Thursday, August 16, 2007

He's Getting There!

Mitch is getting there! We have one more week before we leave and we think he'll make it - no problem!

Mom tried to video his descent but she was too close to him. He actually came down better than he went up!
As soon as he reaches the bottom he turns around and goes right back up! He's like a kid with a new bicycle! He doesn't want to get off!! I wonder how many ups and downs he'd do before he got tired?

So guess what the latest is??

Is this rude or what?

First mom wants him to learn and now that he's on his way, he's locked out! Go figure!

So until next time...............

Love ya lots,



Allegra the Airedale! said...

What's momma doing? Why is Mitchy locked out? Hmmmm...I just hope Mitchy isn't like me- once I got a taste of sleeping near the parents I just can't stop! Now I won't go into my crate! Hee Hee

Glad you guys are back!

Bogart H. Devil said...

Uh oh, looks like we've created a STAIR MONSTER :)


Faya said...

Mitch Mitch Mitch you did it....I am so proud of you....Youpieeee.....Kisses, Faya

Ruby Bleu said...

Way to go Mitchy!!! I'm so proud of you! What a big will have so much fun on your vacation now!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Jessica said...

Yea Mitch....Way to go. You won't even need much coaching before too long.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

The Airechicks said...


Great work Mitch - next week you'll be a proficent AIREDALE STAIR CLIMBER !!!

Congrats Mitch -

Maggie - we know your so proud !!!

Putter said...


You did it! Awesomest Terrific! Now you can go anywhere in the house that you want! Hee Hee! That may not be the goodest thing, huh??? :)))) It is not always for ME! :)))

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Asta said...

you must be pwoud, all your coaching has paid off
Congwatulations Mitchy!!!I love seeing you going up those staiws, you have the cutest butt ever..and such nice wewawds at the end, but now you're banned???how come Mitchy???

Maggzie,I was actually being a hair-color consultantwhile sitting in the sink hehehe, she needed help I tell you
smoochie kisses

William Tell said...

Wow, there's no stopping him now, is there? Way to go, Mitchy!

William Tell

Lorenza said...

Wow! I knew it was a matter of time. Great job Mitch!
Now that he learnt he is not allowed there?? Why?? I want to know!
Have a good night

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Maggie,
Mitch really picks up fast. :)'s a pity about that child gate though. is he going to practice??

Urban Smoothie Read said...

hmm....wat's so fun about climbing stairs...i wonder...

Huskee and Hershey said...

Mitch has made real progress and very soon, he will be bounding up and down those stairs!!

T-man Angel said...

Poor Mitch will be all confused now. Maybe he can imagine climbing the rest of those stairs. That's how athletes train sometimes :)

Toby said...

Way to go Mitch!! You're such a smart dude. But now you're not allowed to do up the stairs?? Hmm, I thought that was the whole point of the training!! Not fair!! Humans...go figure!

Um, Mom says she feels better now cuz your Mom has the same voice as she does!! LOL!! But trust me, my mom's voice is WAAAAAY more annoying!!


Boo Casanova said...

mitch, i know you can do it! but why is your mom blocking the way to upstairs? i think mitch is really confusing.

wet wet licks


Gus said...

Maggie: Isn't that just like a human. But CONGRATULATIONS MITCHY! Good work, man

Amber-Mae said...

Whoopsy! Why she put a child's gate there? I thought she wanted you to learn how to go & down the stairs...This is not making sense.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Joe Stains said...

Oh mitch we sure are proud, but what is up with the gate?!

Sophie Brador said...

You could maybe hire Mitch out as the stair master at the local gym. Good to see he got the hang of it!

Simba and Jazzi said...

Maybe she thinks if he's not allowed up the stairs he'll want to go up them. Does that make sense? No, oh well.

Simba x

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Oh Mitch, bless your fuzzy little bottom, what a big grown up boy. And you knoew just where you were heading once you got up there - straight to Maggie's secret toy stash!

Katy x

Snowball said...

Congratulations Mitch. You are doing great. I do not know how human's mind works sometimes. A one point they felt that we should learn something and the next, they stop us doing what we are taught to do... grrr..rrr...


Johann The Dog said...

Bogart - you funny, stair monster! BOL! Maggie you are doing sooooo well, we be proud of you, just imagine what you can do now, woof, Johann!

Wired for Mackie said...

How cute! Tell your mommy that stairs are slippery! My new little brother Finnegan has masteredt hem too and now he's a show off! But, of course he does everything at a million miles per hour!!

HUGS to you beautiful Maggie!

Your pal, Mackie (oh, and Finnegan and Ollie!)

Ferndoggle said...

Mitch! We're so proud of you!! We knew you could do it.

We have those gatey things all over our house. They're worse than jail.

