Monday, December 29, 2014

Back to Work

We had a wonderful Christmas but now it's time to get back to work.
 Bents for Professor Mike's barn are being assembled so that they can be fine-tuned.  This is necessary so the day of the barn raising, dad knows that everything fits and few or no adjustments need to be made.  The barn raising will be in May in Maine. 

 Wouldn't you rather play with me than make pegs, mom?
I admit - I'm a tennis ball addict.   I love, love, love my tennis balls!
No you can't throw this ball out, mom. It still has lots of life left in it and it's not as dirty as it looks - really!
 You can't see it but we're sure that you can probably guess that I'm staring at my tennis ball.  Mom says that being too obsessive is NEVER a good thing.
Who thinks that wood chips on my head look funny?!
 Break time! 

Our friend, Dana, came up from Rhode Island.  He and dad are working on another timber frame video!  No one is safe when Molly wants to play ball!  Poor, Dana~
Can you guess who this is?
This is our dad and angel Maggie when she was 6 months old.  She had just gotten her first hAirecut!  Look at those crazy ears!

As luck would have it, this is the video that dad and Dana worked on.  You can see both of us sneaking in and out during the shoot.  Molly is the star - but you have to go all the way to the end to see that part  *wink wink*

So until next time..............

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly


  1. Dad's drooling over that lovely wood - it's not only difficult to find here but soooo expensive it'd be cheaper to buy gold bars! Now Dad, stop that drooling, it's not a good look!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Wow - that's really cool. I also liked the video of the finished Crump's barn. It's so lovely.

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Woof, Mitch and Molly,

    Mom says to tell you that she really likes the wood. There's something special about working with wood, the way it feels and smells. So many wonderful things can be made with wood.

    Don't let your Mom throw out the tennis ball. They never go bad.

    Woof, Woof,

  4. that is an excellent video and it makes us smile to know people still keep the old crafts alive

  5. Maggie had awesome crazy ears! We, too, love our tennis balls, although Mom says our balls have been retired for the season - something about them getting buried in snow and not found again until May.... Which is why we are on to frisbees. But a stray ball found its way onto the porch a couple of days ago, and even though Mom put it up on a shelf, we KNOW it's there....

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  6. Really incredible and fascinating! Hope you had the most Merry Christmas and keep up that good work (especially if you get those yummy break snacks!).

  7. Make sure they don't hurt your tennis ball while they are doing all that building
    Lily & Edward

  8. We must be honest and say we didn't understand anything....and we cheated and went to the end, but we got to see the cameo appearances!

    Oh, and great ball work!

  9. Wow, how big is your Dad's workshop that he can build a barn inside it? Maybe he can build a boat someday to take you all sailing. Nice job playing catch Molly.

  10. What an AMAZINg Video.... and here all this time we thought trees were only fur PEEing on... Who Knew...

    Loved the CAMEO ... Molly.

  11. We couldn't help but "squee" over the picture of your angel sister Maggie as a baby!!! SO adorable!
    We're glad you had a good Christmas! We're trying to get caught up - I think our Mags is still drooling over that Turkey Pot Pie!!!

  12. I absolutely love the photo of your dad and puppy Maggie.

    And, being obsessive about tennis balls is always a good thing (That's R talking)!!!!

    What gorgeous wood. I wish I could run my hand over it.

  13. Dat tennis ball looks perfectly seasoned to me.

  14. It is a good thing that you dogs are there to help. All construction projects need an Airedale or 2!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  15. Looks like you all were having fun with tennis balls and wood chips.

  16. Just stopping by to wish you and your family good health and much happiness in 2015!

  17. Look at cute little Maggie! I love tennis balls too and Arran is really annoying cos he runs off with them!
    I saw you lying down on your bed and sneaking into the shot. Mum hadn't got my sound on but it all looks very technical!
    ~lickies, Ludo!

  18. Hi Y'all!

    Can't wait for the barn raisin'! My Humans have seen them, but I never have.

    Wishing y'all a happy and healthy 2015!

    Happy New Year!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  19. Love seeing a pic of Angel Maggie! Such a special girl! Very interesting video too. Happy New Year to you and your pawrents. Thanks for being such great furiends.

  20. Oh, what a treat that video was. I've always been interested to know more about your barn raisings. Of course, I also liked seeing you two doggies making an appearance. I couldn't tell whose tail tip it was in one scene, but you're right that Molly starred at the end!

    And whoever would have thought that cherry trees grow so large! I've never seen a huge one here in Australia.

    Happy New Year.