Friday, August 31, 2018

Flower Friday

We are joining Arty this week for Flower Friday~

Ready, mom.   Off we go~~
 We discovered Joe Pye Weed in front of our neighbors house~
 And we found wild Asters~
 And happy Black-eyed Susans~
 We are not sure what this is.  Could it be in the Primrose family?
 We found a Clematis still blooming away☺
 We think this is called Sweet Autumn Clematis.
 We found these beauties near somebuddys mailbox~
 Bunny alert!
 Happy Friday, everyone!

Love ya lots♥

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Way Too Hot Wordless Wednesday

Love ya lots♥
A wishing for cooler temps, Molly

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Merrick Lil Plates

This month we chose 2 items to review for the Chewy Influencer Team.    The second item we chose was Merrick's Lil' Plates.
 Chewy sent us a whole case of them - 12 delicious yummy plates in three different varieties!  Petite Pot Pie.  Itsy Bitsy Beef Stew and Tiny Thanksgiving Day Dinner!
I am drooling already!
Merrick Lil' Plates Mini Medley Grain-Free Variety Pack Adult Dog Food Trays cater to the big appetites of small pups. Featuring Petite Pot Pie, Itsy Bitsy Beef Stew and Tiny Thanksgiving Day Dinner, this pack gives your pooch a lil’ taste of everything with highly palatable flavors that will make him go wild. All recipes start with real meat, fish or poultry as the first ingredient for a high-protein meal, and include farm-fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, sweet potatoes, blueberries, peas and more. Made from locally sourced ingredients in the USA, these recipes deliver high-quality grain-free nutrition for a wholesome and balanced diet. The easy-open trays pack all this incredible nutrition into a convenient, single-serving sized container. 

This is the Itsy Bitsy Beef Stew.    Can you say yummmmmmmmmm!
 Mom mixed it in with a small portion of my kibble.  
No pictures, please.   I'm busy enjoying my foodables, mom!
Thank you so much for letting me review these awesomely delicious Lil Plates, Chewy!

I received this item free of charge from Chewy in exchange for my honest review.
Love ya lots♥

Sunday, August 26, 2018

National Dog Day

Time for walkies!
 Let us get this pawty started, mom!
Happy National Dog day, everybuddy!   Make it a great day☺

Love ya lots♥

Friday, August 24, 2018

Flower Friday

We are joining Rosy today for Flower Friday~

Off we go to see what we can find~~
 We found Mullein.   This is a first year plant that self-sowed.  These plants don't get their flowers until they are 2 years old.  
 They have HUGE fuzzy soft leaves!
 The Hosta in our front yard is blooming~
 And the Chinese Lanterns in our back yard are turning VERY orange~
 Happy Friday, everybuddy!
Love ya lots♥

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Blue Buffalo Stix

This month we chose two items to review for The Chewy Influencer Team.   We will review the other one on another day.  
The Fed Ex man delivered our box to us the day after we placed our order.   There is NO ONE who delivers faster than our friends at Chewy!
 We chose the Blue Buffalo Blue Stix.

  • Made with USA pork as the first ingredient for the high-protein treat dogs find irresistible.
  • Pepperoni-style with a soft texture and natural bacon flavor, it’s great for training or snacking anytime.
  • With wholesome ingredients like oatmeal, potatoes, brown rice, blueberries and carrots.
  • Can be given whole or cut into smaller pieces that are great for training and for smaller dogs.
  • Made in the USA with zero chicken or poultry by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial preservatives or flavors.
 Did we mention that we chose the BACON flavor!   Who doesn't LOVE bacon!
 These treats are superYUMMY and long but they are also soft and can be broken easily to stuff into treat dispensers like mom loves to do for me.  
 Did I mention how much I love anything bacon flavored!
Don't bother me.   I'm busy!
 No, I don't want to share with you no matter how often you lick your lambie lips!
 Can you see that my pickle is empty, mom?  Please refill!
Thank you so much to the Chewy Influencer team for letting me review these SuperYummy bacon treats by Blue Buffalo!  They get 4 paws up from me!

Love ya lots♥

I received this item free of charge from Chewy in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Splendid Sunday

The AC is off FINALLY and the temps are so much cooler with a lot less humidity~
Today is a splendid day!   I hope everyone is having a splendid Sunday!

