Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Raw Boost Mixers

The FedEx man was at our house a couple of days ago and he brought us a box from our very favorite company - CHEWY!

 You want me to do what with the brown paper, mom?
 We never smoothed it out before.  This is a huge piece of brown paper!
 If we ever decide to go camping, I'm all set with my tent!
Guess what we found underneath the brown paper?
We've seen other doggies post about these Instinct Raw Boost Mixers and they always sound so very yummy to us.  Well, we finally get to try them out ourselves☺
 Miss Sydney sent us the turkey formula with carrots and apples and butternut squash.  The Raw Boost Mixers also contain turkey liver and pumpkin seeds and turkey heart and broccoli and salmon oil and blueberries.  Are you drooling yet?!
 Hand a nugget over so we can taste it, mom!
The directions on the bag say to add the mixers to our current kibble and according to the chart on the bag, we are over 40 pounds so we each get 1/4+ cup of the Raw Boost Mixers.  yessssssssss!
 Good to the very last drop!
 Thank you so much Miss Sydney and Chewy for letting us sample and review these yummy Raw Boost Mixers.  Our dindin was simply delicious☺

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Pawty Clean-Up Team

Dad's pawty last night was a huge success!  Mom said it was loads of fun and there were lots of yummy foodables.

Check out the beautiful wooden rose that Miss April gave mom. She gave wooden roses to lots of the ladies.   She told them to spray it with your favorite perfume and it will keep the scent for a long time. 

 And she gave mom this beautiful Cyclamen plant.   Mom isn't good with remembering to water houseplants so its home is on the windowsill over the sink.   That spot should be just perfect for you to remember, right!
 Time to get to the clean-up part of the morning!

 Mom was very surprised at how un-piggy-like we were taking the pizza from her!   Anything to please you, mom.  Keep the pizza slices coming ☺
We sure do love pawty clean-up duty!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Friday, February 5, 2016

Winter Storm Barbara

We got a foot of snow!  The weatherpeeps predicted 3-5 inches and they were wrong!

Tomorrow is our dad's annual Celebration of Life pawty and he and mom have been busy cleaning up so we spent the morning in the workshop having fun!
We noticed that the tree branches were trying to come inside with us where it was nice and warm.   

 Throw the ball, mom!
 You probably think that this is an awwwwwwww moment, right?  WRONG!   Molly's ball was underneath me and she was praying that I'd get up soon.
 We're heading inside for lunch.   What a winter wonderland!
 The snow is very heavy and there is so much of it.  We were praying that no branches would snap and no trees would fall. 

 You are such a nutcase, Molly!

 The entrance to Mr Chippers hole is right here somewhere.   I know it for fact!

We are finally getting the snow that we deserve!

Tomorrow is Maggie AireBear's birthday!
Happy Birthday, Maggie AireBear!
Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Putter and The Red Car

You all know that Putter is our goodest and bestest friend.   Her mom has written an incredible book, which arrived in the mail on Tuesday☺

Putter used to blog and she used to live in our state. That's how we first met her and then she moved to Massachusetts, the next state over.  This awesome book is the fun adventures of Putter and her family moving across the country from Massachusetts to Washington state, where she now lives.   

We got the very first copy of her book and it's autographed by Kate and Putter☺   We are so honored and so psyched!
 This is one of our very favorite illustrations in the entire book.  Putter's favorite color is red and she used to have her very own red couch when she lived in Connecticut and in Massachusetts.  She had to leave it behind when they moved across the country.
Long time bloggers might remember Hercules the AireBoy.  Putter and her family got to meet Herc for the very first time on their travels!  Herc recently went to Rainbow Bridge.  We're glad that Putter has fun memories of their special times together♥
The book is full of so many fun stops along the way and so many beautiful illustrations. 

Putter and angel Maggie were goodest and bestest friends long before we were.  We know that Maggie has to be so very proud of Kate and Putter - just as we are☺
Will you read me the story before we have to go to sleep, Mitch?
 What a wonderful story.   We love, love, love it!    We wish we had a big adventure coming up just like this one!
Putter and The Red Car is for sale here if anyone wants to get a wonderful and a very special book for a special young someone in their life.

We highly recommend it!  
Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Handles

Our dad is making new handles for old chisels.    He starts out with wood that looks like this~

 He turns the wood round on his lathe~
These are all of the old chisels and their old handles. 
 Dad buffs up the chisels on his grinders and makes them sharp and buffs them to a shine and then they all get new handles.
 And he stains them and oils them and they get a finish like glass - so silky and beautifully smooth. 
 Someone is at the door!
 Go see who it is, Molly.
OMD - we're getting pizza delivered for our break, Mitch!
 Absolutely you've come to the right place!
 I don't have spare change for a tip.   How about a trick, Mr Pizza delivery man!
 Time to go back to work.
What?  Do I have something on my face?!
 Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly