Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Visit from Asta

We had a visit today from both Putter and Asta! Putter arrived about an hour before Asta did so we got to visit and tire ourselves out before-hand! Yea right! Everybody knows that we Terriers never get tired! Well, the younger ones anyway!

Mitch welcomed Putter with a big smoochie kiss! He's lovin' the girls the older he gets! And he has such good taste!

Putter and I sorta had words so we had to keep our distance for a bit until things settled down.
It wasn't long before Asta and her mom and dad drove in and things got even more fun!
Asta is a doll! She's just a little pipsqueak but she's so full of energy and fun! Asta and I seemed to hit it off just fine!
And once again - our boy Mitchy giving smoochy kisses - this time to Asta! That's Putter in the back and you can just see my head in the front.
Mitch and Asta were getting a little bit more personal. Putter was right there to keep an eye on things! Thanks Putter- I owe ya! Gotta watch that little brother of mine!
Okay, now it's starting to get embarrassing! Enough already you two!
Asta is such a happy girl and smiles a lot! That's Putter's leg in the background. She's kissing Asta's mom!
With the hello's all taken care of, we all decided to move inside the barn into dad's workshop. It's a beautiful day but hot outside! We all exchanged gifts. Asta gave me an orange Wubba! Thank you so much! How did you know that Mitch destroyed mine already. No way is he getting this one! This one is actually for swimming and it has reflectors on it. It's very neat!
And she gave Mitch a green Cuz-like toy with an awesome voice! Mitch is going to drive us nuts with this thing at 7AM - you can bet on that!
We also got bags and boxes of all sorts of yummy treats!
Now to get down to some serious playing.
Mitch, Asta and Putter were all racing around like pups having the best time! One of the favorite toys to play keep-away with was the big lip fish that Stanley sent Mitch! Everybody just loves that toy! Putter has it at this point but not for long!

The hoomans all had lunch in the workshop. Mom made sandwiches and they had chips and cookies and they were just having the best old time getting to know each other. My dad's name is George and Asta's dad's name is George and both George's love woodworking so they connected immediately. Mom and Putter's mom and Asta's mom talked about blogging endlessly and yes, we all did have a moment of silence for Oscar. There were a couple of times that the moms got all choked up and teary-eyed.

After lunch there was more playtime until Asta's dad pretty much said that it was time for them to hit the road. This is just the start of their vacation! Mitch and Asta said their tearful good-bye's~

The hoomans hugged and thanked each other for all of us being able to get together for this brief and totally wonderful time! I sure hope we can do this again! It was a blast!

Thank you so much for going out of your way to visit us Asta! We are sure happy to have met you in person. You're one sweet girl. Mitch is nodding his head to the point that I think it might fall off! And Putter, thank you for visiting also! It's so special every time we get to visit with each other. We sure do have some fun adventures, don't we! I hope we have many, many more! Come back anytime Asta! We'd love to have you!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Run Free Oscar

There are no words to describe how devastated we are at this horribly sad news about our best Aire-buddy Oscar.
Oscar and I starting blogging together about the same time in December of last year. Oscar was only 6 months old and I was eight.

He was one of the first doggies to sign my blog. And for the past 8 months, I don't think Oscar ever missed commenting on my postings. He's always been a true friend. I honestly don't know how we're going to get through our day without reading about Oscar's daily adventures in England with his mum and dad.

We're so very proud of you Oscar. You did all of us Airedales proud by acing every single obedience class you entered and everything you set out to do! You and your mom worked so hard together and it showed! Your mom has done one terrific job!

You are one true Aire-friend Oscar. You sent me the most beautiful pink collar and leash set for my nineth birthday and I will treasure it always. My heart is breaking for your mum and dad and your two little sisters and yes, even Flakes. He'll miss you too Oscar.

Run free my sweet Aire-boy. There will never be another Oscar! You're the one and only!

We love you.

Maggie and Mitch

Friday, July 27, 2007

Detective Mitch and the Bat

Mom discovered this morning that we have a bat hanging out inside our family room fireplace pit! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Can you see the little bugger? She heard his high pitched squeak at 5AM and that started her day off on the wrong foot!
You have to know that my mom HATES these things and is totally freaked out by them. She wonders why they were ever created! She causes quite the ruckus and screams anytime she sees one in the house! We used to get them on a regular basis until we put screening over the top of one of our chimneys and we haven't had a bat in the house (thank goodness) in years.
Well, a couple of weeks ago mom woke up at midnight and saw one flying in the hallway right outside the bedroom! She went nuts! She had every single light on in the house for three days!

