Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Have My Own Bedroom

Hi everybody!
Maggie said that I could post today on her blog. Isn't she a sweetheart!

I wanted to let you all know that I now have my own bedroom! Mom thinks that I'm getting to be a big trustworthy boy (I'm almost a year old, ya know) and she now lets me sleep in a whole room at night instead of being locked in my crate!

Don't get me wrong, I love my crate! Mom has the blankies stacked up in there and it's so cushy and soft and warm and my crate happens to be right next to the radiator! Mom just wanted to give me more room at night so that I could stretch my legs if I wanted to!

I have my own rug and another bed to sleep on! I have to go and get more toys! They're aren't nearly enough in here to play with! I'll be back!

The laundry room has been my spot for as long as I've lived here - about 7 1/2 months! I've always felt very comfortable in this room! Maggie sleeps upstairs with mom and dad but I really don't mind being downstairs in my own special spot. Check out this print on MY wall~

I get to look at this print every single day! It's by Enid Groves and it's called "Debonaires" My hooman sister gave it to mom for Christmas one year!

And there's more good Airedale stuff right next to this print!

Mom made the Airedale spoon that's hanging on the wall and she made the leaf dish that hangs right next to it. The intarsia Airedale was made by another artist. One day mom hopes to be able to do this intarsia stuff too with all of dad's wood scraps Our friend, Barbara Keigher painted the Dale and the pansies(one of mom's favorite flowers) and the Wooliedales are made by artist, Carol Usher. So you see, this room was meant for me from the very start!

And check out the best part!

That's my very own mini cookie jar and it's right here in my very own bedroom! I'm one lucky boy!

Mom groomed me today so that I look handsome for all of my birthday photos! I think Maggie is a little bit jealous that she's didn't get to go first! Don't worry, Maggie - you'll get your turn too!

So until next time....................

Yer friend,



Blue said...

What a lucky boy you are Mitch, having all those lovely 'Aire' pieces around you. Could we get close up of the painting?
You look so handsome & smart after your grooming too.

Pats & pets

Snowball said...

I love your room, Mitch. I dun think I want a room for myself thou. I prefer to sleep in the room with my jie jie. Dun you think you would want to sleep in the room with Maggie and your mummy and daddy too?


Faya said...

Oh Mitch, already one year old... you are now a big boy and it is realy time for you to have your own sleeping-room. I'm sure you appreciate. Kisses, Faya

Molly and Taffy said...


You certainly are all grown up now. We love all the Airedale stuff in your room AND to have your very own treats jar, what a lucky chappie.

Molly and Taffy

Putter said...


This is super duper fantasticest! You are a luckiest ever boy!!!!!!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:

Ruby Bleu said...

What a grown up boy you are now...your own room!!! Oh and you look so handsome with your hairs cut!!! Woo!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Peanut said...

Your own room. Now that is lucky.

Mojo said...

Mitch, I'm trying to post a comment but I keep pausing to sigh at your newly-groomed picture...
..*sigh*... are...
... you are...
...can't say it out loud for blushing.

Meanwhile, my mum is sighing over all those lovely things you have there. The painting, the wooliedales... but most of all over the leaf dish. That is stunning. Your mum is one talented lady.

Hope you enjoy all the freedom of your new boudoir. I bet you end up snuggling back into the crate from time to time though! Sweet dreams


4xBs said...

Oh my, Mitch, you are so extremely handsome. And your own bedroom with all of the aire-stuff. you are really special, buddy. we are so proud of you for getting these privledges. it must be wonderful to grow up and be one whole year old. you are turning into a very nice doggy, right????? well, you always were a nice dogster, we think.

happy woofers to you and Maggie!

Anonymous said...

Your room looks so cool Mitch - and you look great after the grooming too!


The Army of Four said...

Your own room!?!? Wow, that's so cool! I love all your Airedale stuff!
What is it with girls and pansies, anyway? My mom loves them, too. I tried tasting a few out of one of our planters this year and I didn't think they were all that great. Just my opinion. A little bland.
Play bows,

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

wow! I am totally amazed at your progress here Mitch, your own darn room, all to yourself!

Wow, I have to share my room with my teenage hoooooman bruv who arrives home at all hours and leaves the tv on and the light on, and I have to plead with him to go to bed and leave me be!

You are soooooooooo darn lucky!

love and envious licks, Marvin xxx

Joe Stains said...

you are very very lucky to have your own room! Do you ever help with the laundry???

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow Mitch.. those are some awesome Airedale pieces in your room. You are so lucky!

Kirby said...

Hi Mitch,

Congratulations on getting your own room. I was a bit nervous when I was released from the crate and given a room to sleep in too. Trust me, it is so great!!! You're going to love it, and what could be better than sleeping in an Airedale filled room! Enjoy all that sleeping space!

Your pal,

Stanley said...

Mitch Buddy!

You're almost an adult, so of course it makes sense you would get your own room. It's very cool, and looks like a great place to get a little "me" time if you need it. (Make sure your mama stays on top of keeping that cookie jar filled).

I also love your new airecut! You look so sophisticated. Are you getting excited for the celebration? What do you want to do for your birthday?

Goob love (& smooches to your sissy & mama),

Scruffy & Lacie said...

My Dogness, Mitch...I'll say it, if Mojo can't. You are one handsome Dale! Your black saddle is sooo dark...mine's coming in redder and redder. I think it was all of those highlighting products this summer.
Scruffy and I will be in our crates at night forever. Well, Scruff will...I will probably weasel into the bed at some point. Scruffy has that weak bladder syndrome.

