Sunday, April 29, 2007

Five Months Old

Mom was looking through old photos today and came across me when I was 5 months old - the same age that Mitch is now. I had just had my first haircut at the groomers! Mom wasn't doing it herself yet back then. The groomer gave me pantaloons! OMG what was she thinking! See how long my tail is! Mitch didn't fare as well in the tail department!
At 5 months old I weighed 32 pounds. Look at those ears! I look like the Flying Nun about to take off!
This next picture was taken about 2 weeks later that the previous two. My fur has grown back in a tad bit thank goodness! That stuffy is my Christmas goosie that mom gave me. I want you all to know that almost 9 years later, I still have my goosie. We call her Pladda! (Mom - that's because she's been upstairs in a drawer for 4 years! It only took you 5 minutes for you to rip off her eyes and you were starting in on her legs!)
This is Mitch at 5 months. He weighs 35.5 pounds. Mitch has a much different coat than I had at his age. His is harder than mine ever was and Mitch's tail is shorter and more stubby!

What a goofus he is! All boy - that's for sure! He looks like he's smokin' that bone!

On another note, I wanted to let everyone know how much we enjoyed the wine and cheese pawty this past weekend! It was an absolute blast! I had so much fun chatting with all of my friends and meeting new friends as well. It still blows me away that I was chatting with Opy and Big Chuck in Australia and here I am in the USA! What a fabulous world we live in! Thank you all for making it happen!

Until next time................

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Running Errands Today

Mom had several things that she had to do and seeing as it was a fairly cool day here today she said I could go! yippeeeeee!

Our first stop was the gas station - really not very interesting but I got to do something different so it was just fine with me! I've heard that some gas stations hand out cookies to dogs but not ours! booooooooooooooo
Do any of you have gas stations in your area that give out dog biscuits? The next stop was my favorite bank! One of the tellers just loves me and treats me really good! But the stupid Wells Fargo truck was blocking the drive-thru so mom had to go inside the bank and leave me alone in the car for a minute! Mom whined to the teller and told them that I was heart-broken that I wouldn't be getting my cookie out the drive-thru window. They apparently felt bad for me and gave mom two cookies! yeaaaaaaa
Thanks for thinking of me mom! I'm a starving girl, ya know!

Then mom asks me if I'd like to stop at Petco! Really, are you serious?! Of course! Who wouldn't!
I haven't been inside Petco in AGES!!! And this was a brand new store and there were sure lots of goodies!
So many choices! Which one should I buy? hummmmmmmmmm

Then mom came up with the dumbest idea! She suggested that we buy Mitch a bone seeing as he didn't get to come with us and had to stay home with dad! DUMB IDEA MOM!

I finally gave in and said - sure - why not! Bleh!

So we came home with this neat chew bone for Mitch and NOTHING for me! I think I deserve some sort of a medal for this unselfish act, don't you?!

So here I am making sure that Mitch will like his new bone! Oh brother - what I have to do to please this woman!
Here's Mitch with his new bone! I think he likes my choice of bones!

(Mitch - Hey, I thought that bone was for me??!! Give it up!)

HAHAHA! No way sucker! It's got my name written all over it - for the next 10 minutes anyway!

Until next time...................

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Visit From Putter's Mom

Putter's mom came to visit us yesterday - without Putter! She was at doggie daycare swimming and playing. We sure did miss not seeing you, Putter!

Mom and Mitch were weeding the garden when Kate, Putter's mom, arrived! And as luck would have it, Miss Barbara and Emma were walking up our driveway for a visit! Mom unfortunately didn't have her camera but luckily Kate did!
Mitch and Emma were having such a great time rolling around on the ground playing puppy games together. If you would like to see a picture of Mitch and Emma, stop by Putter's blog! Emma is getting so big and she's as soft as a cotton ball!
Mitch sure does love Emma! One of these days real soon Emma is going to tower over Mitch!

Even though Putter wasn't with Kate, she was still thoughtful enough to send gifts to me and Mitch. Look at this pretty girly piggy she sent me! I named her Priscilla!

