Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Fling Winners

Baby Rocket and Hootie has a spring fling contest over at their blog about a week ago! We were winners because our names were the first Airedale names that their dad, Mr. Patrick, pulled out of the contest hat! whoooooohoooooooooo

This is what mom pulled out of the box! We can already tell you that mom was thrilled with the net bag! She says is a great lingerie bag for the washing machine!Mitch didn't waste any time grabbing the newspaper squeakie for himself!And Mitch didn't have any problem claiming the deflated Phoenix Suns basketball! I think dad needs to blow that up for us, Mitch! It'll be much more fun when it's round instead of flat like a pancake!And Mitch could wait to grab and run with the green bone rope stuffie as it slid out of the bag! Do I get to play with anything, Mitch?And then mom pulled these out of the bag! OMG, chew bone treats! yummmmmm When can we unwrap them?!
Baby Rocket and Hootie also sent a very cool DVD that we are anxious to watch! Mom says we may need to make some popcorn to make watching it extra special! This DVD was made by a vet friend of theirs so it makes it even more special! Thank you!

And mom just adores the card with lilacs! Lilacs are one of her very favorite flowers and she can't wait to bury her nose in a bunch of them!

Now about that rope bone that you THINK is YOURS, Mitch!Thank you so very much for pulling our name out of the hat Mr. Patrick, and thank you so very much Baby Rocket and Hootie for sending us such fun toys! You guys sure know the best stuff!

So until next time...................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Monday, March 30, 2009

Travis's Blog Review Monday

Hi everyone! It's Monday and that means that it's Tavis's blog review day!

This week Travis chose Thor for his blog review!

We have never met Thor before but we've seen him comment on lots of blogs! Thor is one handsome boy from Brazil and he blogs in both Spanish and English! Thank you so much for translating for us, Thor! We don't understand Spanish and it makes it much easier for us!

Thor has LOTS of friends! We can see that he LOVES tennis balls like so many of our other friends and he also has lots of fun adventures with his family!

We also discovered that he got to do this and this is something that we have always wanted to do! You're very lucky, Thor! We are so glad that we have finally met you, Thor! We sure hope we can be friends forever!

And guess what? We won the Supa Saturday award over at Travis's! We are so very honored! We were up against some very stiff competition! Thank you so very much to all who voted for us! Know what? We're ALL winners!And guess what else? Our new friend, Checkers gave me an award especially for ME!

OMG, I am so honored, Checkers! Thank you so very much! We love your blog too! Checkers is a new friend of ours and he is a very handsome Peek A Poo! If you've never met Checkers be sure to check out his blog! He is one busy boy!

So until next time...................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Name Game Tag and a Pressie

We were tagged by PoopsieBlue to play the name game tag!

Mitch and I both wanted to play and lucky for us that we both have first names that begin with "M" so we had to come up with two of everything!

1. What is your name? Maggie, Mitch

The following answers must all begin with the first letter of your name.

2. A four letter word? Must, Mope

3. Girl name: Melinda, Melanie

4. Boy name: Michael, Mark

5. Occupation: Medical doctor, Master Barn Raiser (my dad hands out awards for this)

6. Color: Maroon, Mauve

7. Piece of clothing: Mittens, Muff

8. Food: M&M's, Macintosh Apple

9. Item in the bathroom: Mascara, Mouthwash

10. Place/City: Montreal, Maine

11. A reason for being late: Migraine, Missed the bus

12. Something you’d yell: MINE, MOVE

13. Movie: My Fair Lady, Meet The Parents

14. Something you can drink: Milk, Martini

15. Band: Motley Crue, Mama's and the Papa's

16. Animal: Monkey, Mouse

17. Street name: Main Street, Magnolia Drive

18. Car: Mercedes, Mustang

19. Song: My Way (Frank Sinatra), Most of All (B J Thomas)

20. Activity that includes more than one participant: Motorcycle Racing, Marathons

We're supposed to tag a few of you but spring is always such a hectic and busy time and we don't want to put any pressure on anyone so if you want to play, feel free! It's a fun tag that really gets you thinking!

We got two pressies in the mail yesterday. The first one we opened was from our new friends Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java!

Check out the cute card! It's two Scotties on a window seat and it's just adorable!
OMG, they sent TREATS! Mitch says it's more medicine for him! Hey, you gotta share, buddy!