We gotta run and check out some rides...the castle is gonna be fab to spend the night in!!!!


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Mitch,
Oh wow, I don't have my own room. I sleep in the kitchen on my own at night. hehe...YOu look so handsome after your grooming. :)

Teka Toy said...

Oh Mitchy, you look so handsome. Your mom does a great job keeping you looking smart and "Debonaire"

Teka Toy

Isis said...

i hate getting groomed! it takes too long cuz i have too much hair... at the end mom could make a blanket outta me!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mitch
You sure are a big boy now! Your own room!!! And with all those beautiful things aroung you! Have you found out how to get the cookies by yourself?? Let me know!
Yes, you are very handsome!
Have a good night

Boo said...

mitch, big boi deserved a room to themselves!

mitch, you look pretty naked! i think maggie might be laughing at you. lOL

wet wet licks


Momo :) said...

Mitch! That room is ALL yours! Not only that you've had your own cookie jar. Looks like you have everything I want! :)

Momo xoxo

Momo :) said...

I forgot to mention. My sissy Momo said that tree is called jacaranda tree. I'll have to google about it!

Preston said...

Your own room, Mitch?! your own heater, cookie jar, rug and bed?!! That's way cool! You must have been a very good boy this year...


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Mitch, that's so cool that you got your own room now. You look very handsome after grooming. And you got your own treats jar? Pawsome!!

~ Girl girl

Harry said...

Looks like you've got it made there Mitch (apart from the grooming part)!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

umekotyan said...

It is a wonderful picture.
Emerald green is a loved color. :)
And, the room is more wonderful.
The time spent in the room is great.

from loved ume tyan

Sophie Brador said...

No Mitch! You can;t be almost a year old already? How did that happen? Did you ask permission from your mom to grow?

Congrats on your whole room for just yourself. It's very you.


Sir Chance-Lot said...

That is one nice bedroom Mitch...I sleep with my mamma and big pappa, but sometimes I go in to my little pappa Cameron's room, and jump up on his bed..he has bunk beds, and sleep on the bottom..and I can actually get up in it..not like mammas bed that is like 5 feet off the floor..I call them sky beds..hehe

So things are kinda normalizing a little bit here..mamma feeling a bit better, but still have a little sick left!

Hope you guys are having a good Monday!

Sir Chancelot

bt said...

woah - your own room is awesome!

Little Miss Jada Kiss said...

Awww, this is great Mitch ... your very own room!! It looks PAWsome! I have my crate too with blankies I like but my real bedroom I have to share with mommy and daddy (I know!) and they sleep with me in MY big queen size bed!! *giggle*

Thanks for sharing!

Little Miss Jada Kiss =)

Ferndoggle said...

You're a big boy now!! Your own cookie jar too...excellent!

I still love my crate too, but I don't have to stay in their. I just chose to.


William Tell said...

You're quite debonaire yourself, Mitch. Love the new look.

William Tell

Agatha and Archie said...

Well you are one lucky little,we mean BIG boy!! Your own room!! The same thing happened to us when we turned one.Agatha got the WHOLE kitchen and I have the laundry room.But ours isn't decorated 1/2 as nice as yours!!We would love the big bedroom but we tend to get a little jealous so..... And your own cookie jar!!!Love A+A PS Would your Mom allow sleepovers??

Johann The Dog said...

Congrats on the room Mitch, you are surely growing up! Gracie likes to sleep downstairs like you did...even better than sleeping with Mum - but that's her, not me! I love sleeping with my Mum. What a great room you have...Woofs, Johann

Asta said...

I wemembew that Mommi saw youw woom and thought it was pawsome! I can't believe you'we almost one aweady..geez, we'we all gwowing up!
You look supew Handsome with youw haiwcut!
Maggie aways looks bootiful, so she doesn't have to wowwy!
smoochie kisses

Hercules said...

I can't believe you get your own bedroom! How lucky are you?! I get the main sitting room...Not as grand as your own bedroom!

I love your haircut...I need to get one soon!


Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Mitch,

Nonono...I never forget bout your barkday. That is the 1st batch of November babies, and you will be the 3rd batch November babies. There are soooo many babies this month....its a celebration month!!! YOooHOoo!!!

Patience-please said...

Hey wow nice digs! And that haircut - you are almost an honorary whippet! Sleek! Do you feel faster? I bet you get the urge to do zoomies all over the place now.

Would you please give your human a high five for us? She says the kindest things to our Servant and it really makes her feel good, and that makes us happy.
You know that old saying: A happy Servant gives more treats!

Your friends-
the whippet waggle

the Corgi Girls said...

We love your Aire art! What a great room you have Mitch... it looks nice an cozy with plenty of room to stretch your paws and move around.

You're holiday plans sound just lovely and relaxing like you said!

Helios said...

I don't have my own bedroom, but I sleep with my M and MM in theirs, like Maggie.

I'd love to have a cookie jar in the room tho...

Simba said...

Your own bedroom complete with cookies. Sounds like heaven.

Simba x

Murphey said...

Your very own room, COOL! and all decorated up, pawsome place for the Mitch.

My lady hides the cookie jar, I wish she would leave it out so I could help myself.


Ralph said...

Sweet digs. You should be on MTV Cribs


Alex said...

Airdales, Airdale paintings, Airdale Statues... looks your mom and dad can't get enough from Airdales ;o) No wonder, you are so cute!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Wow Mitch, you got your own room, You are a big boy now :)

Boy n Baby