Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mom's Home

Our mom flew into Hartford yesterday afternoon and Mitch and I got to go with dad to pick her up! Mom was thrilled to see us but we were being little devils and the both of us looked at her like she was a stranger! Do you guys ever do this to your moms when they come home from a trip - kinda give them the cold shoulder?
We sorta continued to hold her off even though she was being so sweet to both of us!

We were expecting something special and yummy from Florida but guess what she brought home with her? What the heck is this, mom?
A pie server?
Don't they have dog treats in Florida?!
While mom was gone we got mail! Christmas cards!
We're not even in the DWB Christmas card exchange this year! Thank you so much Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie and Reilly and Keeley and Teagan and to Noah and his sissies Willow, Tess and Lucy and to our dear friend Carol Usher! We love your Christmas cards! They are so special to us!
Check out the stamp that came on Carol Usher's envelope!
That's ME! Is that cool or what?!
How'd she do that?!
We also got 2 packages in the mail. One of them mom says is a Christmas pressie and NO OPENING it until Christmas!
What do you think, Mitch? Should we peek?
The other package is from Toby, Ginger and Jeter, our Poodle buddies that live in Alaska!
Our friend, Jazzi the Scottie is having a Christmas package exchange and we got Toby, Ginger and Jeter's names! They don't have our names but they are such sweeties that they wanted to send us a pressie anyway! Isn't that just too generous! Awwwwwww thanks, guys!
What do you think, Mitch?
I'm game if you are!
Mom said no not yet! You're such a pawty pooper mom but it sure is nice to have you home!
BTW, this morning we both gave mom a huge welcome home and almost pushed her over! hehehe

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Glad your mom is home safe. We are cranky when our mom is gone and we let her know when she returns. How dare she leave us behind. We know just how you feel!

    Woofs and Wags,
    Sitka and The Perdue Zoo

    PS: you have an award on our mom's blog...arise 2 write.

  2. I'm glad your mom is home!

    AND I'm happy to see woo have decided Mom is good again!

    What nice khards and pressies!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  3. A Pie Server???? I hope she brought home some pie to go with it. I bet you are glad that she is home even if she didn't bring you treats from Florida. Looks like you will have a fun time opening those packages.

    Your friend,

  4. Yayyy that your Mom is home. I bet you miss her a lot! What was inside the Christmas package?

    Teddy Bear

  5. Everytime our pinkies come home or pick us up from the kennel we go bonkers. We all do it but I Noah welcome D home from work everyday as if she's been gone a week. We have a special welcome home time and my sissies arent allowed to interupt hehe.
    Glad your mum is home and glad you like our card. As if we wouldnt send one to you guys!

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  6. Deawest Maggie and mitch

    I just know you wewe pwetending wif that could houldew bit,,I know you loooooove youw mom to bitses and couldn't keep up the pwetense fow long,hehehe
    I love youw headew pictoowe, it puts me wight in the mood fow the holidayses.

    Those cawds and pwessies awe wondewful, but i think othew than wattling and guessing, you should leave the pwessies alone, heheh
    smoochie kisses

  7. Thats great that your mom is home!!I love it when my mom is at home. When is your mom going to let you open your gift??

    Love your header picture, it is soo cute!!


  8. Gee, she could have brought you a flamingo or a palm tree or a Burmese python (NOT)or a gator, or a heron or lots of sand or you name it. But I bet that pie server was wrapped in lots and lots of love and thoughts of yummy pies.

    Now, please answer this question: who is that wire fox terrier looking canine on your header. Did one of you turn pale at all the excitement?

    Nosey terrier minds want to know...

    Wirey love!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  9. Hey guys!

    Be nice to your momma, okay? I know it's not nice of her to leave you guys for so long, but now she's back and that's always a good thing!

    As for the pie server... well... maybe she does deserve a little bit of the cold shoulder hahaha!