We have a badminton racquet that dad uses to swat them with. Dad is not as upset by them as mom is. Mom makes it her mission to try and find out which room he's in so that she can close off a door and leave the little so-n-so in there till he croaks! She always seems to guess the wrong room (darn) and the next night the stupid bat further antagonizes us! They hide and sleep in the daytime and only come out at night. And we have so many hiding places in our house! They get behind quilts hanging on the wall and they'll hide behind curtains - you just never know! It's so eerie to have one fly right past you in the night or early in the morning!

So, dad finally relented and went on a hunt for mom this particular evening a couple of weeks ago when the bat came out of hiding and got active. One smash with the racquet and he was knocked out cold! yippeeeeeeeee!

Dad put the creature in a bag and took him outside and that was the last we heard from him. Mom has no idea if he came back to life or died and honestly, she could care less - trust me! Please don't think my mom hates animals! She doesn't! Bats and snakes are #1 and #2 on her list!

So getting back to our problem at hand - Mitch now knows that there's a bat in the fireplace and Mitch never says die! This little dude will stay on a case like you can't believe! They say the females are the hunters! Well, Mitch must be part female then because he's absolutely incredible! He'll never let it rest!
If anybody can get this bat, Mitch can, but of course that further freaks mom out because she does NOT want to see Mitch with a bat in his clutches! OMG, the thought of it just makes mom's skin crawl! We're hoping the caustic ash in there helps Mr. Bat to find his eternal resting place REAL fast! But in the meantime - Detective Mitch is on the case!

That's the latest excitement at our house!

So until next time..........

Love ya lots,


Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Birthday Gift from Stanley

My birthday is still not over yet! Gosh, will it ever be?! I hope not - I'm having too much fun!

I got a package from Stanley in the mail today!

He sent me two beautiful scarves that he picked out just for me. He called me his "nature girl"! This is the orange one that I'm modeling in this picture. See that stuffie? Wait till you see the front of her in the next picture. Stanley said that it reminded him of me! hehehehe

I just love it Stanley! She's so cute! Where did you ever find her?!

Here's the front of her! Isn't she just priceless?! Stanley said that the stuffie reminded him of the costume that I wore for SoCalMaggie's pawty! That ball in my mouth goes in this really neat holder that attaches to mom's belt loop so she always has a ball with her when we go places and we want to play ball!

Here's the holder! Isn't this the coolest invention! Mitch loves this too. He won't leave it alone! He also loves my bikini girl stuffie but mom keeps taking it away from him! He keeps trying to rip her bathing suit top off! What a naughty boy!
Stanley also sent lots of yummy treats. I just had a taste of one of the liver cookies in this picture. yummmmmm Thank you for all of the treats! I can't wait to try them ALL!
Can you see the red paw charm on my collar? He sent me that too! I'm going to wear it on my special collar from Sunshade so it stays nice and pretty forever and ever. I love it! It's so dainty!
And check out this nifty little purse that Stanley and his mom sent to my mom. It's the perfect size purse for when you just need a credit card and a hanky and a lipstick! Mom is going to get a lot of use out of this! You guys are so thoughtful! Can you see the bling on the Airedale's collar! You guys choose the most perfect gifts! We can tell a lot of thought went into each and every one of them. Thank you!
Stanley also sent this squeaky toy for Mitch. It's a fishy with big purple lips! Mom and dad keep laughing at it because it's just the perfect toy for Mitch with his grampa teeth and big lips!
He hasn't stopped playing with it yet!
Notice my scarf in this picture. This is the other one that he picked out especially for me! You have awesome taste Stanley!
Here he comes! It never takes him long before he discovers that there's a new toy in the house!

Stanley also sent a wonderful note that has kisses and a paw print and the nicest message! Way up at the top is a Stanley magnet that is already in place on our refrigerator!Thank you so very, very much Stanley! You are one of the sweetest Aire-boys that I know. I will treasure your friendship always! You and your mom were just way too generous! Thank you so much!

So until next time............

Love ya lots,

Maggie or Magsz or Magpie or Magsteroni- all of Stanley's nicknames for me!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ice Cream Contest

I suppose by now everyone knows about the ice cream contest that the Airechicks are running.

Last night mom and dad took Mitch and me for ice cream again and this time they let us have a whole cone to share so we could take pictures to enter in this contest! We've never had a whole cone before so when dad ever brought that ice cream cone over to the truck window and handed it to mom we were like " Oh my goodness - really?! That's really for us?!"
We were both trying to get the first lick!
Guess who won?
Well, it was his eighth month birthday so I guess it's okay! Mitch was really loving this ice cream cone stuff! Oh my gosh, look at the mess he's making!
Mom usually gets a small dish and we share hers and she treats us to 4 or 5 spoonfuls apiece off of our purple shovel spoon. This was a totally new and fun experience! And I wasn't doing too badly myself. I took one big lick and half the ice cream was down my throat! hehehehehe- gotcha Mitch!
It's all over my nose!
We were both totally enjoying this - being piggies and getting our beards and faces all yucky and messy!
I ended up getting most of the cone. I'm not sure if Mitch was full or if he was just being kind but he wasn't fighting me for the cone!
Good, because it was sure yummy and I really wanted the whole thing!

