Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dad Came Through!

Dad volunteers at the hospital in New Haven and tonight he made a trip down to visit a lady that needs a heart transplant. He'll keep visiting her until she goes home with her new heart! We pray this happens for her very soon!

When he came home he was carrying a white bag with ice cream in it! One for mom and one for himself!
He brought mom pumpkin ice cream and he brought himself rum raisin! Mom was sorta iffy about us eating the rum raisin because of the raisins. Do you think that it had real rum in it?
Mom grabbed our favorite purple shovel spoon that Putter gave us and dug into that yummy pumpkin!


You didn't forget us after all dad! You're the best father in the whole wide world and we love you so much! Yummmmmmmmmmm - this is SOOOOOOOOOOO good!

Mitch was a happy boy too!
Gosh but he's a sloppy eater! He's got ice cream drool! ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
You've redeemed yourself, dad! We take back all the negative things that we posted last night!
You're okay in our book!
Hey blogging doggies, thanks for sticking up for us and making mom and dad feel real guilty! It worked! We owe you one!
So until next time......................
Love ya lots,


T-man said...

I'm glad your dad came through with the goods!! It sounds like he's a really nice person to visit that lady needing a heart. Maybe he's just forgetful sometimes...that's why you need lots of doggies to remind him :)


Lorenza said...

Hi, Maggie
You must be feeling very proud of your Dad. I hope the lady gets her trasplant soon!
Pumpkin ice cream?? Sounds delicious! Glad you got it!
I have to tell you that I love your beard!
Have a good night

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Beard's looking great, Maggie! Very impressive! Congrats on the ice cream! Our dad bought some ice cream sandwiches and gives us very small pieces when we do something really good. So we get ice cream and he doesn't even have to go out for it. Glad you got some!

Kirby said...

Hi Maggie, Hi Mitch,

You guys have the bestest Dad! First, he helps those in need and second, he knows how to treat his babies right. Yummmyyy, pumpkin ice cream sounds oh so good! I hope my mom gets in the mood for that now too. Oh, BTW: I love your purple shovel. It is too cool!

Your Pal,

Noah the Airedale said...

So they came through with the icecream...good stuff!!!
We've never heard of pumpkin icecream but then again our pinkies are so mean they've never let us try it.......sigh.

Noah, Willow, Lucy & Tess

Luckie Girl said...

Awww..your dad's a great person. It just shows how caring he is...I hope the patient he is supporting gets the new life she's looking for soon.

Faya said...

You have the best dad ! and mom too .... I never heard about pumpkin ice-cream...
Kisses, Faya

Koobuss said...

Best wishes to the woman who needs the heart transplant. Hope everything goes well for her. I'm sure your dad is cheering her up.

And speaking of cheering up, WOW, ICE CREAM!!! I love ice cream. I wish I'd get some around here. Maybe on my birthday...

Speaking of birthdays, I hope you guys are getting ready for the big pawty coming up not too far from you! Should be great!! I can't wait!!!

Koobuss Kisses,

Snowball said...

Wow... pumpkin ice cream!!! It look really delicious!!! We dun have so many different variety for ice cream here.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh. your dad is so great to bring back ice cream for you. Yeah!!

~ Girl girl

Stanley said...


I knew your dad would come through for ya! Looks so stinkin' tastey.

You know, when I enlarged the photo of Mitch I could really see the ice cream drool. Cool.

Goober love,

Simba said...

I hope the lady is ok and gets the operation she needs. Finally, your Daddy came up with the goods.

Simba xx

Mojo said...

Maggie, you look electrified by that ice cream. It must be good!


Putter said...

Maggie! Maggie!

OMG!!!!! Pumpkin ice cream! That is the bestest ever!!!! Your Dad is the super duper coolest ever and so is your Mom for that matter ...! So coolest ever!!!!!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Ferndoggle said...

Mmmmmmm, Mumpkin ice cream. I would LOVE that! Mumpkin is my favorite.

I'm totally jealous.


umekotyan said...

Your father's volunteer works important.
The one for her life to tie.

And, the pumpkin ice cream is very delicious.
Ice cream that I like. :)

from loved ume tyan

Tofu Burger said...

Hi Miss Maggie.... so glad your dad came through for you and Mitch. Clearly he just miscalculated his ice cream timing but he is a great dad!


jaffeboy said...

Ice Cream again?! How lucky!!!

Huskee Boy said...

Oh cool... I have never heard about pumpkin ice-cream before! You guys are so lucky.. we only have the 'usual' flavours here.. bummer..

Ruby Bleu said...

Yay!!! Pumpkin sounds really good about now....

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Lenny said...

Wow, that ice cream looks so tasty! You guys are pretty lucky to have such a good dad.

I don't know how many hospitals there are in New Haven, but my auntie works at Yale-New Haven hospital in the PICU. Maybe she will meet your dad and get some ice cream too!

Your friend, Lenny

Harry said...

Well done dad! What delicious sounding flavours of ice cream you have. Here in Blighty we don't get such choice.

Toodle pip,

Harry x

Jackson said...

I've never know anyone (dog or human) to eat as much ice cream as you! Wow, can I come and live with you? J x

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

We think your Dad sounds amazing!

He does good work!

And the ice cream don't sound too bad either, although I have never eaten ice cream (think I may have moaned on about this before!)

Jeannie says she cannot cope with the stains! I studied with Joe Stains in the University of Stains!

love and licks, your friend, Marvin xxxxx

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Whoa, Magster...have you been rubbing goat's milk into that beard???? (Lacie; Shutup, Scruff...ur just mad u don't have a beard to rub it into!!) That ice cream looks fab...we just saw some Eddy's Apple Pie Ice Cream that we want Mumsie to buy. Start making a list of fall/Halloweenie foods for the party coming up so we can shop!!

Wiry barks, Scruffy

Toby said...

Hey Maggie,
Thats awesome you Dad volunteers at the hospital!

Congrats on finally getting your ice cream! I kept trying to sneak a lick of Mommys ice cream last night !

Love Toby