  10. Did you check out your Mom's bags to be sure she didn't pack away some treats? We like to snoop thru her stuff.

    Glad you Mom is home safely and it looks like a good Christmas coming your way.

  11. Woo. Maybe she's going to bake you and apple pie and serve it up with that!

  12. Yea mom is home. Yes, Lily gives mom the cold shoulder for lots of minutes. I don't I just lick her. You guys go so much cool stuff!
    Benny & Lily

  13. Glad your Mom is home, but a pie server?!? Hmm... But I give you kudos for waiting until Christmas to open the boxes; I don't think I could wait!

    *kissey face*

  14. Glad your mom is home. Tell her the first pie served is Dad's and the second one is yours!


  15. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    Sure you two and your Dad are very happy with your mom back at home!
    Cards and presents! Pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Did you check out Mom's suitcase really closely - we bet there is something in there for you. How wonderful you got pressies and cards. We would love to send you a card - can you send us your snail mail address - you can use our gmail account here.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  17. Hi Maggie and Mitch and Sue,
    So glad Mom is back. I have never had a dog that would give me the cold shoulder when I came home from being away. But I have had cats due that!!
    So glad you are home Sue!!
    Love you guys, Fern

  18. We are sooo happy your mom is home!

    You guys are the luckiest pups to get sooo many gifts already. Can't she just let you have one to hold you over until Christmas?

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  19. Oh what a relief to have your mama home again!
    And so glad to hear you smothered her in kisses and almost knocked her over- trying to contain yourselves.
    What nice pressies and cards!
    yippy moms home- she missed you so !

  20. Hi Pups!!!

    Your postman has been seriously busy!!!

    Glad to hear your mom got home safely!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  21. Yeah that your mom's home already
    How pawsome you got cards and gifts

    ~ Bae

  22. Such nonsense to save a package and not open it. Maybe you can sneak a peak during the night.

    I always like to play it safe and give a huge Mango greeting. Well, unless I am busy meditating and then I expect the humans to come to ME in the dog cave.


  23. I ALWAYS give mom the cold shoulder when she comes in from work. But sometimes at night I may give her a few kisses....if she's lucky.

    It looks like Santa Paws has already been to your house!

  24. We are so glad your Mom is home. We missed her and seeing what you are up too.

    Your header is absolutely terrific!! We need to get our Mom doing something spiffy like that.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  25. welcome HOME to m&m'a mOm.
    don't worry -- that cold shoulder thing will go away real fast, we all do it...just to make you feel guilty. just go out the door and count to 10 and come back in. explosion!!!!
    besides.. TODAY IS A SNOW DAY IN CONNECTICUT....!!! we're off to check out some SNOW,
    theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms. Blue soon to be SNOWEEE WHITE

  26. I am so happy that your mom is home! You must have really, really missed her to give her the cold shoulder! I hope you are covering her with slobbery kisses!!! hehe How fun to have so many fun pressies and cards!!!

  27. She didn't bring you any nummy oragnes? The naval and tangerines are yummy this year, nice n juicy. And those humongous Pommelos or whatever they are called. I bet yer Mom just smelled funny after being on a plane. That's why you were a bit standoffish. Then in the morning she smelled like her normal Mom self. Give her extra lovin to make up for you less than warm welcome and maybe she'll find something more interesting than a pie server sans pie in her bags.



  28. Glad your Mum's home! That happens around here too. It's called punishing the humans for leaving without us. Then we make it up with big wiggle butts and tons of wet kisses!

  29. Oh, we are so glad your moma is home! She was worrying about you, especially YOU, Maggie!

    Pawsonally we think that pie server is pretty special. Might it suggest some APPLE pie or PEANUT BUTTER pie or even ICE CREAM pie in the near future? We'd be happy to come share recipes and help in the kitchen!

    BTW ... you may want to leave a piece of pie for the postman! Sounds like you are keeping him or her busy!

    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  30. Yes, travel punishment is definitely part of our job descriptions. ;P Glad your mom is home, and you're getting lots of good presents!

