Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunshade ♥

One of our very bestest friends in this whole wide world has gone to the Bridge and our hearts are breaking in two for her mum.  
We have been reading Sunshade's blog for many years and we were over-the-top excited to finally meet Elaine and Sunshade in person!    One of our dreams was to hike Sleeping Giant together and we did and we loved every moment of it.

Mom got to kiss Sunshade and she was so sweet and her fur was so soft.   The memories will last forever~
She walked all the way up to the castle and all the way back down again - unleashed.   She was an amazing girl~
Elaine and Sunshade were soul mates. They shared so much together.
You were the bestest AireMum ever, Miss Elaine ♥

Elaine has put together a tribute to her special girl and we wanted to share it with you.

Run free, Sunshade.  We are going to miss you for a very long time to come.  And we will never ever forget you.  You were one of a kind and so very special ♥

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and Jaffa, Elaine. 

We love you ♥

 Mitch, Molly, angel Maggie, Sue and George


  1. Now we have leaky eyes. Our love and hugs to Jaffa and Elaine. We know sweet Sunshade will be sorely missed. They take a piece of our heart with them and leave a piece of theirs in ours. Never forgotten and always missed. Run free and fast sweet one over the rainbow bridge.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi Mitch and Molly,
    I'm sorry to hear from your loss. I'm not sure if you can remember Jade the Kerry blue terrier from Finland. She passed away about year ago. We miss her everyday. I'm Ansa and I'm Ansa and I'm related to her. She was my idol and she did tech me everything in this world. I hope that you will remember that memories stays for ever.
    Greetings Ansa

  3. OH how SAD. WE remember Every Single Moment of Sunshade's Visit with you. It was Wonderful.

    We are SOOOOOOOO sorry to hear this news.

    Run FREE and FAST through Fields of Pretty Flowers..Sunshade.
    Til we Meet again.

  4. We are so sorry. Run free sweetheart
    Lily & Edward

  5. So sad....

    We remember Sunshade from your posts, and when you got to meet Ms Elaine. We know she'll have a huge hole in her heart...

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  6. Sunshade's mom did a beautiful tribute to her. We will keep Sunshade's mom in our prayers.

    Aroo to you,

  7. we saw and watched the video earlier on facebook - so very very sad

  8. Oh, no. We are so sorry to hear about Sunshade. Our hearts go out to her family and friends.

  9. Oh, so sorry. I feel that I know Sunshade too, your stories about her were so vibrant and happy. RIP Sunshade, run free.

  10. There was so much wisdom and so much love in the posts that Elaine and Sunshade did together. Miss Sunshade was a Super Special Superdale.

    gus and teka

  11. When your heart-dog goes, part of yourself goes. Fortunately, we go on to love other dogs, though life is different. We never forget.

  12. Such sad news today. We were followers of Sunshade when she had her blog and thought about her often. Our deepest sympathy to Elaine and all who loved Sunshade.

  13. Oh no, Momma and I are so sorry to hear your good friend has gone over the bridge. Or sympathies go out to her momma and you all.

  14. So sad. Sendin big hugs to her momma.

  15. OMD, this just must be heartbreakin' for Miss Elaine. I can't even begin to imagine what she is goin' through right now....
    Sendin' lots of AireZens and prayers her and Jaffa and the piggies way...
    {{{hugs}}}} to you guys too♥
    Ruby ♥

  16. Oh my goodness...tears were streaming down when I was only half way through. What a beautiful tribute to Sunshade. My heart goes out to all her knew her...and especially Miss Elaine...who I'm sure will be lost for a while. Blessings to you all.

  17. My heart feels such sadness for the family of your special friend.
    And for your family too.
    I will send love so the family will feel we are close- as blogville gathers in a circle - holding paws.

  18. :-( This isn't good at all. We're very sorry about Sunshade and her mom. Leaving is so hard on those left behind.

  19. Oh dear, we are so sorry! Run free, Sunshade!

  20. Oh dear, we are so sorry! Run free, Sunshade!

  21. Sunshade will be missed around the world. We did not know her and Elaine like you did, but we have no doubt of how special that dog was and what a terrific person Elaine is. RIP Sunshade

    Wyatt and Family

  22. We are so sorry to hear about your friend. What a sad passing.

  23. So incredibly sad. She's been part of all our lives for such a long time. The video reduced me to a teary heap so I am off to find a Dale shoulder to cry on and get my face cleaned. Sadly I'm not on FB to send my thoughts to Elaine but my heart is with her (and Jaffa).

  24. I'm so sorry. What a sweet girl. May she rest in peace after such a long and happy life.

  25. How sad, the only thing I hate about our wonderful fur babies is when they leave us, it is always too soon. Love to all. Hugs Susie x

  26. I'm so sorry about your friend. That's great that you got to meet them. We will see them when we reach the rainbow.

  27. We never met Sunshade but we are so sad that she has gone to the Bridge. What a beautiful and heartwarming tribute from her Mom. Run free sweet Sunshade.

  28. How very sad! We send licks and love to those who are missing Sunshade, and our local friends Gino and Jake.

  29. Run Free Sunshade!!! We will all be together one day soon!!!
    So sorry but wait for us!!
    I know this has hurt you Sue!!!! So sorry!!

  30. Oh this is sad. We are glad you got to meet them in person.

    This has not been a good week for doggie pals. We have lost three pup pals in three months - two within the last week and a half.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

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  32. The story of Sunshade is making the rounds on Facebook. Amazing how this little dog continues to touch the hearts of people. Elaine, (Sunshade's Mom) Obviously had an incredible "soul-mate" relationship with this precious little doggie. Thanks for sharing such a deep and personal love story with all of us.

    I tried to go to the blog and the site and they have been removed. So, I hope Elaine visits this one. Elaine, I am so sorry for your loss. It will hurt for a very long time. But in that pain is a deep understanding that you shared something so amazing and full that although she is gone your heart can remain full. Not everyone has that. Please write a book. Even if you do not publish it, which I would buy, it will wrap around the pain with rich emotional stability. We love Sunshade because you did. Thanks for sharing her.