Saturday, August 19, 2017

Our Very First Time

Mom went grocery shopping on Thursday.  She spied tofu - kept on walking and then turned back around.   She's always heard that it's so healthy for you and at $1.99, what the heck!
She spent an hour looking at recipes on what to do with it now that it was in our frig.
 She decided that cubing it might be easiest for her first time preparing it.      This is good stuffs, mom!
 The recipe that she finally decided on told us to pour boiling salted water over the cubed tofu.    Mom is one who hates to use 87 dishes to prepare a meal so she decided to boil the salted water in the pan that she intended to pan-fry the tofu in.   Once the water boiled, she added the tofu cubes, waited for it to come back to a boil because the tofu just came out of the frig and it was cold.   The recipe says to let the cubes sit in the hot water for 15 minutes and then you drain them and pat them dry with paper towels.  
 She added vege oil to the dried frying pan and sprinkled some Mrs Dash garlic  and onion into the oil, heated it and added the tofu cubes.  
Time to drain them on paper towel.   Are you noticing that each picture has less and less tofu cubes☺

I don't think we need to decide on a tofu stir-fry.   We will never have enough now that we ate just about all of it before we got to the rest of the recipe preparation. 
Yes, we were PIGGIES and it was soooooooooooo yummy!
We will be making tofu again for sure.  
If anyone has a favorite way that they use tofu, please let us know as we are just learning to love it!

Love ya lots♥


  1. I love such things we can eat while we prepare them... like my grampy who offered invisible duck breasts once for christmas dinner ;o)

  2. OH Molly you and your mom are so very adventurous...Mom has thought about trying it but she also hates using 87 dishes when cooking and for sure she knows Dad would never try it. MOL We are glad to know how delish it is and mom is also a big Fan of anything Mrs. Dash makes. they had tacos last night.
    Mom never uses the taco mix in the box...too much sodium. She buys Mrs. Dash Taco mix and it is yummy
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS Da Phenny is soo funny

  3. We love to add a little fresh basil to tofu...or fresh basil to anything

  4. Our mom has eaten it, but has never made it here at the house. Our next door neighbors are from China. They, Mom and Dad, and some other neighbors all went out to dinner together one night to an "authentic" Chinese restaurant. Mom tried some then, at our neighbors' urging, and liked it OK. It mostly soaked up the spicy sauce it was in!

  5. We wish our Mama was more adventurous too...we would love to try some of that tofu stuff!!
    Arty & Jakey

  6. I don't thing I ever has tofu. What did it taste like?

  7. We put it into a stir fry with Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, and mushrooms. Yum!

  8. SHE loves it! Though we occasionally put it in a stir fry, SHE uses it more in add protein.

  9. We don't think tofu has ever made its way to our fridge. Our Dad would never try it, he is just not adventurous. But Mom might, maybe we can convince her to try your recipe:)

    Happy weekend.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  10. Our pawrents have used tofu in stir fry recipes that they make. They also always get a tofu dish if they get Chinese take out and can have it fried or not.

  11. Mom has never tried Tofu - now it sounds like something to try!
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. You are very brave to try tofu. It doesn't look very good.
    Love all the art work in your side panel.

  13. Well done to both of you for trying something new. My mum doesn't know what to do with tofu, so she hasn't bought any yet but you have inspired her to try cooking it one day!


  14. I often order tofu in cafes and restaurants, and love it, but the only time I bought some for home it just got old in the fridge. Thanks for this recipe. Maybe I'll try it again.

  15. I don't believe that I have ever tried tofu. You are making me very tempted.

  16. hello molly its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i think my dada has lots of tofu resipeez let me find owt wich wun is his fayvrit!!! just a minnit!!! ok he sed i shud kopy and payst this wun heer goze!!! if yoo try it i hope yoo like it!!! ok bye

    Asian Garlic Tofu
    Prep Time: 1 hrs | Cook Time: 1 hrs 50 mins | Servings: Servings: 4 servings | Difficulty: Easy


    2 package super firm tofu
    1/2 cup Hoisin sauce
    4 tablespoons soy sauce
    2 teaspoon sugar
    2 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
    4 cloves garlic, minced
    1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
    2 tablespoon olive oil
    2 teaspoon sesame oil
    green onions for garnish
    rice for serving


    Remove tofu from packaging. Place about 4 paper towels on a plate. Set tofu on top of plate and cover with more paper towels. Place a cast iron pan or something else that is heavy on top. Let sit 30 minutes.

    In a medium bowl, stir together Hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, garlic, and red pepper flakes.

    Cut tofu into bite-sized pieces. Place in bowl with sauce and toss to coat. Let sit 30 minutes.

    Heat olive oil in a medium cast iron pan over medium-high heat. Once really hot, add tofu. Once nicely seared on the bottom, flip over. Continue to cook until seared on bottom.

    Drizzle with sesame oil and remove from heat.

    Sprinkle with green onions and serve with rice.


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  17. yummmmm,, saute with taco seasoning,, for tacos!!! yum!