Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Angel Sunshade

Angel Sunshade would have been 15 years old today.   How we miss her ♥
 November 28th is the 8th anniversary of our blog and if it wasn't for Miss Elaine and Sunshade, Maggie would have never had a blog and we would never have met all of our wonderful friends in Blogville.

We hope that angel Maggie and angel Sunshade are having a SuperPawty at Rainbow Bridge and enjoying lots of cake and ice cream!  We sure do miss both of you girls♥

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly


  1. Never forgotten, always, always cuddled close in our hearts.
    I think you should have cake and icey cream today as well to remember with !
    (and if you need any helps with the icey cream give me a call !)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. A beautiful angel,
    How nice that you intend.

    We like your Blogville very good:-)
    and send many apples as consolation - Bente

  3. Awww, we hope she is having a nice big pupcake in doggie heaven!

  4. we bet they are having the best time - and we bet sunshade has a pawsome rock collection :)

  5. We KNOW that they are together and having a Blast.
    Happy Blogiversary to you... and Happy Thanksgiving too.

  6. It's really quite a feat to blog for 8 years - even with the best intentions many of us drift into silence. So a hearty thanks and congratulations because Angel Maggie, Mitch and Molly bring so many happy moments to us.
    And our thoughts are with Angel Sunshade, and Jaffa and Elaine.

  7. Yep we know that they are having fun together. Were glad that you started blogging.
    Happy Blogaversary


  8. We remember Sunshade and Miss Elaine. We know she's missed just as much as Maggie.

    Great memories....

  9. Going into the holidays is a good time to take a few minutes to think about our friends and family at the bridge.

  10. We do hope Sunshade is having a super birthday at the Rainbow Bridge.

  11. Never forget your old friends! We think about Ginger and Charisma all the time!

  12. Happy Birthday to sweet Angel Sunshade.

  13. Oh, I do miss that sweet gurl! I hopes Elaine is doin' okay too. It must be so hard for her.
    I thinks Sunshade and all her furiends are havin' a HUGE pawty right now!
    Ruby ♥

  14. Howdy Mates. We hope your memories give you smiles. We remember your Maggie too but sadly did not know your Sunshade. Happy Blogiversary to you. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory