Friday, November 30, 2007

Goofy's Space Pawty

Our pal, Goofy is having a birthday pawty in outer space today and we're going!

This lucky dog has even got his own planet!

BenBen will be picking us up in his spaceship at 7PM sharp and we'll be on our way to have the best time with lots of other friends to celebrate Goofy's second birthday

It took Mitch and I awhile to decide what would be the appropriate outfit to wear into outer space and this is what we came up with - just plain and simple bandanas! We've even got the spacey eyes! We're ready for blast off!

We also thought long and hard about what kind of food we needed to bring with us to make this pawty a success and we came up with some space food sticks ~

And tada - some space food ice cream! We can't have a pawty without ice cream, right?!

We want you to know, BenBen that we're watching the sky for your spaceship to fly over and pick us up! Mitch and I are ready to pawty! whooooooohooooooooooo

See ya at the pawty!

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Birthday Pressie from Asta

Guess what? I got a birthday pressie today from my favorite Wire Foxy girl in New York - Miss Asta!
She sent me a beautiful blue Wubba! I love Wubba! See her card at my feet? It says, "Deerest Mitch, Have a veri happi birfdai!! Love and smoochie kiszes, Asta!

I feel so special that you sent me a gift, Asta! Thank you so much!

And look what else she sent! BTW there are two of them so I will be sharing one with Maggie and she's most happy about that!
She sent a twistie chew that "should" keep us busy and occupied for awhile! Mom is hoping that it does just that!
Thank you so much, Asta! They smell wonderful.

Once the picture was taken our evil mom snatched them away and told us that they were for tomorrow! Maggie and I are holding her to this!
Check out the front of my birthday card. There's that famous picture of me and Asta hugging at my house but Asta took it a step further with photoshop and made it a birthday/picnic theme! You're so smart, Asta! I think that's why I love you so much - that and the fact that you're just so darn cute! Thank you so much for my pressies! You helped to make my first birthday even better!

I also need to share with all of you the online cards that I got. I got one from my sweetie in England, Mojo~ Is she the cutest, or what?!

And this one is from Lacylulu~ another one of my sweeties!

And this one is from Ruby~
She found the time in her busy pilot-ess schedule to make me a card! Thank you!
And this one is from my buddy, Jackson~
Love the hat, Jackson! You're one stylin' dude!

And I even made a special guest appearance on Blue's blog! Thank you so much, Blue! I sure am one lucky boy!

Maggie also told me to mention that we got our first DWB Christmas card in the mail! It's from Comet and Blu! What a beautiful creative card! Thank you!

We're super psyched about the card exchange! We only have a few more cards to address and ours will be on their way to all of you!

So until next time..............

Yer friend,

Mitchy Boy

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mitch's First Christmas Tree

Mom put the big Christmas tree up in our family room this past weekend and Mitch was only too happy to help her out!
I'm actually happy that he did help her! It's been my job for 9 years and this is Mitch's very first Christmas so I want him to know how really fun this holiday is!

Mitch already has his nose in the box of ornaments! He can't wait to start!

You're supposed to hang the bunny on the Christmas tree, Mitch - not eat him! hehehehe

You all know that Mitch loves apples! Mom has a couple of fake ones that she puts on the tree! I think Mitch is thinking that this apple is the real deal! I wonder how long this tree is going to be standing!

Great job, Mitch! Now you have to stay right there and not move until Santa comes and puts all of our pressies under the tree! Do you think you'll be able to do that?!

awwwwwwww man! Wouldn't that be nice! Peace and quiet for a whole month! Yea, right!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,


Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Very First Birthday

Hi Everybody!
I started my birthday off with a bang last night at midnight! I chewed the corner off of the bed in my bedroom!
Mom was not happy and neither was Maggie seeing as it used to be her bed!
OOPS! Sorry, Maggie! I apologize!

We went for our normal 2 mile walkie first thing this morning and it was C-O-L-D!!!!
But it didn't bother me because today's my birthday! I found a mitten to carry and 2 apples to snitch on my walkie!
As soon as we got home, mom said I could open pressies! Whoopee!

The first one I opened was from Boy and Baby. I just love my new bandana, guys! Thank you soooooooooo much! You two are just the most thoughtful friends!
Boy and Baby gave Maggie a pretty purple bandana for her birthday so now we can be twinsies!
The next package I grabbed was from Girl Girl! She totally knows how to shop!
Check out these yummy treats! BTW, mom did open the package and we got to sample them. yummmmmmmm She also sent me a tan doggie stuffy that squeaks! I love him Girl Girl! All he needs is a black saddle and he'll look just like me!