Sherman, Penny & Lola

umekotyan said...

Mitch mounted the stairs exactly.
Congratulations. :)

Spend a happy weekend.

from loved ume tyan

Sir Chance-Lot said...

ahaha...watching this I just wanted to get in the video and kinda push Mitch
Me....stairs....sometimes Mamma has to put up a baby gate at the bottom too, cause I LOVE running up and down those stairs like it is my job. I take my ball to the top...then...brace your self doggies...I throw it down the stairs, so I can rumble down the stairs like a football player after it. It drives mamma a little crazy cause I am VERY noisy when I come down, cause that IS half the fun after all...but mamma says she cant concentrate on her work, so after me doing that like 30-40 times...she puts the gate up..ugh I don't understand her sometimes...At least I entertain myself. The barn looks amazing...but I think You should tell your daddy that it might be good to put some walls on, so when it rains it doesn't get all wet "inside"
Tailwaggins and Love
Sir Chancelot
p.s. oh Maggie....I sometimes get a little bossy with other doggies too...Mamma says that it is all about the "energy" we dogs send out...and if some dog is a little timid or scared or bossy themselves...we smell it, and then we sort of react...well at least I do...just be thankful that your mamma didn't put you in a "submissive down" hehe...that one barks!!!

jaffeboy said...

Typical of hoomans eh?! What can we say.

It is good to see Mitch with such progress. I think he is gonna do very well by the end of the week, if he is allowed to do so. hehehe...

Eddie N Peaches said...

Oh, Mitchy! You're really getting the hang of it. In no time you'll be zooming up the stairs. but the gate? Whazzup wit dat? Huh?
Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie & Peaches

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mitch! I am very happy for you for getting better with the stairs. Now, we need to discuss the baby gate. NOT Fair, i agree 100%!

the many Bs said...

Congratulations Mitch! I think you should have full access to the stairs so that you can practice. You need to practice a lot and find all of the stashed treasures that are upstairs.

Puggle Preston said...

Yehhhh!Way to go,Mitch! Maggie, you'd better start looking for a new place to hide your toys from Mitch! :)


wally said...

Way to go Mitch! Maggie, I'm sure you were instrumental in the learning process.


L said...

How rude, indeed! I mean c'mon, be fair. Have a great weekend!


Miss Reina said...

Mitch is so cute climbing the stairs, i like it when he turns his head back and look at mommy, waiting for an encouraging push!

But why the fence now???????


fee said...

hoorah! mitch is waaaay too clever for stairs-only training! i think he needs more challenging stimulation!

next up: leap over the fence from both sides? teehee... have a nice weekend!


Mojo, Digger and family said...

Oh Mitch!
You would have wanted to climb the stairs as much as I did if there was cat food to steal at the top! The two cats in our house have stopped coming downstairs since I arrived, and exit the house via an upstairs window. They got pretty hungry until their bowls got moved upstairs. So now I charge up there all the time - except another child gate has mysteriously appeared so I still can't get the food. NOT FAIR!

I'm jealous of your looks, Mitch. Your mum knows how to groom you properly. My mum just leaves me looking like a hairy monster.

big wag

Kien said...

way to go!.. Mitch! .. my mom has our stairs lock too.. as u know i am banned from climbing the stairs due to my hip problems.. so no stairs for me..

Golden Rossi

Stanley said...

Way to go, Mitchy Boy!! You're such a STAIR STUD!

Maggie, thanks for the video of your boudoir! I like how your bikini babe stuffie figured so prominently!

Goober love & pride,

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Mitch, congrats on conquering Stair Mountain! J x

Bogart H. Devil said...

Miss Maggie, is this YOU?

Mom was trolling ebay for Airedale stuff and stumbled across this pretty painting - if it's not you, it sure looks as pretty as you do!!!


Linda said...

Good job Mitchie, but we see you found someone's pink stuffie! Best not mess with Maggie's stuffie toys. hehehehe.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

PreciOus said...

Three cheers for Mitch! Congrats on conquering the scawie-no-more stairs!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

ooooh I am so pleased Mitch made it!

Not sure about the locked gate though!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

ToFFee said...


I'm soooo happy Mitch nailed the stairs!

definitely a prize right? did you get treats aside from Maggie's stuffy?

vacation, here comes Maggie and Mitch!


Myeo said...

Yeah!!! Mitch has overcome his fear! Great Job!

Boy n Baby

Avery said...

Yay Mitch!! You're doing such a great job with those stairs!


Koobuss said...

Hi Mitch,

I have the same kind of fence. Two of them, in fact. Mine are to keep me from going down the steps (off the deck) and yours are to keep you from going up the steps? I just don't understand. Why do humas do the things they do?

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,