
Dad ordered THREE pizzas - one was the original clam. The clams are so big you almost need to cut them and there's TONS of garlic! It's to die-for! He also ordered a fresh tomatoe with basil and mozzerella - another awesome choice. Actually, there are no bad choices at Pepe's! And thirdly, he ordered onion, mushroom and bacon with mozzerella!
Mom says that their table was overflowing with pizza! Thanks for bragging about it mom seeing as we were NOT there! grrrrrrrrrrrrr
They washed all of it down with a large pitcher of Sam Adams!
The hoomans couldn't possibly eat all that pizza so some did come home! yeaaaaaaaaaa
And that was today's lunch!

OMG, my mouth was watering! The bacon was making me mental it smelled so good! Send a piece my way! Hurry dad!
That's not funny! Your fingers are empty!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh finally!
Yummy lucious pizza!!! ummmmmmmmmmmmmm
You're the best dad!

Mitch scored too!

I sure wish we could go to Pepe's and sit in the booth with the hoomans and eat it piping hot right out of that brick oven! They sure need to change some rules in the world to suit us!

So until next time...................

Love ya lots,


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Giants Football

My dad is a HUGE NY Giants football fan! You can find us in front of the TV whenever they play and normally we're eating either my dad's special tomatoe sauce over oonies or pizza! I love them both equally!
When the temperatures get a little bit cooler, the fireplace is started and that makes it even more cozy! Mom always lights a scented candle and she knits or needle felts or quilts! It's Sunday tradition!

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I'm in dad's Tiki Barber's practice jersey! Do you think they'd let me run a few plays with them?

When dad was sick and he was waiting for his heart transplant, he dreamed of the NY Giants visiting him in CTICU and having them shake his hand. Well, that didn't happen! There are just too many guys and they're too big for that little space! heheheh

But what he did get was a signed Tiki Barber practice jersey! Can you see Tiki's signature to the left of his name?

Dad also got an official NFL football signed by two of the players! One of the players was Ron Dayne and the other one was Jason Sehorn. Is this cool or what?! We were totally blown away by their generosity!

These items are very sacred to us and they're displayed every time the Giants play! You sport's fans know exactly what I mean, don't you! And they have to be in the same exactly place in the family room week after week or else!
So we're all set for today's game! We have a beautiful day we have here today! Temps are coolish and the aire is crisp! What a fabulous day to watch some NY Giants football!
So until next time..................
Love ya lots,

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chilli's Beach Pawty

We're off to Chilli's beach pawty!

Her adoption day is today and we intend to pawty till we drop! I'm not fond of the water but I do need to keep working on my tan! I've got my sunscreen and my sunglasses packed!

Mitch has never been to a beach pawty before but he says he's giving it a go!

Something doesn't look right about those bathing trunks! Do you have them on backwards, Mitch?

We need to take Chilli a gift, Mitch. What should be get her?

Let's decide what our favorite toy is and we'll get Chilli the same thing, okay?

Ruby will be picking us up and we'll be flying on the AireRuby jet! How exciting! I can't wait to board and hang with everybody else! This is going to be one super pawty! I think I see her! Yup, there she is - up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Ruby! whooooohooooo

Let's grab our dufflebags, Mitch and head outside to wait for her to land! I'm so psyched!

Everyone will be there! I hope to see all of my friends real soon!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,


Friday, September 14, 2007

Our Award

We were given this award by our good buddys Orion and also by Sir Chance-lot!

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Thank you so much!
We feel so honored that you love our blog!

We're supposed to "pass the love" and this is such a hard decision because we love and read so many blogs!

After much discussion, we've decided to pass the award on to our new friends Molly and Taffy and Mojo. We love reading your blogs and getting to know you better!

Pass the love guys!

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cabbage Patch Twins

Mom and dad are going to a birthday party on Saturday for a little girl who's going to be three years old. This morning they were out shopping for a gift and they came home with twin Cabbage Patch dolls plus the wrapping paper to wrap them in. Mom put all of the stuff on the dining room table with the intention of getting to it later on today. Mitch took a HUGE interest and decided that this was something that he needed and wanted!

Mom was making lunch in the kitchen and Mitch was making such a commotion in the dining room that I had to go and see what all the fuss was about! OMG, it wasn't the dolls that he wanted - it was the wrapping paper!
Well, thank goodness! For a minute there I thought my little brother was a sissy who wanted to play with baby dolls!

Hey, those are pretty cute dolls! I love their pretty pink dresses! Maybe I could play with one of them before you wrap them up mom! What do you think? Can I?
Okay, I've heard enough barking, Mitch. Time to go beg for some tuna and walnut lunch!
I would sure hate to think that my little brother would really want to play with dolls!
So until next time..................
Love ya lots,

Monday, September 10, 2007

Peter the Great

Hi Everybody! It's me - Mitch!
I'm not afraid of Peter Pumpkin anymore! I greeted all three of these guys and they were all very nice to me! Not one of them tried to attack!

So I decided at this point to move on to Peter the Great! There are three of them too! I was a little bit nervous at first!

But then I realized that they weren't out to get me either! I even got close enough to sniff a stem!

And now I'm totally comfortable hanging around the three Peter's! I'll even pee and poo right next to them! See! Nothing to be afraid of!
I'm cured!
I'm no longer afraid of pumpkins! We can be friends!
So until next time when Maggie lets me post...............
Love ya lots,

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mitch Meets Peter the Pumpkin

Mitch met his first pumpkin today! He was scared to death of it! hehehe

He thought sniffing it from the back porch would be safest just in case he had to hightail it into the house quickly!

I think he realized that Peter wouldn't bite him so he moved in just a wee bit closer so that he could investigate further! I think he's trying to strike a deal here - I won't hurt you if you don't hurt me!

Here he is in action!

And this is a small pumpkin! Wait till he meets Peter the Great!

Till next time......................

Love ya lots,