She also sent me a delicious donut stuffy. You can't see it very well because it's deep in my mouth! Maggie is reading me her cute card! She put so much thought and creativity into it and the envelope is beautifully decorated in sparkles with my name on it! Thank you so much, Girl Girl! You are the sweetest hamster I know!

The next pressie comes all the way from Vancouver! It's from Jaffa and Sunshade! Sunshade put a note on the pressie, "Sorry about the wrapping job. Stinky tried his best." You did a fine job, Jaffa- better than I could have done!

OMG, it's a pork chew! I've never had one of these before! I can't wait for mom to unwrap it so I can dig in!And Jaffa and Sunshade sent one for Maggie too! That was so sweet, guys! Maggie said to tell you both, thank you so much!

They also sent me a beautiful bright orange Harley Davidson bandana and leash set and the most wonderful card ever! I love that both of you signed my card! Sunshade has such neat handwriting because she's a girl and Jaffa's looks like mine - a first grader's!

The collar is still a wee bit big but that's okay - I'm going to grow into it! I weight 58 pounds and my neck is 15" and I'm 24 1/2 inches to the withers. I know I still have more growing to do before I'm all done! Mom is rolling her eyes! Sorry, mom!

Thank you so very, very much Jaffa and Sunshade for my wonderful pressies! I love them all and BTW, dad LOVES my new collar and leash too! He said Jaffa has excellent taste and I totally agree!

The next pressie was from Maggie, mom and dad! Can you see her supervising the whole thing making sure that I doesn't miss an item in there!

I have to interupt you here, Mitch! I have something very important to tell you~

Happy first birthday, Mitchy! I know I give you a hard time MANY times but I love the dickens out of you! Can I give you a birthday smooch?! I really am so happy to have you as my brother!

At this point I've asked Mitch to please go help dad outside in the workshop so that mom and I can bake his cake. He was only too happy to grab a new toy and scoot! Mom and I got to work creating with the hamburger patties. We trimmed around them to make them look like two Airedales - one cake for me and one for Mitch! We gotta have 2 or there can't be a pawty, right!

We set the oven to broil and we broiled the beef till it was nice and brown and smelled oh so yummy! Once the "cake" cooled, we spread peanut butter on it as this is the tan color that Airedales are and it tastes good too! We needed eyes so we took one of Girl Girls treats and cut off a slice and made eyes and we used a couple more slices for the noses! Mitch and I always have collars on so I put a collar on my cake and mom and I decided to use a piece of cheese for a bandana for Mitch's cake!

So now we're ready to pawty! I was a good girl to put my pawty hat on! Thanks Gussie!
It's your birthday hat that I'm sporting!

It's time to get Mitch back in the house so we can EAT CAKE!!!!!!

Maggie told me that I had to put on my birthday pawty hat so I did! We only have one so we had to share. Mom was surprised that I went along with this birthday hat idea and didn't try and paw it off! I'm a big boy now, mom!

Time for cake! Mom put a few kibbles on there and a dollop of yogurt and OMG, this is just the best, Maggie! It's pretty and it's delicious and I can tell that you worked so hard on this for me!

Hey, you always tell me not to eat like a piggy! Look at you!
It's very good, isn't it?!

Thank you so very much everybody for making my first birthday the happiest ever! I feel so special and so fortunate and so loved! You guys are the best! All of you are my forever friends!

Yer friend,


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Helpers

Mitch and I are helping mom prepare the Thanksgiving feast today. It's just going to me us and mom and dad. My sister and her hubby are visiting relatives on "his" side this particular holiday.
One of the things that mom makes every year for Thanksgiving is her Nanny's Stuffed Celery! Mom has been eating this yummy stuff every single year for as long as she's been married to dad (34 years - shhhhhhhhhhh) and she just loves it!