So all you doggies - get your hoomans to take you out for a cone and bring your cameras so you can enter this contest and give me and Mitch and Asta and Stanley some competition! Stanley has challenged everyone to try and beat him and we Airedales don't take challenges lightly! It'll cost you $5.00 to enter your photo but 100% of the money goes to Airedale rescue so you're helping out less fortunate doggies. There are even prizes to be won! Oh, by the way, if your hoomans won't let you have ice cream or frozen yogurt because they think you'll get fat, Lele and Tris said that you can stuff plain old yogurt in a cone and if your mom still thinks it's too much, then have your mom eat half the cone and then fill it with yogurt or have a dish of yogurt and eat it neatly off a spoon instead of acting like cavemen like me and Mitch! It's yummy and it all goes for a great cause! Hurry though, you only have until August 4th to enter!

You have to see this one last photo! This is Mitch sound asleep with his head on dad's arm rest!

Does he look like a cherub or what! He's got everybody fooled!

So until next time...............

Love ya lots,


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm Eight Months Old Today

I'm eight months old today! Maggie is letting me post again today because it's a special day for me!

Guess what? I weigh 52 pounds!
Guess what Maggie weighs? 52 pounds - so we weigh exactly the same thing!
Maggie is 23 1/2" to the withers and I'm 24" to the withers so I win - I'm bigger and younger and mom says VERY handsome!
Mom was picking veges in the garden today and she split a cucumber in half and gave us both a treat to munch on! We both love cucs!
Maggie's half was a little bigger than mine! She's got cucumber all over her face but you can tell that she's sure enjoying it!

That's pretty much all I have to say!Till the next time that Maggie says I can post..............

Love ya lots,


Monday, July 23, 2007


Mom and dad's very good friends, Miss Donna and Mr. Don are in Florida this week and we volunteered to take care of their eleven year old Cairn Terrier, Marty. Marty normally gets sent to a kennel when they go on vacation but because mom and another neighbor decided that they would take turns going to Marty's house and feeding him and taking him out to pee and poo, Marty gets to stay home in his own house and eat his own food. I'd say he's pretty lucky!

Marty lives basically across the street from us, so the walk isn't far. Mom heads over early in the morning to let him out and this is what she finds! Tough life huh?!

Marty doesn't even come to the door to greet her! He doesn't even bark! He's too lazy to even get up off the sofa! Mom says she has to ask Marty several times to please get up so we can go out and do business!

I don't like Marty and I don't think he likes me either! He's a loud mouth ankle biter! I'm glad mom is leaving me home when she goes over there! I'm sure Marty could care less about seeing me too! I'll wait right here for you mom! Hurry back! I hope mom can get a video of Marty barking for you. His bark is just horrible! The first time we ever heard the "noise", we thought a dog fight had broken out in the middle of the road in front of our house - he shrieks in this most hideous God-awful high pitched sissy voice! Mitch has met Marty and wants to play with him but Marty is an old man at eleven years old and wants no part of Mitch clubbing him in the head with a puppy paw!

Miss Donna left Marty a pretty nice set up, don't you think? Pillows all over the couch and there's even a blankie on the bed for him! What a life!

Mom says that Marty is very stubborn about leaving the driveway to do his duty. She basically has to give him a tug to get him going in the right direction! What a stubborn little cuss - a true Terrier!
Mom did notice that he pees like a real boy and not like a girl like my brother Mitch! Maybe Mitch does need to start hanging around with Marty! hehehehehe
Mom says she's so used to walking us and because we have much longer legs, she keeps up a pretty good pace! She said she glanced down at poor Marty and he was huffing and puffing trying to keep up with mom - oops! Mom had to slow her gait to match his!

Marty is not a chow hound like we are so mom can put food down for him and the next time she visits some of the food is still there - he hasn't even eaten it all yet! I can't imagine doing this! What is he waiting for?!

His favorite treats are carrot slices. He's being rewarded for a job well done! What job? Laying on the sofa or on the bed all day long! Poor Marty!

It's a rainy day here today! I wonder if Marty likes going peepee in the rain??!! *evil grin* I'd say he's a pretty spoiled little brat!

Do you think maybe that I could possibly be jealous of him? I'm not allowed on the bed or the sofa and mom doesn't leave my bowl filled with food all day long! hmmmmmmmmm maybe we should do a switch-o before Miss Donna comes home?! Do you think she'd notice a larger dog roaming around in her house?


