Friday, April 15, 2022

Nature Friday

 We are joining Rosy today for Nature Friday~~

Right outside our door, the pachysandra is blooming~

At Miss Dotty's house, the periwinkle and hyacinths are blooming away.   

Along the way, we took pictures of daffies.  We can never get enough of these cheerful spring beauties.
This magnolia is in bloom in this yard.    Ours must be a later variety because ours is still just buds.
The forsythia is so pretty in all of its golden glory!

We saw this warning on Miss Lynn's FB page and wanted to pass it along.    This is just not right!

I was at my vet's office on Wednesday just for a weigh-in and I have lost the eight pounds that he wanted me to lose!  YAY!   Mom says there will be an ice cream reward for me!

Happy Good Friday, everybuddy!
Love ya lots♥


  1. High five for your weight loss! And, what a great reward.
    Lovin' all the flowers. I really like the art of nature you captured with the forsythia/tree.

  2. we love hyacinths... this color has something of the best blue jeans ;O) a happy easter weekend to you

  3. Such pretty flowers one again, and well done on the weight loss Molly. You totally deserve a big scoop of (dog-friendly) ice-cream!

  4. Love all the flowers you found on your walk, Molly. And thanks for passing the word on that ice cream. Congratulations on your weigh loss. You'll need to spill your secret for doing that.

  5. pachysandra is such a fun name to say!!
    OHDs why did Mickey D's at that nasty ingredient to their I Scream? Years ago I tried Xtra chewing gum the taste was disgusting compared to reg gum with sugar. I swore off gum, which is a good thing
    Hugs cecilia

  6. PS well done on the weight loss. Is mom for hire? I'd love to hire her as my trainer.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. You sure have lots of pretty things in bloom around your house, Molly. Congrats on losing the weight. Just don't go too crazy with the ice cream or you will go right back on that diet. BOL!

  8. Molly I agree about the dental work. I have a mouth full of bridges. I was a huge fan of Dentyne Gum.
    I was shocked when the dentist told me that gum was one of the worst things for bridges. The sugar linkers on the dental work. So I tried Extra is was horrid .
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Congrats sweet Molly and enjoy that ice cream!

  10. I don't go to McDonald's so no problem with the ice cream. Angel Little Bit loved vanilla ice cream. Tillamook ice cream is really good. I was born in Tillamook Oregon.

    Love all the nature, Miss Molly. I always enjoy going for walks with you.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend, Miss Molly. My best to your mom. ♥

  11. What beautiful flowers you have in the neighborhood! Mama is a big fan of forsythia too!!
    Rosy, Sunny & Jakey

  12. We saw on Facebook that the post about the ice cream being dangerous was wrong. We are so confused but since we don't go their for ice cream, guess it isn't a real problem. Your yard is beautiful! Happy Easter weekend, Lee and Phod

  13. What beaWOOOOOtiful Nature sights

    Thanks for sharing -

    AND how about sharing some of that Tillamook goodness!


  14. Molly! We LOVE your spring flowers, ours are late this year. Terrific that you lost the weight! Cinnamon has been on a diet too. Thanks for letting us know about McDonald's ice cream. Cinnamon is so disappointed as it is one of her favorite summertime treats when Mom takes her to Osoyoos. It is a good thing that Dairy Queen has opened a shop there. Thanks for visiting us!

  15. I get quite nervous about all the things that may have xylitol in them, so thanks for the reminder about McDonalds.

  16. We don't tend to give our dogs anything other than things which are meant for them, unless it is a few treats such as a piece of apple because of exactly that. We love seeing your Spring flowers Susie xx