Mom didn't want Mitch ripping her up and slobbering all over her - after all - she is MINE - so mom put Priscilla upstairs so I can sleep with her. Mitch doesn't have a clue that she's even up there! shhhhhhhhhh - it's our little secret! Mom snuck her up when he wasn't looking! hehehehehe

Putter also sent a beautiful framed photograph of our very first meeting together. This picture was taken just as we were starting out on our walkie. That's a statue in the garden that looks so interesting. We both had to sniff it before we headed out!

Putter also sent tennis balls - two of them so there wouldn't be any fighting! She's pretty smart don't ya think?!

Kate also had treats in her pocket for both of us! We sure did enjoy your mom's visit Putter! Thanks for letting her come and hopefully next time you can come with her! That would be even more fun! And we both thank you sooooo much for all the neat gifts! You're too sweet!

Until next time.................

Love ya lots,


Monday, April 23, 2007

Half a Donut!!!!

You're not going to believe this! The barn tour students ate almost everything in sight! They left us a half of an apple cinnamon donut! What piglets! Mom told us that we should count our blessings that they decided to leave us this much!

So naturally we had to share it! Me first~

And then it was Mitch's turn! Mom says I look like a spoiled brat in this picture, not wanting to share!

See that nice big glob of apple filling next to the donut? Mom swiped it onto her finger and we got to lick it off! yummmmmmmmm Mitch got more of it than I did! His mouth always seems to be in the right place at the right time! He learned that from me!

Today Mitch is officially 5 months old so I guess we can consider this his first mini-pawty!

While we were cleaning up we found an open bag of chips that someone left so Mitch got his first taste of a potato chip!

And naturally if Mitch gets a chip then I have to have one too! It's only fair - right mom?

We have to apoligize for the donut bite and the chip looking so washed out in the pictures. I guess mom got the camera too close! She was probably trying to steal a taste from us! hahaha

I guess we did okay at this tour of barns pawty! At least it was a change of pace and it was pretty yummy!

A lot of you have asked about the wedding. It's my hooman sister Missy that's getting married. She and her future hubby Jim will get married right here in our yard on June 9th and NO, Mitch and I are NOT in the wedding party! Mom asked if I could be a flower girl ages ago and Missy said no! I hope you're reading this Missy and I hope you feel like a meany cause now all my bloggin buddies know how unfair you are to me and Mitch - not letting me be a flower girl and not letting Mitch be a ring bearer! Mitch did promise not to eat the ring! We're hoping that we can at least make an appearance at the event of the year! We'll keep you posted on that!

Until next time.................

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Wedding Flowers

My hooman sister was in our workshop today along with her aunt Carol and Missy's best friend, Sarah. We were arranging flowers in vases for the centerpieces on the tables that go under the wedding tent on June 9th. Missy's color is a dusty lavender. We're just getting started here. Aunt Carol had it down to a science -start with a sparkling clean vase, put in three roses, one snap dragon and 1 veronica and lots of ivy - then stuff it with Spanish moss!

Dad's workshop was totally clean for Monday's tour of barns but as you can see, us girlz made quite the mess! Wait till dad sees it! shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hey, Spanish moss is very messy!

Even Mitch was bored by the whole thing! I guess arranging flowers isn't his cup of tea!

We did get bored and decided to play tug and bitey face a few times!

Here's a sneak peak at the bridal bouquet!

I think we girlz plus Mitch did an awesome job on the flowers, don't you?

Till next time.............

Love ya lots,


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dad's Timber Frame Class

Dad teaches timber frame class this weekend and mom and dad have been very busy cleaning and organizing and getting ready for all the new students for about 2 weeks now. The classroom is not on our property so all the tools and saw horses and props and timbers, etc, have to be trucked up to the school, which is about 40 minutes from home.
On Monday the students come here and they go on what dad calls a tour of barns. The tour consists of past projects, which are either dad's barns or barns that students have built or barns that dad has built with the help of many past students that have learned the art of timber framing.
Monday is the fun day here because there are lot of goodies for the students to eat before they leave to go on their tour - donuts and pastry -you know - the good stuff! When dad and the students all leave to tour, mom is elected to clean up. She never minds because mom loves scarfing goodies and we'll get to go out and help clean up too! We'll have to post on Monday to let you all know if we did a swell job cleaning up after the barn pawty!
While mom and dad have been cleaning, we've been trying to stay busy. The weather has really been very depressing! Thank goodness for the workshop or we'd be totally bummed! At least we can run around and play out here! Mom won't let us act up in the house. There's too much stuff that can be broken she says!