Until next time.................

Love ya lots,


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Biker Mitch

Look what dad bought me! A REAL leather motorcycle jacket! Am I a big boy now or what?! Check out the back! It's the official logo for Harley Davidson!
It even has a zippered pocket so I can travel with treats just in case I get hungry! What do you think Maggie? Aren't I stylin' in this jacket? Now you won't be mortified come this winter to see me looking all schleppy!

Mom tried to take a picture of me with sunglasses on but I was being MOST uncooperative! I didn't want those nasty looking things on my face. She finally wore me out and this was the best that she could come up with! Sorry that the picture is so light. She did try her very best. It's all my fault! I'm sorry mom!I was thinkin'..............now why do you suppose dad bought me this jacket? My birthday isn't for another few months and I certainly won't be old enough to drive a motorcycle. Maybe he's thinking of one for himself with a sidecar for me?
Whoa! Check this one out! I really like this one - your basic black - the seat looks very cushy - yup, I can sure see myself riding in this sidecar alongside dad - tooling down those country roads!

OMG this one is a winner! I can tell you already that this would be dad's first choice! Look at that cool Indian!!! Dad is bigtime into Indians! What do you think dad? It's this the bike for us or what? Whoooooooohoooooooooo feel that breeze on our faces! That wind is whipping back my little boy beard! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - this is Heaven!

I'm going to keep on dreaming and maybe one day we'll see why dad bought this Harley jacket for me! There's just got to be a reason, right?

Until the next time that Maggie lets me post...................

Love ya lots,


Thursday, July 19, 2007

One More Birthday Gift!

You're not going to believe this!

I got another birthday pressie in the mail today! whooohooooooo It's raining here and it's just soooo boring and the mailman knocked at the back door and handed mom a box from Ruby! What an awesome surprise! Thanks Ruby! You saved us from a totally BORING day! Can you see who this box is addressed to? Yup, that's right - MAGGIE!

Well, look who could hardly wait to sink his teeth into the very first thing out of the box!

Actually Ruby sent this orange ball to Mitch - so he wasn't stealing! It really was for him! Ruby wrote him a sweet note too! It says, "Dear Mitch, Hi! I know it isn't your barkday yet, but I'm so happy that we are friends and I wanted to send you something too! I hope you like it and maybe, if you're a good boy, Maggie will share some of the snackies I sent her too! Lots of loving licks......your pal Ruby!"

Snackies???? What snackies! We didn't get to those yet!

Putter gave me a pink ball for my birthday just like Mitch's orange one so now we can play together!

See that nice blue stuffy bone in Mitch's clutches? That's supposed to be one of MY birthday gifts from Ruby! hummmmmmmm

Guess who's decided that he really likes it??!!
Ruby also sent me this beautiful pink girly bandana! I've taken quite a liking to the color pink these days! Thank you so much Ruby! I love it!

She also sent a squeaky Kong ring like the one Sunshade has! This is awesome Ruby because Mitch is forever helping himself to the one mom gave me for Christmas. Now we have two of them so there will be no fighting - right Mitch!Can you see that little pain guarding my birthday stuffy bone and helping himself to my Kong ring? Does this little pest have any manners at all?!

OMG check out this bone cookie! Have you ever seen anything so big in your life?! No, you crazed dog! It's mine all mine!

And check out these blueberry bone snackies! Wow! We've never had these before! Can we open them up please mom and give them a taste? What a pretty color they are and I bet they taste even better than they look!
Ruby sent me a birthday note too! It reads, "Dear Maggie, Hi! Happy Barkday!! I'm sorry I am late sending you this package....but mom has been super busy at work! Actually, I think she's just been lazy or wanted to keep this stuff for herself! It really sounds like you had a wonderful barkday. I'm so glad..if anyone deserves lots of prezzies, it is you! You are such a good friend and always say such nice things! Lots of loving licks...Your pal, Ruby"

P(ee)S: The orange glowball......that's for Mitch. I hope it's ok that I sent him something too. I wouldn't want him to feel left out!"
You are just the bestest friend Ruby! Friends don't come any sweeter than you! Mitch and I just love everything that you sent us. You're most generous. Thank you so much and thank you for making my birthday even more special!

This morning Lorenza awarded me and Mitch the rockin dog blogger award! Thank you so much Lorenza!
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What an awesome honor and it was so sweet of you to think of us! We need to pass it on to 5 others! We choose Faya and Putter, and we gotta do Koobuss because her mom is on a roll, and life wouldn't be fair if we didn't choose Ruby and last, but certainly not least, is my buddy Bogie!

Wear the award well! You're all such deserving doggies! Pass it on to 5 more, okay?

Until next time.........

Love ya lots,