  31. Very exciting to have crisp mas presents already!
    I get so very excited to see Mum when she gets back that I prefer to jump all over her. I sometimes give her the cold shoulder if she been out late though.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  32. Hey Maggie & Mitch
    We're glad your mom is home safe & sound.
    Love your Rudolph noses.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  33. You two are going to have a very hard time using that pie server without any thumbs! We're glad your mom got home safely and we know you are too...even though you didn't show her right away! Maybe she won't leave you anymore since she got the "cold shoulder" when she came home!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  34. welcome home mom!
    oh look at all of the cards and prezzies so far!

    we love your header photo! so cute!

    m & e

  35. We are glad your mum is home safe.

    Those parcels look exciting, we think you should get one and save the other...BOL

    Holly & Zac

  36. Oh good grief! Your header picture is the greatest. Red noses and everything! How'd you get those hats on your heads??

    I think you should open your gift when YOU want to. Don't you??

    Welcome home to your peep Mom.

    Roo Roo to You and Yours,

  37. Well, we would have liked to shove a moose in that little box for you but we could not wrangle one up in time. It would be like trying to put Mango in a box! hehehe.... we got the Amazing Animals for our Christmas pressie exchange but our mom got confused so we told her to send BOTH Maggie and Mitch and the Amazing Animals some pressies. We love you and glad your Mom is home safe and sound. But a pie server?

    xoxo Toby, Ginger and Jeter (as dictated to their mom, Ina)

  38. Wow!! Cards & presents!!! You guys are pretty special. Too bad no Florida treats though. How could she not have treats for you both. Bet she had some hidden to see if you could find them. Gonna be hard waiting until Christmas to open presents...If your're really good and butter them up, maybe they'll let you open them sooner.
    Ernie & Sasha

  39. Hi M and M
    Giving mom the cold shoulder-huh? Nice terrier trick... to get all the treats. I know. Don't worry your secret is safe. At least you got a good wiff of the pressies. You have amazing friends.. but go figure.. you both are top notch.

  40. Oh yeah, we can be a little into ourselves when Mom is gone too long, but we warm up in a little while! One time Mom took all of us away for 4 days except for ol' Clancy, and when we all came back, Clancy cried and cried she was so happy!

    I read your previous bloggie entry, and my doggie mom Clancy is also on doxy for a high Lyme titer. We all thought she just hurt her leg but it turned out it was Lyme after all! Her leg got well but she just wasn't very perky.. now she's doing lots better since she got the pills.

    Mom felt so bad she started making some extra YUMMY food just for her. Gee what do I have to do for that great food?? (MOM: it's for her low albumin levels Rudy! Relax!)


  41. Hi Maggie and Mitch,
    We TRY to act upset when our parents leave us for a few days, but once we see them, our happiness and excitement always get the better of us and we end up trying to lick them like crazy!! We HAVE TO try harder next time.. sigh..
    We did not participate in the card exchange this year too cos mom doesn't think she'd be able to cope... but we have sent some of our extra special friends a card. Look out for the mailman!

  42. Glad you got your Mom home - pie server or no pie server. Although I agree - I hope there is a pie that goes with that server!

    Great cards - and can't wait to see the Christmas gifts!!

    Sally and Paddy

  43. Yeaoooo! Special you two are! Love the photo with your cards!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  44. Wow, what a loot. It sure would be difficult to hold off 'til xmas to open those pressies.

    We are not very good at holding off so we already had some of ours...

    Our excuse was St Nikolaus day, the 6th of Dec. Mum is German and she always got something special on that day when she was growing up.

    As our annual xmas picnic with the Airedale Club fell on that day this year, she let us have our stockings from the fundraiser with loads of treats and treasures...

    But of course, we hear, there is more to come for the big day. But did you know we'll have the big day on the 24th, following the German tradition? So we won't have to wait quite as long as you...

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