Do you see my new pink plaid collar with hearts? Isn't it so pretty! Lilly has one just like it and it's her favorite and she wanted me to have one just like hers! Thank you, Lilly! You're so sweet!Mitch got a collar too only his is blue plaid with bones on it! You look very handsome, Mitch!
They also sent a beautiful antique Wire Fox Terrier pin for mom! It was hard to photograph but we hope you all can see it! It's a glass dome with a WFT head underneath the dome! Mom LOVES it and says that she has to decide how best to display it! Autumn has already put her paw up and asked to wear it and mom said, "We'll see!"Thank you so very much for your wonderful pressies, guys! You sure did turn our dull afternoon into a whole lot of fun!

We'll post about the other pressie on another day! That one was loads of fun too!

So until next time...................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Solved By a Cookie

Hi everyone! It's me, Mitch!

I have developed a new problem! I eat my breakie at 6AM and I eat dindin at 3PM and lately I've been getting up in the middle of the night and puking bile because my tummy is upset because it's empty!

Maggie and Putter write to each other on email every single day and Putter was telling Maggie that she has this same exact problem! And she told Maggie that I can be cured by eating a BIG cookie snack at bedtime!

So a couple of days ago we all went for a ride and look what mom bought me!
Putter made it very clear that they have to be BIG cookies! Is this the most fabulous cure ever or what?!

So now each night before bed, I get a BIG cookie and Maggie gets a little one because mom doesn't want Maggie to get phat!

If any of you have a problem that needs taking care of just write to Putter and she'll contact your mom and tell her that the cure is COOKIES!

This next picture is for Herc! Herc is feeling under the weather and needs lots of healing thoughts sent his way! He was depressed because he couldn't pooh and with the help of all of our good thoughts, he poo'd! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Herc!
Maggie wants him to know that he doesn't have to be depressed about his Poodle leg because his fur will grow back in no time at all and Maggie wanted to show Herc a picture of her leggie for proof!
See, Herc - it's nice and fluffy and you can hardly even tell and Maggie's leggie was shaved to the bone on the last day of December! We're still sending LOTS of AireZen your way, buddy!

So until next time......................

Yer friend,


Thursday, March 26, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Beige

It's true colors Thursday once again! If you want to play, let Blue know and she'll welcome you with open arms! You're missing out on lots of fun if you don't play!Today's color is beige!

These are the beige shoes that mom wears for our walkies!This Boyd's bear is beige!Kipper's hat is beige!
My coffee ice cream is beige! yummmmmmmmmm

Next weeks color is scarlett!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wheelie Wednesday - Chestnut Floor

Hi everyone - it's me, Autumn!I missed you all last Wednesday but it was a most important day here and I couldn't very well not let Mitch tell you all about his very special gotcha day! He was one happy boy!

Dad and mom have been working their hineys off on the chestnut floor in the guestroom! This floor has been an incredible amount of work with planing the boards and edging them and tongue and grooving them and finally laying them meticulously one at a time. Some of these board are over 100 years old and they all had to be treated on the back side just in case there was a lingering buggie or wood worm inside the board!

Mom and dad are 90% done laying the floor! The next step is to take the radiator out and finish up but it's been cold here and taking the heat out of the room is not too appealing to either one of them! This is the floor that's been laid so far - this is the natural color of the wood!

Dad wanted mom to put a couple of coats of finish on the floor just to get the process started. It will take probably 4-5 coats before they can call it a job! This is the floor with 2 coats of urethane on it! It came alive! What a difference it made!
Mom just LOVES Chestnut! She thinks it's one of the prettiest woods ever! When she was working in dad's shop a couple of years ago she made this barrett out out chestnut! The Airedale is chestnut and his collar is maple.
Not all chestnut is this dark. The darker color is closer to the bark or the outside of the tree and the heart wood is much lighter! You can tell by this Airedale spoon! As mom carved deeper into the bowl of the spoon, the wood got lighter!
So this is why there are so many color variations in our chestnut floor! Mom and dad are very pleased with the way it's shaping up!

See you all next Wednesday!

Love, Autumn

Monday, March 23, 2009

Travis's Blog Review Monday

Travis is still working out the bugs for his blog review for this week so we thought we'd surprise him and do a blog review on his blog!
We have not known Travis long at all! We only met him a couple of weeks ago but we've fallen in love with his blog already!
Travis is a 4 year old boy who has a very vivacious appetite for the strangest things, he's scared of thunderstorms, he pulls his hoomans on walkies and he failed puppy school! He sounds like a normal doggie to us that just wants to have a lot of fun in life! He runs fun polls on his blog all the time and he is already a great friend of ours! You just gotta meet Travis! He's awesome!