Love ya lots♥

Friday, August 17, 2018

Flower Friday

We are joining Rosy this week for Flower Friday~

We cannot get enough of the smiling happy sunflowers.   This is what we see as we approach the sunflower patch.
 There are so many of them and they are all smiling at us☺
 We wish they could last forever!   You cannot walk by and not smile.  It is impossible!
 Moving along~~~
We found Goldenrod.
 And Black-eyed Susan's~
 The Queen Anne's Lace looks like a snowflake but seeing it doesn't really make us feel any cooler. 
Happy Friday, everybuddy!

Love ya lots♥

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tasty Tuesday

This summer has been TOO hot and when it's too hot, mom refuses to cook.    She would prefer to grab ice cream out of the freezer and call that dinner - which is fine by me but mom says that it's really not the best choice.

Seeing as tomatoes and squash are in season and she's been buying a lot of both, she decided to look for a recipe that might be fun.   She found a recipe here that she decided that she wanted to try.

The first thing she did was to make this Summer Macaroni Salad in the morning so it would be nice and cold at the dinner hour.  She never sticks to the recipe.  She always veers off in a different direction if need be.

I love yellow squash!
 Thanks for the cherry tomato, mom.     I was too quick for the camera, huh☺
 The recipe calls for a pound of pasta but this is not a pound of pasta - she used less than half a pound and she did not use onion because she didn't want the salad to be overpowered by onion flavor.   She uses the Mrs Dash spices a lot and they have onion and a garlic flavored ones and she likes them.
The ingredients are tossed together and ready for the frig~
Mom loves roasted pumpkin seeds and she sprinkles them on just about everything!
Can I have one onie - pretty please?
This was a fun dinner mom.  Thanks!
Love ya lots♥

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dr. Lyon's Liver Support

The FedEx man came up our driveway and mom spotted him and couldn't imagine what he was bringing us as we hadn't ordered anything. 
Miss Kristin and Miss Natalie and the generous folks at Chewy  sent us these two supplements to try and review.
 We will be reviewing Dr Lyon's Liver Support first so we can see if it makes a difference before we add the Skin and Coat.
 First off, I don't have a problem with my liver that I am aware of and mom is sort of a nutcase about adding a new supplement to my diet without doing lots of research.   She asked the intermuts why a pup with a perfectly fine liver would need a liver support supplement.

She discovered that the liver's job is to clean the body by removing toxins and waste products and aid in digestion. When the liver is not functioning properly, the toxins and waste can build up, causing dysfunction of other body systems.

And she found a wealth of information here.

Dr. Lyon's liver support contains 80mgs of silymarin (from milk thistle extract), 50mgs of N-acetyl cysteine and 50mgs of turmeric extract -whatever all this means but she says it sounds okay to her.  
So she says that I am clear to add this supplement to my daily diet.

I get one soft chew per 20 pounds of body weight daily and because I'm over 60 pounds, I can have 3 soft chews every day.  They smell so good!
 She also read:
"Your dog is exposed to toxins from his vaccinations and other drugs, flea, tick and heartworm preventatives, poor quality foods, the cleaning products you use in your home, as well as fertilizers and pesticides outside his home. Even if you don’t use these products, your neighbors probably do.
Eliminating these chemicals and using natural, non-toxic alternatives is an important first step to protecting your dog's liver."

This is my belly.   Every late spring, it begins to get red spots that turn to black spots.   We know that it's all about allergies in the grass.  We know that it's not related to food.   Mom washes my tummy daily with an organic apple cider vinegar and water mixture and sprays me with Zymox Topical Spray.  Last year she used Chlorhexidine Antiseptic Wipes and they worked great but this summer, the wipes aren't working but the spray is working and it keeps my tummy "under control". 
This problem only happens this time of the year.   My belly will soon be back to being blemish-free soon and mom is wondering if maybe Dr Lyon's Liver Support can help me out. 
We will keep you updated................

Thank you so much to Miss Natalie and Miss Kristin and the Chewy team for letting us try out this supplement!

Love ya lots♥

Friday, August 10, 2018

Flower Friday

We are joining Rosy today for Flower Friday~

We didn't have to go far to find flowers this week - if you consider mushrooms as interesting and as beautiful as any flower like my mom does.     We found a pretty yellow mushroom at the base of our Copper Beech tree in all of those prickly pods~
 And the next day, it had opened~
Only God can create something so perfect and so beautiful!
We found lace leaves!
Continuing on~~~~~~
We found a sedum in bloom~
 The sunflowers are opening☺

 We walked by Cecarelli's farm~
 And we found the Coneflower in bloom.    If anybody wants to live up the street from me, this house is for sale~
Happy Friday!

Love ya lots♥