Saturday, April 9, 2011

How We Got Our Names

Our friend, Reilly is having a contest on his blog.  His mom makes the most beautiful cards and her cards are a part of the give-away!
If you want to be entered in his contest, all you have to do is to tell him and everyone else the story of how you got your name. 

My dad named me.  He likes the name Maggie. Me too! 
Mom wanted to name me Winnie and dad didn't really like that name very much.  And of course when we got registration papers from the AKC, they ask you to think of unique names and dad is very good at coming up with made-up names!  
So my registered name is Maggapee BriddleBritt!

Mom had Mitch's name picked out for him years before we ever got him.  When I was seeing a groomer, way back when I was a very young girl,  one of the groomers told mom that they clip another Airedale and that his name was Mitch.  Mom instantly thought - what a perfect name for an Aireboy!  It's was the goatee thingie.
Mitch came to us with the name Ruger.  ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Mom instantly knew that this name would never work. He was going to be a Mitch no matter what!

Mitch wears his name and his goatee proudly, just as Mitch Miller did!

 Dad update~~~
Our dad has had more blood stolen from him than you can possibly imagine and so far all his tests are coming back negative.    Yesterday, he had this crazy test where he swallowed a camera.  HUH?  I wonder how that tasted!  
This is got us thinkin'........what a clever way to get rid of that PIA flashie beast that's always in our faces at the most inconvenient times, right?  Our hoomans will never suspect what happened to it! 

Thank you so much again and again for keeping your paws crossed and for keeping our dad in your thoughts and prayers.  You can't imagine how much better mom and dad feel knowing that you are all behind us and rooting for us!  Thank you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch


  1. Your dad sure is a great name-finder!
    I love your registered name. How cute!!

    And the best part of it is...Maggie and Mitch sound really good together!

  2. My Grandpa had to swallow a camera too. How cool is that? I hope it finds what it is looking for. We've been thinking a lot about your dad and hoping for a good outcome.

    Momma says she remembers that Mitch Miller dude. Wow! She must be ancient like your mom.

    Personally, I think Maggie has a superior beardie. Sorry, pal.


  3. Ahhhhh! Mitch Miller...our mom remembers him well. He almost got her kicked out of business law class, when she was in high school! Well, not really HIM, but a boy imitating him! They were laughing so hard that the teacher almost kicked both of the out!

    We still have our paws crossed for your dad and our mom prays for him everyday! We KNOW it works!

    Penny & Patches

  4. I'm behind on my blog reading, but Willie wanted me to hop over so he could see you guys. He's freaking out from a thunderstorm, so I thought this would be a good time to visit since looking at your be-u-ti-ful faces will help get his mind off the storm. He says to tell you he loves your Easter hats and bunny ears.

    We just read about your dad. We're going to say lots of prayers and send get well thoughts your way.

    Willie sends hugs and pats.

  5. I forgot to tell you, we really likes your names. When Willie came to live with me, he was 8 weeks old and didn't have a name. He was on a short list to cross the rainbow bridge when we rescued him. His brother-in-law (who is a musician) wanted to name him after some famous jazz guy, but I looked at the huge paws on this happy, clumsy puppy stumbling around my house and decided he looked more like a country kind of guy, so I named him Willie Nelson Roan. He seems to like his name.

  6. I think Maggie and Mitch are the perfect names for you two!
    We are still crossing our dewclaws that Dad comes home SOON!


  7. M and M
    I've been gone too long. I hope your dad doesn't poop pictures now. I do hope all is okay. Hee hee Mitch your momma named you pawfectly.

  8. no doubt woo are certainly the ONLY maggapee! thanks fur telling me about the contest, i'll check it out. Hey, wootie woot to your dad..pawsitive monstah vibes just fur him!


