Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Diet

Remember when I was in kidney failure and Miss Elaine and mom worked together to get me back on track and better enough for me to go on with my life?  That was 2 years ago.   Without Miss Elaine's help, I would probably not be here chatting away on my blog today.    She is one of our bestest friends ever and one of the smartest hoomans we will ever meet!
Miss Elaine is helping me out again now that I have cancer.   She suggested to mom that I introduce new foods into my diet. 

 And broccoli~
 And coconut oil~
These are good things to fight cancer!
 I ate all of my dindin and I can't wait for breakie!   I love veges - this is good stuff!
 Miss Elaine also said that the pasta must stop and the rice must stop and the treats must stop because they're carbs and cancer thrives on carbs.
But what about our beautiful holiday cake from Sunshade and Jaffa!     Mom says that Mitch will now get much larger pieces than I get.  Bummer!
There's not much left. We've done a good job on it, huh!
 Miss Elaine and mom want to see me reach my 14th birthday and beyond as long as I stay happy and pain-free!  I want that too!
But what about ice cream, mom? 
Have you checked that out yet?

We got a phone call from Miss Fern and Zoie yesterday.  Their computer is sick and at the hospital being repaired. She wanted us to let you all know so that no one would worry about her.  We hear that Zoie had another fun playdate the day after Christmas so we're sure that she will tell you all about that as soon as she can.

So until next time................

Love ya lots,


  1. Mmmm~ Cauliflower and broccoli are yummy! But carrots are at our top list of favourites too :) hehe

  2. Maggie you are able to try so many new foods, how very exciting. Will you share with Mitch?
    It's wonderful that Jaffa and Sunshade's mummy is helping you so much.

    Happy New Year to you and Mitch.

    Molly,Taffy,Monty and Winnie

  3. We are very happy that you are feeling well Maggie and trying out some new foods! It's great that you like vegetables because they will make you better!!! xoxo Happy New Year Maggie and we wish you and Mitch all the BEST for next year!!
    Chloe and LadyBug

  4. I bet you can feel all those lovely vitamins doing you some good, Maggie. Best wishes to you all for 2012

  5. Miss Maggie! Collie Flowers and Brocollis are totally yummers. No trouble sticking to that diet.


  6. You're such a good girl, Maggie. Cauliflower and broccoli are nutritious and yummy. So glad that you like them very much... I think a little ice-cream brings no harm, either.

    Happy New Year to you Maggie and Mitch and your family.

  7. That looks like a really yummy dindin! We are soooo glad that Elaine is helping you! There is no one who knows more than she does about doggie nutrition! Feel good, Maggie! We want you to be with your pawrents and Mitch for MANY more birthdays!


  8. That sounds like a yummy diet!! I had a lab that would rather eat broccoli than steak even...

  9. That looks great. I love most veggies, but 'specially broccoli cause the little frond thingies tickles.

    Happy New Year!

    gussie n teka

  10. Oh yummy we love our veggies especially cauliflower and broccoli. That's splendid news that Miss Elaine is helping your with the new diet.
    We hope ice cream will be on the menu!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  11. We are glad that you are enjoying the new diet Maggie and we hope it keeps you strong and feeling good.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  12. That looks like a Delicious DinDin to me.
    Thank you fur tellin us about Miss Fern.. I was just wonderin about her yesterday.
    Happy New Year to you. I hope it is filled with Fun and Family and LOVE.

  13. Please know that PURRayers are being said and that you are being held close to our hearts as you 'fight the good fight'. Wishing you a peaceful end to 2011 and a bright beginning to 2012 with improved health and vigor.

  14. ok those foodies do not sound fun..I guess Miss Elaine knows what she's doing. bettah listen to her b/c we all want woo around 14+ years!

    besides mitch certainly won't mind helping woo out by eating your portions of the cakes and ice creams.


  15. I must tell Willie about this wonderful new veggie diet you are on. Looks yummy to me, too. Pats and pets and Happy New Year!

  16. Maggie we are sending healing purrs. We are glad you likes the cauliflower, broccoli and coconut oil and hopes there are lots of tasty foods you like on the list of foods you can eat.

