Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chilli's Beach Pawty

We're off to Chilli's beach pawty!

Her adoption day is today and we intend to pawty till we drop! I'm not fond of the water but I do need to keep working on my tan! I've got my sunscreen and my sunglasses packed!

Mitch has never been to a beach pawty before but he says he's giving it a go!

Something doesn't look right about those bathing trunks! Do you have them on backwards, Mitch?

We need to take Chilli a gift, Mitch. What should be get her?

Let's decide what our favorite toy is and we'll get Chilli the same thing, okay?

Ruby will be picking us up and we'll be flying on the AireRuby jet! How exciting! I can't wait to board and hang with everybody else! This is going to be one super pawty! I think I see her! Yup, there she is - up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Ruby! whooooohooooo

Let's grab our dufflebags, Mitch and head outside to wait for her to land! I'm so psyched!

Everyone will be there! I hope to see all of my friends real soon!

So until next time..............

Love ya lots,



  1. Lovely activity of the bathing suit is now:).

    Spend a wonderful weekend in the sea.

    from loved ume tyan

  2. Hi guys, i just looooooooove your bathing suits!

    I think i should get some!

    Sister said i would look silly because my hair would stick out everywhere...

    What does she know even?

    I do what i want.

    love, isis

  3. Wow... you look really sexy in that bikini. Is Mitch satisfied with his tan? I was swimming whole day.

    We had more cakes during my private gathering with Chilli after the beach pawty. It was a really fun day. I am looking forward to Asta's Cowboy pawty next. Hope to see you there too.


  4. Have a great time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    Simba xx

  5. oh maggie.. u r so sexy!.. and mitch is like a "err.. what is beach party?"... hahaha.. anyway, have fun!


  6. Hi Maggie! Hi!

    OMG! Have a greatest ever time at the beach pawty, K!:) That is a great suit Maggie! Awesome colors!!!!! :))))) I am sorry I can't make it, but it is a little chaotic around MY house ...:)

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  7. Hey, COOL! What'a a beach party? I think I'd like to have one. Or do you have to have an ocean for that? I REALLLLLLLY want an ocean! So many cool things happen there!
    Play bows,
    PS: Have fun, roo guys!

  8. Maggie,

    We love love love that bikini!!! Sitting next to you on Air Ruby was WOW!!!

    You are HOT, girl. Not sure if young JH can control himself. I am mature, of course, so I will just pant.


  9. Hi Maggie! You look sexy in your colorful bikini, and Mitch looks like a cool surfer! Hope you both had a geat time at the pawty.


  10. I hope you will have a lot of fun at the party...
    Kisses, Faya

  11. Hi M&M,

    The private pawty is a small get together session between Chilli and myself after the Beach Pawty. You sill see me at the Beach Pawty as I won't want to be left out while so many other are having fun.


  12. Maggie, you are going to have all of the boy dogs drooling over you. You look so cute in your bikini! And Mitch, well... um... we think that's the style anyway - those oversized shorts with the crotch down to your knees. Have fun you two!

  13. Maggie
    You awe one gowgeous giwl in that bikini..I just hope the boyz can contain themselves on airRuby..and Mitchy, don't wowwy, you look cool and you'll have lots of fun with all the giwlies chasing you(including me>>Wemember?)
    See you thewe
    smoochie kisses

  14. Hi Maggie! Hi Mitch!

    Thank you so much for your nicest ever note on my bloggie about my newest and cutest ever little brothers! I am happy to be back from CAMP!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  15. I love your bathing suits! You're both so good to let your Mom put it on you - I growled when my Mom tried to put one on me...hehe!

    See you at the pawty! :)

    Puggy kisses

  16. Love the beach wear!
    Don't get to much sun Maggie, you dont want to get a bikini line!
    Wish I was partying with you. I could have brought the wine!

    Pats & pets to you both

  17. Lovely barkini, Maggie. You'll be a hit at the beach. Watch out for those intact males, they'll be trying to woo you!
    Uhh, Mitch. Uhh. How do we say this, bud, Uhh, the suit... Not quite right. Hmmm. Dude, just go and have fun!
    Whoofs & Baroos,
    Eddie, Peaches, & Bella

  18. Maggggiiie! I love the bikini. I think Mitch should lose the trunks, but knowing about Mitchie, he probably has!

  19. I think Mitch looks quite manly in his trunks and Archie LOVEs your suit! Have fun! Love A+A

  20. Hey guys!

    See you at the pawty!! Mitch looks ready for anything, and Maggs, you look stunning in your Airekini! Save a dance for me??

    By the way, you guys have to go check out a new Dale on the block. His name is Noah, and he's got 3 Airegirls for sisters. Go to my blog and look for him under my buddies list (Noah's Bark) and go say hi! He'll love it!

    Goober love,

  21. Hey Maggie...
    You look pawsome in your swim suit!!! Oh and Mitch looks really cool in his shorts!! What a fun pawty!

    Lots of licks, Ruby

  22. Hi, Maggie
    What a sexy look in your swim suit!! I can't say the same about Mitch's but he is fine too!!
    See you there!

  23. Hey! Maggie, you look great in that bikini! Have fun in the pawty!


  24. *whispering* maggie, chilli is a girl!

    wet wet licks


  25. Hehehehe Maggie, you look very sexy in your bikini & Mitch, you look nice in your swimming trunks!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  26. oooooooooh the bikini is really you!

    Look forward to meeting up at the beach pawty!

    your friend Marvin xxxx

  27. Woo.. Hope you had fun. You two crack me up in your suits!!

  28. Whoa how cute is that bikini You both look dashing and ready to party. have fun. We cannot go as Pebbles still has her stitches.

    Scrappy and Pebbles

  29. Maggie, you look so splendid in your swimsuit. It fits you beautifully, too. Unlike Mitch's shorts... but hey, he needs to keep things cool, y'know.

    Sorry I haven't dropped by soon enough - my Mum has allegedly been too busy to get to the computer. humph!

    big hugs from Mojo

  30. Maggie Maggie!

    You are so sexy.. We were going through your posts that we missed and wow, you look hot :)

    Boy n Baby