Mom had to run to the bank Friday morning and she took us with her! This bank gives out the most awesome treats! Guess what? Not only did the bank run out of treats, which totally broke our hearts, but the stoopid bank teller asked mom if we were Wheaten Terriers? WHAT??!! We have nothing against Wheatens but we're black and tan! GEEZ!

So until next time.......................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Favorite Things

Our mom has gone over this edge this time but we have to tell you that she had a little bit of help from our friend, Mona! One of the comments to our mini-Maggie and Mini-Mitch ice cream cone post came from Mona and she sorta planted the apple seed in mom's head! It wasn't long before mom was contacting Carol Usher once again with another request!

Are you ready for this!
It's Mitch with Macintosh Mitch! The boy is so in love with apples that mom knew that this would be just perfect! Macintosh Mitch not only has an apple in his mouth but he has a whole basketful of apples to taste! Carol even made the little basket! Isn't it just too cute?!
We have to tell you that Carol numbers all of her pieces and Macintosh Mitch is #739! That is one busy lady!

Most of you know that Mr. Carrot is my very favorite toy in the whole wide world and always has been and always will be! I've had tons of Mr. Carrots in my lifetime!
Mom asked Carol way back in 2002 to make me a "Maggie and Mr. Carrot"! The number on this piece is #127! So you can see how busy Carol has been and how popular her pieces are!So we now have our favorites together in wool forever and ever!Thank you so very much, Carol! We smile every single time we look at your beautiful works of art!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Friday, March 20, 2009

What a Fabulous Day

Hi everyone! It's me, Mitch!
I have to tell you that I had one fabulous gotcha day! It started off with dad leaving for Maine very, very early and I was really bummed that I couldn't go too but things started to brighten up when mom told us that it was time for our morning walkie! yeaaaaaaaaa
After walkies, it got dull again - mom went grocery shopping but she was smiling away when she returned!
Look what she brought home for MY special day! You need to know that it is 9AM in the morning and Maggie and I are eating Pineapple Coconut ice cream out of mom's fancy goblets! whoooooohooooooooooo

Life is good!If we're dreaming, please don't let us wake up!After we finished our ice cream, mom handed me a bag!And inside the bag was this:
It's a piggy and he makes the neatest noise! I can't believe mom gave me a stuffie! She's usually taking them away from me and hiding them so I don't do any surgery on them!
I promise that I'll be as good as I can for as long as I can, mom! Is that fair enough?!
And now the moment you have all been waiting for!

We have always been so jealous of Bogie and the 4B's because they get a WHOLE hamburger all to themselves and we NEVER do! Well, guess what? Is this a pawty or is this a pawty?!
These are not your everyday hamburgers! Mom bought us bacon cheddar hamburgers!
The smell in the kitchen as mom was broiling them was killing us! She even toasted the buns and put a squirt of ketchup on each burger!

I ate my meat first and then the buns and Maggie started with the top bun, then the meat and worked her way down! I guess we have our own style!It's a good thing that mom took the pictures quickly because it sure didn't take us long to finish! Did we get every single crumb, Maggie!
This is one gotcha day that I will NEVER forget! Thank you, mom, for making it so very special for me and thank you all for your wonderful comments! We loved them all!

One more thing - we have to introduce you all to our new friends that have just started to blog! Lilly is a black Scottish Terrier and Piper and Carrleigh are Wheaten Scotties. When you get a chance, please go say hi to them!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,

Yer friend,


Thursday, March 19, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Green

One of our favorite days of the week rolls around again! We just love to participate in Blue's true colors meme! If you would like to play, just leave Blue a comment on her blog and you're in!
Today's color is green!

Mitch gathered together lots of his green toys~One of mom's favorite books is The Secret Garden! We have the video too and it's one of our very favorites!Our bottle of Slippery Elm has green on it! When we have um - loose poop - mom gives us one of these capsules 20 minutes before our meal and it usually fixes us up. If not, we get another one and that one usually does the trick!Autumn found Papa Bunny! Our gram made Papa Bunny in ceramics class YEARS ago and now mom has him! His vest is green! Dad's dad (who we never met and mom never met either because he passed way too young) made the kleenex box and nanny painted 'sneezebox" on it! We've had that for years too!
Everything in our house is old including our hoomans!
Mitch wanted a taste of mom's M&M chapstick! This is the green minty flavored one!

Next week's color is beige! That color should be a real challenge!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch