Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Good News

Hi everybody,  it's me, Mitch.
My vet called on Saturday with the results of my bloodwork.  It's all good so we don't have that worry anymore.   The prednisone is finally beginning to give me some relief from this aching jaw.  The stressful news is that it makes me VERY thirsty and mom has put a limit on the water that she allows me to drink.  She says that drinking 87 gallons of water a day is totally out of the question.   Mom and dad say that my butt is losing muscle tone and and it's looking and feeling boney to them and my collar is looking too big on me because my neck is shrinking in size. 
The better news is that Molly and I got treated to spiced pumpkin cheesecake squares.

Molly and I have gotta say that we feel fortunate that we got to stay inside the house safe and sound while the Halloween pawty was going on.   Check out these nutty peeps!

Mom brought the camera along on our morning walkies again.  My butt doesn't look too skinny to me.  I'm the one on the left with the shorter tail. 

 This is the beautiful willow tree at the duck pond that we pass by every single day~
 The leaves continue to blow off the trees every day.   We sure do love autumn!
 Look at all of those apples!    I'm so happy that the squirrels leave some for me!
 I'm eating my apple, Molly!    Wait for me!

 Hi mom☺
 I sure do love my morning cookie~
Thank you so much for all of the good thoughts and POTP that you sent my way.    I'm feeling a whole lot better. 

Love ya lots♥


  1. I is very glad to hear yous feeling better Mitch and I haf to say you do haf a very cute butt!
    Wow, yous got sum crazy peeps at the pawty, best stay indoors and eat sum more of those yummy cookies!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. that is wonderful news that you are feeling better and no your but doesn't look to skinny :)

  3. Oh dear me Mitch I hang my head in shame...some how (the fault of my unable bodied assistant) I missed that you were feeling less than purrfect. Bless your sweet Airedale heart. thank goodness you are feeling better and the pred is working. Due to a mystery intestinal issue in January I had to take prednisone too. They tried pills on me BUTT oh were the bitter and evidently a 10 lb cat cannot be held down by one 175 Dad. So the gave me a time released predisone shot. It worked miracles toooooo BUTT IT MADE ME THIRSTY AND HUNGRY. YOUR 'DALE TUSH LOOKS FINE TO ME
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. We finks you haf the cutest little butt, but moms worry like that all the time, it is their job we fink. We loved the pictures on your walk, that willow is so pretty. It looks like your peeps enjoyed Halloween a lot....stellie rose

  5. So very glad your test results were all good and that you're feeling better, Mr. Mitch. You're a well-taken care of and much-loved pooch and it shows! Willow tree is gorgeous!

    Parental Unit well knows the boney butt and loosing muscle tone in the back legs thing from her old boy, Carson. He had his two knees replaced and so developed arthritis, then started to loose muscle tone from lack of vigorous use. We wish we knew what could be done to lesson the muscle loss, but that might involve a fountain of youth potion:-)

    PS. Those pumpkin treats should make you feel 100%

  6. Hi Mitch we are so happy you are getting well and no your butt does not look skinny! Love the Halloween pictures and those squares look great! Glad everything is well. Hugs, Susie & Treacle xx

  7. Oh Mitch, I missed the post about you not feeling well. We know how painful MMM can be and hope you're feeling better really soon.

  8. We're so glad your jaw isn't too sore for those yummy treats! And we don't think there's ever too much water because you can leave lots of pee mail.

  9. I am so happy you are feeling better, I have had paws crossed for you. It looks like your peeps love Halloween like mine!

    Ziggy Out!!

  10. Glad you're feelin better! Those pumpkin treats look yummy!

  11. We're so glad you're feeling better!
    If your parents think your butt is looking too skinny, perhaps they should give you some more of those pumpkin cheesecake squares!!!! RIGHT?!?!?!?

  12. Good news on the blood work, Mitch. Your butt looks fine to us - you handsome guy!!! We bet those pumpkin squares were pawesome - Mom is drooling over them.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. Daisy was a pirate. She gave out Milk Bones. Looks like ya'll had a great party!
    I always enjoy the walk.
    Have a great week.

  14. Oh Mitch! Our brother Bart took pred a lot ! It made him REEELY hungry, so you'll put those pounds on again quick we're sure!! Glad you're feeling the betterment!!

    -Ruby and Otto

  15. We are so happy you are feeling better, Mitch!! We just love seeing all the beautimous scenery in your hood!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  16. Mitch, so glad you are feeling better! I am on prednisone, too, and i am thirsty all the time. I lie by my bowl, or stick my nose in it to alert Lady that it needs refilling. I wake her up all night to go pee. I have to sleep on a bedpad cause sometimes I don't wake up. Such is the price for having some vision back so I don't bump.
    Love the funny-looking peeps!

  17. Such WONDERFUL news Mitch--Happy Dance time!!! You and Molly certainly have a very Full life and Beautiful scenery on your daily walkies .
    Nancy with my new Buddy--Trixie

  18. I'm so glad that you're feeling better, Mitch! I think that you should agree that you look too skinny so you get even more treats!!!! Sorry about the pred. I was on it recently, and I felt slightly "insane" when the dose was the highest. I hope it doesn't affect you like that!

  19. So glad to hear you are feeling better! We really love going on your hikes with you!! It is beautiful where you live.

  20. Glad to hear you're feeling better. We are keeping our paws crossed for you.

  21. Glad to hear you're feeling better. We are keeping our paws crossed for you.