Friday, August 31, 2007

The Middle Name Game

I got tagged by my Aire-buddy Bogart!

There’s a new game in town, the Middle Name Game:
Here's how it goes:

1. Post the rules before you give the facts.

2. List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. When you are tagged you need to write your post using your middle name and facts about it.

4. At the end of your post choose one dog to tag for each letter of your middle name. Be sure to let each puppy know she/he has been tagged-
(And seeing as we've been on vacation, I'm sure everyone has been tagged already!)

My official name is Magapee BriddleBritt! It's dad concocted name and it's special, just like I am. So I guess my middle name would be Briddle!

B - is for beautiful, need I say more?!
R - is for raisings, barn raisings and I sure hope I get to go to LOTS more of them!
I - is for ice cream - all kinds - I don't have a favorite. Any kinds will be just fine, thank you!
D - is for digger! Everyone know that you can't take the digging out of the Terrier even though mom tries her very hardest to tell me to stop digging Maggie!
D - is for determined - determined to get my own way at all times!
L - is for loud! I'm a talker and I have a lot to say and I'm never quiet about it!
E - is for energetic! I'm an Airedale! We don't stop to think; we just move and quickly!

Okay Mitch - now it's your turn!

Well, I don't exactly have a middle name and seeing as I'm named after Mitch Miller then I guess that middle name will do me just fine till a better one comes along! It's all about the goatee~
M - is for manly, something I'm still dreaming about seeing as I'm only 9 months old!
I - is for intelligent! I can now climb stairs so I'm a smart boy!
L - is for loveable. I'm all boy but I sure do love to be hugged and I love to lick back!
L - is for lime. I've taken quite a fancy to limes ever since I found one in the center of town. I carried it for the longest time and then I decided to clamp down on it and I was making lime drool everywhere!
E - is for everybody. I love everybody except small children- they're scary monsters!
R - is for rides in the car! It means we're going someplace fun and I'm always ready to do that!
Today is our last full day on Nantucket so we have to make the most of it! Last night we had another picnic and then we strolled into town for ice cream once again. I got to sample mom's vanilla pistachio almond cardamom flavor and dad was having orange mango sherbet. Both were very yummy! Tonight mom has decided on Peppermint Stick and dad wants Rum Raisin!

We've had such a great time here on the Island. We've had lots of rest and relaxation but we also miss home and our daily routine there! And we're also anxious to catch up on all of our friend's blogs! Tomorrow at 6AM we board the ferry to return to Connecticut! We'll miss you Nantucket and we hope to visit again in a year or two!
So until next time................

Your Nantucket reporter signing out!

Love ya lots,



Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey pals, just been reading some of your holiday posts. It's like an ice cream flavours tour! Just how many different flavours have you had during this vacation??? I'm getting jealous here! Hope you enjoy your last evening in Nantucket! J x

Lorenza said...

Hi, Maggie.
I was thinking the same as Jackson. There they have lots of yummy ice cream flavours!! Are they ice cream specialists??
Glad you had lots of fun but I am sure you miss your home!!
I wish you and your family a happy and safe return!
Have a nice day

Gus said...

Maggie and Mitch

Thank you for sharing your vacation with all of us. You made us laugh, you made us drool, and you made us very jealous.

the many Bs said...

You two have the very best middle names! We like "lime" ????? oh Mitchy, you are a silly silly boy, aren't you! And Ms. Maggie is such a good girl. You had the best vacation. Thanks for keeping us up to date on it!

Asta said...

Maggzie and Mitchy my sweet
Those awe gweat middle name answews..I'm so glad you had such a fabulous weally sounded the best ever. I hope you get to go many mowe times..what a sampling of ice cweams..I'm dwooling evewy time I wead your posts..have a safe twip home,smoochie kisses

Boo Casanova said...

oh maggie, time flies when you are on holiday. but i know you have a 4 days loooooooong weekend. enjoy!

wet wet licks


Amber-Mae said...

Man, you guys really had a great holiday. A very short but fun holiday! I like both of you middle names guys...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba and Jazzi said...

Ice cream comes in all sorts of flavors there, I need to move house.

Simba x

Girasol said...

holidays are good, you have more time your your human and maybe yu can have Ice cream!!!

Ruby Bleu said...

Those are great lists pups!!! I'm so glad you had a great vacay, but I'm happy you are coming home! All that ice are probably going to need to work out for a week - hee, hee, hee!!! Just chase Mitch around and that should do it!

Safe travels home! Lots of Licks, Ruby

Miss Reina said...

Those are cool middle names and great descriptions you guys have got there!

Intelligient, Lovable, beautiful, Deteremined!


Unknown said...

Oh Maggie!

It looked like you and Mitch had such a wonderful time on the island! I hope I get to see the ocean/beach someday! All that sand makes me think about digging and mom said if I was at the beach I could dig all that I wanted...Ahh, I'll just keep dreaming!

Booty scratches and wet kisses,


Rudy said...

What a great time you had! We're so jealous --

Rudy and friends
(trying to think of what goes with the letter 'O' in MY middle name...)

ToFFee said...

I'm ssooooooooooooooo jealous!

ice cream.. walkines on the fantastic place.. getting to eat seaweeds! lotsa food!

oh my.. I would think I have gone to heaven..

I went to a beach too but not nearly as nice as yours..

see you when you get back.. glad to hear there are lots of updates!


Sparky said...

Patch and I don't have middle names. My mama really messed up there!

Your vacation went by so fast...but it will be nice to have you all home. (Even though you were VERY good and blogged while you were away)

Hana said...

Wow, you two have been having sooo much fun while on vacation!! I wish I could go on vacation too. Hmmm, maybe I can convince my parents to take me somewhere where it is dog friendly. It's not fair that we can't go into museums and beaches (during all hours of the day and night) and restaurants and all the hotels and casinos and oh, well, I wouldn't know what all of them are because I never get to go. I will get mom to give it all some serious thought so I can get a vacation too.

p.s. Horray for all the ice cream you got to try. When my parents went to Italy a year ago, my mom had gelato every single day she was there!

Snowball said...

I am trying to catch your first blog entry after coming home but I guess you guys must be really exhausted from the trip and is still resting.

I will be back to check again.


Joe Stains said...

Its sad that your fun times on the island are over, but think of all the awesome memories. OH we got a bite of ice cream the other day. Only one tiny bite because it was cotton candy flavor and mom said that is WAY too much sugar for us!

Urban Smoothie Read said...

hi briddle n miller....nice name guys

wally said...

Hi Maggie! I am glad you had a woooonderful vacation! Your ice cream flavors are making me and my ma ape drool.


Stanley said...

Hey, Maggs!

It looks like you and Mitch had a blast!! I'm sure Nantucket will never be the same again now that you two have been there. (Who will clean the streets of lime debris left from nighttime revelers?)

I hope the ice cream sampling continues once you get home.

Love the middle names. I'd also love to hear your voice. You always look like you're saying something very important with your head back and your bat ears flying!

Goober love,