Monday, November 4, 2013

The Halloween Pawty at Crumpie's

Mom and dad were home around 7:30 but they both said that they had a blast!
One of the costume winners was our friend, Hungarian George.  George is a sheetrocker and he has his stilts on underneath his Uncle Sam trousers!  George is such a fun guy! He was on the dance floor dancing with those stilts on his legs!       George's wife, Pamela, was Betsy Ross.  
 Two George's - our dad and Hungarian George!
 Jason won for the scariest costume. He doesn't look bad now ........
 But look at him with his mask on!  YIKES!
 Rebecca won for prettiest costume~
 Another Jorge.  Doesn't he look handsome!
 This is the back of Jorge's costume! haha
He won for the funniest costume!
 The 3 blind mice were winners too!
 And our friend Beverly is the most BEAUTIFUL witch!
 Paul sure made one handsome knight!
 Our friend, Lauren, announced that she and her husband are expecting.  How cute is this?!
Yesterday morning, we were at Crumpie's cleaning up after the pawty.   We love this part because we get to search the floor for any crumbs that were spilled and we found plenty!  Mom didn't have her camera with her because she was supposed to be working and not playing.
You gotta check this out~~
This is cannoli cookie and dip.
Mom saw this on the table last night and had no clue what it was and she never tried any of it.   We found lots left this morning and now we're all enjoying it.

And we brought home apple pie and anginetti cookies and peach cheesecake.
We are being treated to left-overs and we are very happy pups even though we missed the pawty!

So until next time.............

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly


  1. What a great party and we loved the "the bun in the oven" thank dog ness for left overs.

  2. Love the costumes, and we are going to look for a "Cannoli cookie" recipe If we find one we will share with you.

    gus n teka

    (because we do not have 'pposable thumbs we are not much help making the tubes.)

  3. Well at least you got leftovers. We think that is only right. Lucky you. Those costumes were great. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Well, seems as if Mom & Dad had a great time "Without You", but for those who wait, the good stuff comes to you!

    The Mad Scots

  5. Beautiful photographs and action!

    Greetings - Bente

  6. OMD those Peeps had ALMOST as much fun at THEIR Howl O Ween Pawty as WE of Blogville had at OURS.

    Love the costumes... VERY creative.

    Clean up is GOOD isn't it?

  7. What fun. That stilt man would scare me for sure

  8. Looks like it was lots of fun! And those cannoli cookies and dip sound soooo good!

    Leftovers are certainly the best!

  9. Wow that looked like a fun pawty. I am glad you got good leftovers.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. Well Mitch and Molly you did get a lot of left overs and that is way better then nothing!!!!!!!!
    Happy eating!!

  11. Maybe it was good that you stayed home. There were some scary looking peeps at that party. Best part, you got leftovers. We love leftovers.

  12. Wowzer what a party! You guys were lucky to get leftovers.

  13. Sure they had a great time!
    All the costumes were pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Oh what FABulous costumes!!!
    And the foods...wows! Good things you gots to taste some!!! Lucky dogs!
    Ruby ♥

  15. Those are some of the funniest and most creative costumes I've ever seen!

    And, you lucky dogs getting to "take care" of the leftovers!

  16. Great costumes and even leftover treats are great. A treat is a treat and it doesn't matter how or when you get it just as long as you get it.

    Atoo to you,

  17. Those are great costumes! I'm so glad you got to help clean up all the crumbs!

  18. What fun costumes. We bet Jorge must have felt a bit of a breeze from behind all night! BOL!!

    Millie & Walter

  19. We love looking at your cute little cuddly faces! We love you and we want to thank yu for all the love you sent to Tweedles today--her surgery is over and she is resting in ICU.
    thank you again for the prayers.
    tweedles mommy

  20. Thank goodness the pawty-goers were thoughtful enough to leave you some left-overs.

  21. What costumes! It sure looks like everyone there knew how to have fun :-)

  22. How come your Dad does not have a costume on?? Leftovers are just the best.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  23. What a FUN party :-) Usually left overs are GOOD :-) Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  24. Happy Halloween, a bit belated! That looked like such a fun party- and we're glad you got to sample the leftovers, Mitch and Molly! Peach cheesecake sounds so fabulous!

    Oh, the bun in the oven costume is precious!