This year both Mitch and I wanted to give mom a hand in the kitchen to make it a little bit easier on her! *wink*

You start with a softened 8 ounce package of cream cheese.
Mitch didn't want any of that good stuff to get wasted so he's cleaning the foil paper before it gets trashed!
To the softened cream cheese you add 1/3 - 1/2 cup blue cheese, add 1 small can of those teeny tiny shrimp that you find in the section of the grocery story with the tuna fish (dad's favorite). Add a nice healthy squirt of lemon juice, a Tablespoon of worcestershire sauce and a 1/2 teaspoon of onion salt or powder. Cream all of these ingredients together and you're all set to stuff the celery!
Being the helpful dogs that we are, we had to taste test to be sure that all the seasonings were just perfect!
Mitch didn't play fair! Mom had 2 spoons - one for me and one for him. He ate his and then ate mine! See me checking the floor for any crumbs that he might have dropped!! Not fair, piggy boy!
This is the plate all ready for the Thanksgiving table~
After the stuffed celery was prepared, it was time to stuff Mr. Turkey. Mom always cooks the giblets for me and this year I have to share with Mitch and as luck would have it, our turkey had doubles of everything inside - 4 livers, 2 hearts and 4 gizzards! Is that lucky or what!!
Check this out! Does this not look awesome?
I think Mitch burned his tongue on the hot pan trying to get all the goodies so he didn't have to share with me! haha - serves you right, fatso!

You have to know that Mitch has already had a bit of the liver and mom is telling him that this fork-full is for Maggie - that's me! Look how well he listens to mom!

We have so much to be thankful for this year but the most important thing is that we are loved and that we have each other!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our doggie friends celebrating today and even if you don't celebrate this holiday in your country, please know that we are so thankful to have all of you as our friends,

So until next time...............

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hi everyone! It's me, Mitch, again! I got two more pressies to open!
I okayed it with the senders and they said that I could open them before the 24th! Thank you so much for saying this!

My first pressie was from the beautiful, Faya!
Maggie and I didn't have any problem ripping into this envelope! It has treats in it!
OMG, can you smell that, Maggie? Faya sure does know how to select a pressie!

Mom opened the package and let each of us have one! They're a TEN, Faya! They're so good! We can't wait to have another one tomorrow!

And it wasn't just one package of treats! It was two packages of the yummiest treats!
Maggie and I are having a difference of opinion about who these treats really belong to! But we ALL know the answer to that one, don't we!

Faya also sent the most beautiful card with her face on it. See Maggie, Faya is my friend too - not just yours!

Thank you so much, Faya for thinking of me on my very first birthday! I love you! You are one sweet girl! Maggie said to tell you thank you too because I'm a thoughtful boy and I'm sharing with her!

The next package was from our goodest and bestest friend forever and ever, Putter! I have to tell the truth about this one. Putter's package arrived at least a whole week ago and I asked mom if I could open it NOW and she told me to ask Putter and Putter said yes and my evil mom said NO, it's too early! And then she had the nerve to put it upstairs where I couldn't find it- mean mommy, so when Faya told me that I could open her gift early (thank you so much again, Faya) I asked mom if I could ask Putter again if I could open her gift early and she said yes AGAIN and this time mom said yes too! Whoopeeee!

OMG, it's a rope toy - my very favorite toy in the whole wide world! Thank you so much Putter! No, Maggie! This is MY pressie from Putter, not YOURS!

Putter also sent me the cutest card. I can smell her scent all over it! ummmmmmmm

Thank you so much, Putter! I sure do love my new rope toy! You pick out the greatest gifts! I'm sure lucky to have a friend like you!

I sure do like this birthday stuff! I am one lucky boy to have friends like you guys! Thank you both so very much!

Yer friend,


An Early Birthday Gift

Hi everybody! My birthday is 4 only days away and I got an early birthday gift in the mail yesterday! Maggie said that I can post on her blog as long as it's birthday related! Isn't she the most kind and caring sister!

Anyway, my gift came from Butchy and Snickers! I can't believe this package has MY name on it and I get to open it all by myself! This is just too much fun! Mom told me originally that I had to wait to open it till my birthday, but I whined to Butchy and Snickers and they said that I could open it! Yeaaaaaaaaa! Thank you!

Maggie was standing right there beside me watching me open the package all by myself! It's so exciting!

OMG, I got bully sticks! I've read so much about these from you other doggies and have always wanted to taste one. This wrapper contains TWO of them! I think I'll be a nice brother and share one with Maggie! I do love you, Maggie. You're the bestest sister and I'm so happy to be living with you, ya know!

The bully sticks weren't the only pressie in there! Butchy and Snickers sent me a beautiful new collar too! It has colorful little bones all around it! I love it! Mom says that red is so striking on me and we can't stop admiring it! It even has a special paw tag on it that jingles when I race through the house!

And check out my card! It's my very first birthday card ever and I'm so psyched! Mom says that we can display it on the mantle for everyone to see!

Thank you so much, Butchy and Snickers! I love my pressies from you guys so much! This birthday stuff is sure a lot of fun! And thank you Maggie for letting me post!

Till next time.............

Yer friend,