  17. Hi Maggie, we're very happy that Sunshade's "evil mum" is helping. My dad says that he's never met anyone who has done more for their furry kids than Sunshade's mom. She's researched, probed, questioned and experimented with new and innovative treatments, care regimes as well as incorporating traditional and Chinese medicines and acupuncture into Sunshade's care. And because "E" has acquired a good knowledge base as well as being generous and caring, we're not surprised that she's helping out with Maggie. Thanks "E", we agree with Janice that "you're a good egg". Love, Sam. PS. we're hoping that a little ice-cream is permissible.

  18. We're so happy you like your new diet, Maggie. We've had collie flowers and brock o'lee on occasion, but with Elaine's advice, we'll have it more frequently.

    It's almost 2012, so we're sending you and Mitch and your mom and dad our besy wirey wishes for a Happy New Year!!! We love you guys!!!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  19. My guys like veggies too. As a matter of fact..that is why my garden now has a fence around it. Asparagus is Zippy's favorite (and mine). So glad you are getting some healing veggies. Sorry about not getting those treats and smaller slices of cake. Maybe you can get some raw asparagus for a treat...Ha!

  20. Hi buddies,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you have cancer but I'm glad that you now enjoy the new veggies diet, I want to see you reach your 14th barkday and beyond too.
    Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR
    May your New Year 2012 be blessed with peace, love and happiness. Sending our heartfelt wishes with joy that never ends.
    Mango, Chubs, and Ximui

  21. NOW... about the Kraut... in Ohio we all think you MUST have Kraut on New Year's Day.. fur good luck.
    In California they do Pinto Beans and in the southern states they like Black Eyed Peas... fur good Luck..

    BUTT there was a heavy German influence in Ohio.. so maybe that is why WE do the Kraut... with some SORT of PORK in it..

  22. We lov brocolli, an we hav colliflower all mashed up soft an fluffy an call it 'cheats mashed potato'.

    I never knew that coconut oil was so good for yu!

    I hope yu hav a grayte 2012, lots ov good helf an larfs!

    | New |

  23. Wilf would also add brussel sprouts to that healthy eating list. Happy 2012 .

  24. Happy 2012 to you and Mitch!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  25. I'm not sure about all those veggies, but I DO know I'm all for a healthy Maggie-girl!!!

  26. Our new year wish for all of you is good health and much happiness.


  27. Hi Maggie:

    Hope you are feeling better!!! Those veggies look yummy!!! I like mine frozen too! Whenever Mommy takes the bag out of the freezer, I beg for a few pieces before she heats them up. Oh, and I love raw veggies too.

    Happy New Year,

  28. Maggie, Mitch and P's.
    We are very sorry you are sick Maggie. (we been too busy to be reading the blogs of the puppies we love)

    We hope your new diet agrees with you but cake every once in a while is a good treat.

    Mommy good luck with your dining room project....we are in the midst of doing house stuff too. I made friends with the roofers and the window installers! I sleep very well at night....hahaha

    Sending you love and warm. Happy New year!
    Violet and company

  29. That looks good too Hootie. He could easily be a vegetarian...but Baby not so much. I sure hope that the new diet helps. I wonder if the same applies to humans? AND Happy New Year to you and your family.
    X-Cassie (BRD & Hootie's mom)

  30. We love ya too Maggie. Glad you are enjoying your yummies. We hope you get to have a little ice cream too. Thanks for letting us know about Fern and Zoie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  31. Looks good to me! Have a fun and safe New Years Eve! See you next year!

  32. A




    to you and yours Maggie and Mitch!

    woos, Tessa

    pee s...Maggie, I gots my paws crossed for you to reach your 20th Barkday happy, pain AND cancer Free! HUGS

  33. I hope the veggies work because we want you around for many years!!!

    Happy New Year to both of you!

  34. It sucks having cancer, I know because I have had it and beat it! You are so good to try new foods and eat your veggies. I love carbs, but like you said, cancer feeds on carbs and sugar. I will pray that you beat this beast and that you reach your fourteenth birthday!

  35. Hi Maggie
    I love brockli, and never had coliflowers.
    I want some tooo.. it looks good, and I want some coconut too- just like you. I hope it gives you lots of energy and feels good!

