Friday, May 29, 2020

Nature Friday

We are joining Arty today for Nature Friday~

Miss Laura has been painting rocks and leaving them in her driveway for us to take and spread the love and she always has new rocks available and mom and I are taking and spreading the love.  Miss Laura is so sweet!
This very small bush is next to Landlord Bob's mailbox.  We think it's a wild Azalea? 
 We think this could be an Indian Hawthorn shrub?
 We're sure this is a dandelion☺
 This lilac is more blue than some of the others on our walk and smells so wonderful!
 The Lily-of-the-Valley is in bloom and our house has vases of it everywhere!
 Happy Friday, everybuddy!
Love ya lots♥

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day

Thank you to those who gave their all.   

Love ya lots♥

Friday, May 22, 2020

Nature Friday

We are joining Rosy this week for Nature Friday~

Off we go~
There are perennial Geraniums at the end of our driveway~
 The Azaleas are so pretty reflecting in Landlord Bob's duck pond~
 The Celandine Poppy~
 Mom has no idea what you call this.  We tried to find it on the intermutts and they want to call it Tansy and we know that it's not Tansy.  Does anybody know?
 The Lilacs are in bloom and the Aire smells HEAVENLY!
 One of our favorite trees - the magnificent Redbud!
An Iris from our back yard.
 Happy Friday, everybuddy!
 Love ya lots♥

Monday, May 18, 2020

Molly Monday

For some reason, mom can't stop singing, "I'm Called Little Buttercup"
 Our pretty purple Irises are blooming!
 Happy Monday!
Love ya lots♥

Friday, May 15, 2020

Nature Friday

We are joining Rosy and Fiona this week for Nature Friday.

Off we go~~
We discovered spring Phlox on our walk.
 And creeping Phlox~
 Virginia Bluebells~
 This Golden Euonymus is so bright and cheerful~
 We found Bleeding Hearts!   Ooops - I didn't move my leg fast enough.
 We can't get enough of the pretty pink blooming trees.
Happy Straw Hat Day!
 Happy Friday!

Love ya lots♥

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tasty Tuesday

My mom isn't one for white potatoes as a rule but she was hungry for them and decided she wanted mashed potatoes for dinner one night which meant that she had leftover mashed potatoes.   Now what to do with them.   She decided that mashed potato cakes might be fun.  She's never had them before.   She took 2 cups of mashed potatoes and added an egg and some minced garlic and flour and parmesan cheese and some Mrs Dash's Italian seasoning and combined these ingredients in a large bowl.
 Then she divided the potato mixture and coated the patties with panko breadcrumbs.  
 In a large skillet, she put a small amount of oil and cooked the patties about 5 minutes per side until they were browned. 
 It's time consuming but they're done. 
Molly the TasteTester at your service!
The patties were good but mom didn't think they were tasty enough to make again.  She says they were basically glorified mashed potatoes in a patty shape and she spent a half hour washing all the dishes! 
I thought the patties were excellent, mom!

Love ya lots♥

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day

 Mom found flowers on our front porch yesterday afternoon.   They are from my sissy!
 They are just beautiful and they smell so pretty!  Thank you so much, Melissa♥

Mom treated herself to a Willow Tree statue and she made a sort of a tribute to her mom.  She is missed every single day♥
Happy Mother's Day to my mom♥
Happy Mother's Day to all of the mom's~

Love ya lots♥

Friday, May 8, 2020

Nature Friday

We are joining Arty this week for Nature Friday.

Off we go to find pretty flowers~
 Miss Laura has been busy painting rocks and spreading the love♥
 Mom is such a dummy when it comes to the names of trees but the blossoms sure are pretty!
 We found tiny cute Bluets~
 The ferns are unfolding~
Miss Dotty's pretty red thankful heart♥
 Apple blossoms!
 Thinking of our sweet angel Mitch♥
A tulip in our front yard~
 The baby robins hatched on May first and mom stole a pic when Mrs Robin was out shopping for food~
 This picture was taken on Monday the 4th.   We count 4!
 And now the saddest thing ever.  Yesterday morning, around 10am, mom checked on Mrs Robin and the babies and she noticed an empty nest so she ran outside and checked the ground for the babies and the trees for parents.  They're gone.  The babies weren't even one week old. 
Everyone of them is gone and we are so sad.  We feel so bad for Mr and Mrs Robin.   RIP, little baby Robins.  We had such fun watching you grow. 

Who took our babies?

Love ya lots♥