  9. Yikes! Swallow a camera? Our Mom's camera is huge. Even Fudge with his big mouth couldn't swallow that thing.

    We hope you Dad's doctors figure this out soon and he can come home and play with you and eat pizza and ice cream.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  10. Maggie is Daddy's little girl, how wonderful that your Daddy had a cute name picked out just for you.
    Mitch you have your charming goatee, I think I am mature enough to start wearing one too.
    We feel so much relief when all your Daddy's test results came back negative (so is my IQ test, hehe. It's so cool to swallow a camera, should Mango the Maltese kiddo try it at home?

  11. Hi Maggie and Mitch,

    How is your Dad doing? I hope he is feeling ok and give him a big hug for me please.


  12. We always wondered if Mitch got his name from that Miller guy. Very clever. And Maggie, we are so glad we can just call you Maggie - we might have a hard time getting that Maggapee BriddleBritt out very well - very unique and cute name.

    We so hope you can get some answers soon about your Dad. It must be so hard for both him and Mom. Paws crossed and prayers said.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Those are the perfect names for both of you - I am almost scared to tell you what my Dad wanted to call me - I am glad Mom won!!!!!

    I hope they find some answers for your Dad soon and that he comes home soon - you must all be missing him so much. I am still sending paw prayers his way.

  14. Man, I don't want to know how they get the flashy beast outta your dad! I hopes he feels all better.

    Maybe we'll check out that namey contest!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. I think Mom e-mailed you to tell you that the parents in the original Parent Trap movie with Haley Mills were called Maggie and Mitch! Great names! One of the disk jockeys (??) on our classical music station here in L.A. always talks about the fact that Mitch Miller was a very gifted woodwind player who played with George Gershwin. Apparently he was also a mentor to this fellow; yet he's remembered as the sing along guy. And of course the goatee guy!!

  16. Ha! We love that picture of Mitch Miller! We'll check out that contest.

    We're so glad to hear the tests are coming back negative-our paws our crossed and our prayers and good vibes are with you all.

  17. Hi Maggie and Mitch
    I loved to hear how you got your name,... Mitch can you sing like Mitch Miller?

    We are keeping your dad in our thoughts

  18. Dad named Maggie!
    Mom named Mitch!
    Good deal!
    I like your names a lot!
    I still have my paws crossed for your Dad!
    Did he give back the camera?? Hmmm.... I hope so!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  19. I think you both have great names and that they suit you very well!

  20. Maggapee BriddleBritt sounds like some kind of Peanut Brittle...yum! PS Thanks for the cartoonized Sophie head pic...loving it!

  21. we really like your names. we think your registered name, Maggie, is very fun! your dad is a good name maker.

    we are keeping our paws crossed for your dad. know you want him to come home and be healthy so he can take you for walks to all your favorite places.


  22. We have our healing purrs going for your Dad and paws crossed that everything is OK. Uh, guys we don't think you should swallow a camera it would probably mean a trip to the VET.

  23. Hi, Maggie and Mitch -

    We like the story how you both got your names. Mama will have to post how we got out names.

    In the meantime we hope that your Dad is getting better every day. Mama and Papa talked to Grammy today and she is doing fine but she will be in rehab for a while.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  24. What fun name stories!

    Swallowing a camera doesn't sound like fun. Sissy had a GREAT visit with the vet on Friday, so many there is good news - a diagnosis? - ahead for your dad too?

  25. You have yourself a very fancy name, Miss Maggie! Mom kind of likes it though. She always gives us our pet name first, then comes up with our registered name afterwards - but she isn't good with it!


  26. Great names! I love the cute goatee picture too! :)

  27. I just read about your dad, M&M. I hope he continue to feel better. Sending good healing vibes your way. Take good care of him and your mom too.


  28. We're so glad to have read that your dad is home ... that's the BEST news.

    OurGirl swallowed a camera, too. And (she'd be mad if she knew we were tellin' ya this), she kept it as a souvenir! Heheeheeee! Silly girl.

    Anyways ... we hope all continues to "work its way out" and get alllll better. Soon.

    Much love
    Jake and Fergs