I just had to post this picture! This is just as it should be - me as the Queen and Mitch as the royal servant!

Later on in the afternoon, just as we were headed for the house the sun came out! yippeeeeeeeee! OMG we almost forgot what the sun looked like! What a nice surprise!

Mitch is such a great helper in that he helps mom lead me into the house - like I really need help!

He does this every single time we go out together. A girl needs her privacy to pee and poo and he just never takes the hint! What a pain! Mitch is growing like a weed! He now weighs 33 pounds! He's over half my weight!

This weekend the weatherman calls for glorious weather so hopefully we can play outside and help mom pick up sticks that got scattered EVERYWHERE from the storm! We can't wait!

Till next time..........

Love ya lot,


Monday, April 16, 2007

A Few Gloomy Days

We've been having wicked rain and wind here for the past few days. It's depressing to say the least for both me and Mitch and the hoomans. We're all beginning to feel waterlogged and we all miss our walkies!
At least we have the workshop to hang out and to race around in. We haven't gotten any new toys to report but we are keeping busy playing with our old toys and chewing on bones and fighting over the one bed in front of the fireplace. It's still raw and chilly here!

Dad has been teaching Mitch to give him his paw and mom is working on "stay". She says it's very hard with me being there constantly trying to confuse him! Where shall I go mom?!

Now you can tell she's really getting bored when the hats start coming out of the closet! Oh no! I hate hats! I don't do hats!

It's time to run and hide!

Oh well! Back to our dull day!

Until next time..............

Love ya lots,


Friday, April 13, 2007

Un-Lucky Monkey

Today is Friday the 13th and so far everything is just ducky with us but not so for poor monkey!

Mom caught us playing tug-of-war with monkey! He's mine - no he's mine!

The situation eventually got a little more heated!

Mom still can't believe this monkey is still around. I tried to eat his tummy out not long after Christmas and he's still hanging in there! I guess he likes it here!

So here we are after our tug game - mom calls this photo "so happy together!" I guess I can see how she came to this conclusion seeing as I am smiling! Aren't little brothers just the greatest!

Mom even got us on video

Hope your Friday the 13th is a lucky one!

Until next time..............

Love ya lots,


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mitch's First Real Bone

Dad left really early this morning with a friend of his so mom had to walk the both of us by herself for the first time. She did bring the camera but needed three hands to take a picture, which means no picture! Sorry!

We actually did surprisingly well! I walked on her left and Mitch pretty much stayed on her right most of the time. It got complicated when one of us had to pee or poo and we crossed into the other ones dance space but we worked it out and we got our walkie in! Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be miserable - lots of rain! YUK!

After our walkie, mom hit the grocery store for the weekly shopping. She came back all happy about something! As soon as the groceries were all put away, she took Mitch and I outside and gave us each a bone. Mom always pushes all the marrow out before we get these bones. She's learned the hard way that too much marrow makes runny poo's and she sure doesn't need that problem with either of us - especially Mitch!
I love getting a bone! It makes the day pass so quickly because I stay super busy gnawing and gnawing for HOURS!

This was Mitch's very first bone of his own. We always have old chewed bones hanging around in the house and in the workshop but this one had little niblets of meat on it and Mitch was a happy boy!

Mom was a happy camper too because we were both content with our treats and she could get lots of gardening done!

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Mom and Dad saw the movie "Firehouse Dog" on Monday afternoon. Mom thinks Rexx, the star of the movie is an Irish Terrier, not an Airedale, seeing as he doesn't have a black saddle/grizzle. She and dad both loved the movie and they recommend it to anyone who wants to see it. I can tell you that when mom and dad got home, Mitch and I got lots of hugs and kisses!

Until next time...........

Love ya lots,