Friday, April 17, 2015

We Are Infested

These stoopid ladybugs have been inside our house all winter long and they're getting worse as the warmer temps are heading in!  Does anyone else have this problem?
There are at least 100 of them on this window~
Mom vacuums them up with the sweeper daily but we can't seem to gain on them!
 And they walk all over the floors even getting inbetween the floorboards. 
 Why can't they go outside and hang around on the beautiful flowers!

We are hoping they disappear outside soon.  How the heck did they get in here anyway?!

So until next time...........

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly


  1. We's never had a ladybug problem like that, we're always pleased to see them 'cos they see off the greenfly on Dad's bonsai Perhaps you wouldn't mind parcelling them us and sending them over here?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah x

  2. they must have laid eggs somewhere inside and are now starting to hatch

  3. Hopefully now the weather is good they will go outside and yes Reilly is right there must be laying eggs somewhere.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly
    PS sure you can buy online a ladybird food that you put in ladybird boxes to attract them. Maybe you can put some outside to tempt them away.

  4. You're so lucky! The big problem with ladybugs is that they die off in the winter and then when the pests burst into life, there are at first no ladybugs to keep them in check.

    If you could figure out where they've been living in the winter, you could become a millionaire sharing the secret with gardeners, lol.

  5. Sometimes we have MEAN ladybugs come to our house and live, they are called Japanese beetles...they bite!!! They hang out on the glass doors, windows, ceiling and mom has even gotten bit a couple of times on the neck....we do not like them either!!! When they come to our house we have lots also!
    So far Jim our baby giraffe eats them up for snacks pretty good.
    stella rose

  6. That's not good. Mommy works somewhere where there are stink bugs. Do lady bugs stink if you kill them, or do they smell like ladies?
    Sally Ann

  7. And we have them tooo! They are on every window and lamp shade..and celing. just everywhere!! We have had them for years.. and they stink and bite,, We were told they are asian lady bugs, and we cannot get rid of them. Every fall they come!
    We are sorry you have them too!

  8. We had a Ladybug problem when we lived in Maryland. One ladybug can lay hundreds of eggs and when they hatch, watch out, they're everywhere.

  9. We's never had a ladybug problem. We had some flies earlier - da kitties went nutso tryin to catch em.

  10. Our Auntie in Virginia always has that problem. We don't think they disappear.....

  11. Oh, but once the Stink bugs invaded, either the lady bugs disappeared or our Auntie forgot all about them! Good luck.

  12. We'll trade you those ladybugs for our stinkbugs who are doing the exact same thing!

  13. Whew...thats not good...never had very many of them or two is about it......our big problem is June Bugs. YUK!

    The Mad Scots

  14. Oh dear, that is no fun at all. We always see them outside and maybe one inside once in a great while. Hope you can find the source.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  15. Crikey ....... that's weird. All those pretty flowers ...... you'd think they'd go out there, aye???

  16. Weve had them in the past but so far so good. My mom is fine with any bug outside but when it enters our door, then she becomes a crazy lady!! skerry!!


  17. We've never had a ladybug problem indoors either. I did once find about a thousand of them congregated into a big ball on a pine tree branch. I can see how difficult it would be if that many were in your house. I hope they go outside to your beautiful flowers!

  18. We used to - YES! They're horrible! They BITE and leave a very stinky yellow stain! They are an imported Asian lady beetle == you do not want to get our mom started about those things! They are not the cute, harmless Ladybugs!!!


  19. Dear Mitch and Molly,

    Your ladybugs are confused. Ladybugs are supposed to be on the flowers and the plants, eating the little annoying bugs called aphids. What are they doing on your house??? Tell the ladybugs to get back to work!


  20. I have never seen an infestation of ladybugs!!! For me, they are always so cute - but that's only when one sees one or two. I hope you can get them out in the garden where they can do good.
    And thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my magnolia painting!

  21. helo mitch and molly its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd that if yoo tel the ladybugs to fly away home on akkownt of their howse is on fire they wil leev to mayk shoor their children do not roam!!! it may be wurth a try!!! ok bye