Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Stairs are Lit

Mom lit up the stairs for Christmas!

 It makes it easier to see going up and down at night.  We like it!
 Mom says no playing on the stairs, Molly~~
 Christmas is coming and Santa is watching.   We gotta be good pups!

Today is our blogoversary!  We've been blogging for 9 years.  We have met so many wonderful friends and we treasure each and every one of you.     Thank you for being our friends.  We love you all♥

Mitch and Molly


  1. Ohhhhh that is so pretty and very creative! WTG MOM
    HAPPY 9th year of blogging fun! We are very impressed your mom must have written 87 million words
    Madi your bffff

  2. Nine years! Wow, that's awesome! We love your decorations. Our auntie in Virginia does that with her staircase, too. Just a gorgeous way to make the house look festive.

  3. Happy Blogversary!!!!!
    And we love your happy stairs!!!

  4. That looks so very pretty! <3 Happy Blog-a-versary!

  5. the stairs are look awesome and congrats on 9 years - were does the time go ?

  6. What a beautiful job your mom did on the staircase. Very festive! And congratulations on 9 years of blogging. That's impressive!!!

  7. Congrats on 9 yrs!!!! That is pawsome. You are looking very Christmasy!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. Those stairs look beautimous!!!

    Happy 9th Blogiversary!! How awesome!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. That looks so beautiful!!! I am really getting into Christmas this year! We hung some special ornaments today -- they smelled very interesting, and Mom said your mom made them! Mom made sure to hang them a bit on the high part of the tree. Hmm.
    Happy blog-o-versary!!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  10. Happy Blogaversary, Mitch and Molly. Your staircase looks so festive. Mom saw some swags she really wanted to have for our stairs, but when she tried to order them, they were all sold out:( Guess she will have to come up with another idea.

    Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. Happy Blogoversary!!

    And yer stairs looks very pretty!

  12. Happy blogaversary. I suspect I may have been reading the adventures of your family, canine and human, for nearly al that time! Thanks for making my life richer.

  13. Happy Blogversary we are so happy we found this Blog we look forward to each and every post😊
    The stairs look festive and pretty🎄

  14. Happy Blogoversary!

    Your house always looks so festive for the holidays. We like the lights on the stairs and they make them safer at night too.

  15. Dear Mitch and Molly,

    Our people did the lights today too! Plus they stuck all sorts of things that look pawesome for chewing on onto a big plastic tree!

    But you're right, Santa is coming and I must try very hard to be good... How do you stay good???

    Happy blogoversary!


  16. hello mitch and molly its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy blogoversary!!! menny happy reeterns!!! that is a verry festiv lukking stairway wot yoo hav got their!!! we do not hav enny stairs heer and eeven if we did i dowt they wood be dekorayted espeshly not with the puppy heer taring up evrything she kan git her teeth on!!! ha ha ok bye

  17. Happy Blogversary!! Mommy loves the steps, they look so nice and festive.

    Ziggy Out!!

    p.s. I hope you are feeling better Mitch, I still have paws crossed for you.

  18. Happy bloggiversary! We can't believe it has been 9 years!!!
    Love the lighted stairs.

  19. Happy Anniversary! And to think I only found you a few months ago.
    Amazing! And I'm glad I did. I enjoy visiting.
    I love your lighted stairs. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to light our stairs this year. Wasn't all together with how it looked last year. I've been dragging trees and lights all over all day.
    Daisy loves it but gets bored. LOL. Thanks for coming over seeing my bunny pic. I wish he was mine!
    Have a wonderful week.

  20. Happy Blogiversary! We have been very careful to keep on the "nice" list. You never know when someone is watching.

  21. Wow, nine years!!! I am about to hit seven years, and I thought that was a long time. You are amazing!

    I love your stairs. We had stairs like that when I was growing up, and we always lit them too. Yours are so pretty!

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  23. Happy Blogoversary guys! You've got us beat - we've only been at it 8 and a half years! (and not very consistently anymore either). You impress us with your blogging and your pawsome lives too! -Erin & Teagan