  36. And I forgots to say HAPPY 2012 to you and your family.

  37. That is so nice of Ms. Elaine to help you with your diet. Mom wishes Phantom would eat more veggies or any veggies for her. He loves pasta and rice too but Mom tries not to let him have it. But when he has days and days where he won't eat . . . .

    We would love o see you have many more wonderful days to come.

    Ice cream for all!!!

    Sending you wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful, and love-filled year in 2012.

    Woos- Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  38. Hi Maggie, I doesn't think I would very much like cauliflower and broccolli but I is happy that you do and that it will help with the cancers. You is a good dog Maggie and I hope you will stay happy and as healthy as can be for a long time yet!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  39. Veggie's are good for you, well that's what mom says when we get them.
    Happy New Year to you both and to all your family
    Love and hugs George and Tess xxx

  40. we know that miss Elaine is very smart and we're so glad that she is helping with Maggie's healthy anti-cancer diet. Baxter may have to be on that diet too. we are still waiting for the results of his biopsy. all dogs should have long and happy and healthy lives.


  41. WEll, we are really behind Miss Maggie, we didn't even know about the C word in your house.

    This Miss Ellie sounds pretty cool so we are gonna go over and check out her site.

    And tomorrow My Vickie is going to go buy me and her soem cauliflower and brocoli.

    She says it is preventative food.
    And that she learned it from you.

    I hope you feel better Miss Maggie and I can't wait to see what you and Mitch will be up to in 2012


  42. Farewell oonies but it is for the best... hello delicious veges and coconut oil. We hope the fresh food will be very very very good for you. We will add these delicious things to our meals too. You are our food guru! Our dogs also LOVE carrots.

    Speaking of which today I gave my pups each a slice of Asian Pear. Never tried it before on the dogs but they enjoyed it. Just one slice each because too much would cause loose bowels but they each enjoyed their sliver of Asian Pear. Maybe that would be good for Maggie?

    Stay well and we are pulling for you!

  43. pretty, pretty girl...first off, we are so sad to hear about you having cancer. your friend is right though...certain food are good for fighting cancer. but do be careful as some can cause bad gas and brocolli is one of them...we know...we were sick for days after having at raw broc. maybe it is different cooked...
    we wish you all the best in your quest for getting better. we love you!!!!

    duhgall, fiona and our human mother, becky

  44. Maggie
    We hope you make to your 14th bday too. Your new diet sounds good to me!!!
    Paws crossed here for you.

  45. We send you all our best wishes of joy, happiness and especially HEALTH.
    Lots of love from all of us.

  46. Oh sweet Maggie! We are so glad you have Miss Elaine to advise on food choices that will help, and are also yummy! We hope you will fell good for a long long time.
    Happy New Year to all of you!

    Big hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  47. Oh yes, the 'ole cauliflower! Yippee!

    Happy New Year You Guys,

    Aroo, Stuart

  48. Miss Maggie,
    Your new diet looks like my Mom's, lots of veggies, coconut oil and she is cooking wiff almond flower! Me didn't know almonds are flowers butt dat's what she bought at the store!

    Happy New Year, we hope your new diet helps!

    Chloe and Cecil

  49. Oh Maggie...we're gonna eat those COLLIE FLOWERS AND BROC O LEES and think of ya whilst we're snarfing them up!! And Miss Sunshade's hooman is pretty amazing...we heard there's pix of an airepup over there...we need to go check that out...

    Kisses dearies,

    Miss Lacie and boyz

  50. mmmm veggies are yummy

    Stop on by for a visit

  51. We love cauliflower around here so your new diet sounds terrific. We even like cauliflower & broccoli raw. Hopefully this will help you get to 14!

    love & wags,

  52. Veggies are the way to go! We are all hooked on them too, the whole family loves them. We got a big pot made yesterday with cabbage and carrot and blood cleansing turmeric. We have the cooking water for refreshments during the day and the rest with din din :) tuck in!

  53. Veggies are the way to go! We are all hooked on them too, the whole family loves them. We got a big pot made yesterday with cabbage and carrot and blood cleansing turmeric. We have the cooking water for refreshments during the day and the rest with din din :) tuck in!