Tuesday, June 19, 2018

One of My Greatest Fears

Don't laugh too hard but one of my greatest fears is the housefly.  
 If I hear one, my tail goes between my legs and I RUN!
 I don't care where I run to - I just NEED to get away and find a safe place when he can't get me!
 Mom was reading online that "Flies hate the smell of essential oils like lemon grass, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus – put a few drops in a spray bottle and use around the house daily."
 So she mixed up a batch and sprayed it all over the screen door - inside and out and all over the siding that's close to the back door.    Can you see the duct tape on the screen?  It's plugging up any holes where a fly might be able to get inside my house.   Mom spends lots of $$ on duct tape☺
This will be the next thing that she does:

"I did a bit of research on this and it has actually been popular for years.   Flies have compound eyes with thousands of tiny lenses.   Their eyes are especially good at picking up movement.   One theory is that when a fly sees the reflection of the sun off of the water, they perceive it as movement and stay away.   I noticed that when we do get a rogue fly inside, it is often an overcast day.

Fly-Away How To:

1.  Fill a plastic sandwich bag about 1/3 full of water.fly away StephanieBlue
2.  Add a penny.
3. Seal, fold and tape the top to prevent any leaks.
4.  Place inside a 2nd plastic bag.
5.  Cinch and tie.
6.  Hang over doors on the exterior of your home."

She bought a flyswatter and she uses it and I stay by her side to encourage her to "GET HIM!"
 I think I hear him in the bedroom end, mom.  HURRY!
Because I have a fear of flies and thunderstorms and fireworks and umbrellas and who knows what else because mom says that I create new fears daily, she decided to give these treats a whirl and see if maybe they will work for me. 
We are hoping that SOMETHING will work!  Mom says that she has never known an Airedale with so many fears before.  
We will let you know how it goes.

Love ya lots♥

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Mom groomed me on Friday.  She wanted to get a jump on it because Monday is supposed to be near 100 degrees here with humidity.   yuk yuk and double yuk
I'm ready for the heat now with shorter furs!
 So after groomies, we went outside and rounded the corner and I flushed out a chipper that thought he was going to get away from me by climbing up the inside of the gutter.    Why couldn't this have happened when I had a fenced in yard?!
 We continued to walk around the house and I needed to check out this gutter for chippers too.   You never know where they will be hiding, right!
Guess what else we have discovered.  The woodchucks from our apartment apparently have followed us here to our new home.   I saw a huge mom racing away from me and heading to get underneath the shed and another day, mom saw 3 little ones eating grass in our back yard.   Stoopid woodchucks!

Happy Father's Day to all of the dad's!
Love ya lots♥

Friday, June 15, 2018

Flower Friday

We are joining Rosy again this week for Flower Friday~

I found some beautiful climbing hydrangea on my walk~
 And fragrant honeysuckle!
 And Kousa Dogwood~
 Isn't this whirligig so cool!
 We found Bleeding Hearts~
 And the Rhodies are still blooming away in our neighborhood.   They are so pretty!
Should we call this a peppermint Clematis?!
Monday morning, we went outside for my morning constitutionals, and we discovered this:
Mom stepped on it and she smelled a mushroom smell so we knew that it was in the fungus family.   We went back inside and looked it up on the internet and this yellow slime in the middle of our grass is called Dog Vomit Fungus!   ewwwwwwwwwww    This stuff appeared overnight.  The next morning, the yellow had turned to a dead tan color.  

Have a fabulous Friday, everybuddy!

Love ya lots♥

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Not Again

Mom keeps rearranging MY room!   Yes, I know it's her room to groom me in and things need to be accessible but it's also MY toy room.
 These are not grooming tools - they are tool tools!   Shouldn't they be in the basement?
 My treat machine is empty, mom. 
 Don't you think it might be time to refill it?!
Love ya lots♥

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018

Flower Friday

We are joining Jakey for Flower Friday!

We're off on our walk and finding pretty flowers~
The purple flower you see in front of me is Spiderwort.
 These are wild roses.   They are such a PAIN with their sharp thorns and they grow everywhere like weeds but their fragrance is fabulous! 
 The Juniper has berries~
 We found a pretty pink Peony!
 And a beautiful purple Clematis~
 Bird Vetch is considered a weed but we just happen to think that it's a very pretty weed.
 These Clover flowers are huge!
 And pretty pink Coral Bells~
Thanks for walking along with us!   Happy Friday, everybuddy!

Love ya lots♥

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Do You Remember

The secret must come out!

Do you remember this mailbox?
 Do you remember when we posted about a barn raising in Northford, specifically, Miss Heather's barn?   We've walked past her barn three times now.
 Do you remember way back in May of 2011 when angel Mitch told you that you had to keep a secret about a special spot?       This is the special spot now - unloved and very overgrown and it looks like the back wall has caved in.
 Do you remember this house? 
Mackie and Jett and their dad live here.   For some reason, when we pass by, I turn up this driveway. 
Do you remember this duck pond?
See those 3 small windows all in a row?  Those windows are our kitchen windows and when we look out our kitchen windows, we can almost see that duck pond.  We are THAT close.  
We moved back to the neighborhood that I have known all my life and we walk the same route many times and mom and I couldn't be any happier. 
No, we don't see dad and Mackie and Jett hardly at all and that's okay.  We have our own life here in our house and in our yard.
We just wanted you to know~

Love ya lots♥

Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Surprise for Mom

Isn't this Iris so pretty?
 Another one just like it was on the ground.
 I decided to throw myself down on top of it and roll around and smush it!
 I wanted to smell pretty just like an Iris, right?  Of course, I did!
 Only, mom didn't see it that way and she told me to, "GET OFF, Molly!"
 I sure surprised her. She wasn't expecting that!
Love ya lots♥

Friday, June 1, 2018

Flower Friday

We are joining Arty for Flower Friday~

Off we go to find pretty flowers~
 We found Columbine~
 And we found Black Locust flowers.   Mom had to look this one up.   It looks sorta like white Wisteria and it smells beautiful!
 Pretty pink Clematis!
 I saw a bunny☺
 The Elderberry flower looks soft and furry~
 This rhododendron is in front of our house so now we know what color it is!
 And this Dutch Iris is on the side of our garage~
Mom was at a garden center earlier in the week and she could resist this vibrant Iceland Poppy~
Happy June 1st!

Love ya lots♥