Saturday, March 25, 2017

Canopy Topper

Mom has been waiting for her fishnet canopy to come.   It finally came!  She couldn't be more pleased with it♥

I like this picture much better!  What do you think?

As long as we're touring our new home - this is the kitchen with the gas stove that mom is mastering and loving. 
 And this is where I eat.  
 And speaking of mastering ........ I have mastered the treat machine FINALLY.   I had to!  Mitch isn't here to help me out anymore.  

This is our family room with all of the WoolieDales behind me in the hutch.  
 And Maggie and Mitch CuddleClone watch TV with us every single night.
Nobody wants to see the bathroom, mom.
We can't remember if we posted a picture of my room or not.   It's really not that exciting but it's MY room and I love it♥
 We want to thank Madi and her mom for the beautiful card that they sent us!
 You girls are so sweet and thoughtful!  Thank you so very much♥
Love ya lots♥

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Not the Best Decision

Mom and I decided that it might be fun to hike Sleeping Giant this morning.    When we got there, we realized that it might not be so much fun to navigate in the icy crusty snow.    Mom freaks at anything that resembles ice under her feets!

 Come on, mom.  This isn't so scary!
 I promise I'll go slow and not pull you along but there are some good smells here!
 This is fun!  Stop your whining!
 The ice is sure sparkly frozen on the rocks. 

 We made it to marker #33!   yay
 And then the woos decided that she didn't want to go any farther. 
It's a beautiful day, mom!  Look at that gorgeous blue sky!  You can do it! 
We did turn around and going back down wasn't quite as easy as climbing upwards.   She seemed to find all of the slick spots.  
 Next stop was the bank and I got a cookie☺
 And then to the car wash to get the MollyMobil cleaned up~
 We'll actually be able to see out of the windows now, mom!
 Next stop - Agway!
 I need small treats for the treat machine, mom.   You said that Cheerios is too sweet with too much sugar that I don't need.  
These will do quite nicely!
Sleeping Giant wasn't the bestest idea but we had a fun morning anyway!    We'll go back when the weather warms up☺

Love ya lots♥

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Strange Morning

I got a new harness for walkies!  My new harness is called TrueLove..... only I freeze when mom puts it on me and I don't unfreeze until the leash goes on.    Mom can't figure out why I'm doing this.  It's snug but not too snug. 

 What a beautiful day!  I really do love my new harness☺
 I'm walking on top of the snow, Chester!
This is a mailbox that we walk by all the time.   Mom just loves it!
 Did I mention what a beautiful day it is?
 The weather peeps told us earlier on the news that the temps would drop and the wind would pick up but they never mentioned snow!
 What happened to my beautifully sunny day?
 Didn't they get the memo that it's now Spring?!
 We walk by this garden every day.  It's the coolest yard with so many interesting things to see.   Mom can't wait to see it come alive with color!
 There is snow on my furs~
 We found a quarter along our walk.   It's pretty beat up.  
 And when mom was putting her coat away, she spotted this on top of her sneaker inside the closet.   We think angel Maggie and angel Mitch were checking in and saying hi♥
This is a very profitable morning, mom! 
Our Wednesday started out sunny - got cloudy and breezy and started to snow - and now the sun has returned and the wind is staying put.  The cold temps are making a return~~

Love ya lots♥

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tug Tuesday

I'm playing tug!
We're all playing tug!
Love ya lots♥

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring

Happy first day of Spring☺

Love ya lots♥

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Silently Sleeping Brothers

Love ya lots♥
Mackie and Jett

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Yesterday, I stood on top of the snow!

 And I ate some of the yummy frozen stuffs!
 And mom and her friend, Miss Christi, went out to Eli's on Whitney and had lunch together.  Christi had tacos and mom had a Caesar  salad~
 And the girlz split a cookie brownie sundae~
 And when mom got back, she found that Chewy had delivered a box but she didn't remember ordering anything.   The folks at Chewy are always so sweet and so thoughtful and giving and full of surprises.  Look at all of those yummy candies!  What do you mean they are not for me, mom!
 And Chewy sent gold coins too.   I am a rich AireGirl☺
Thank you so very much, Miss Natalie and Chewy.   You guys are the absolute BESTEST♥
Yesterday was a great day☺

Love ya lots♥