Friday, April 26, 2019

Nature Friday

We are joining Jakey today for Nature Friday.

The black flies are horrible with all of the rain that we've had and now the warmer temps That white thing tied to my harness is a dryer sheet.   We hear they help to keep the black flies away plus mom and I are both wearing Rose Geranium and Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil.    We're trying our best to keep these annoying buggers away but it's a very hard thing to do with all of the woods and water in our area.   
The dryer sheet didn't work so mom bought me Ben's that comes highly recommended by our good friend, Phil, who passed away a year ago.  Mom sprayed my purple bandana and her hat.   The Ben's is working☺
She treated herself to another hyacinth and the pot had two different color purples in it.   How lucky is she!
 And she treated herself to a Gardenia♥
 And my sissy surprised her with an Easter Lily☺
We discovered that when the flowers die, you can plant the Easter Lily outside and it will come back next year.   And here is the proof~
We found a what we think is a Star Magnolia.   You can see how wet the ground is in front of the tree. 
 And we found pretty purple creeping flowers.  
We found what Nanny used to call Money plant.  It blooms with either purple flowers or white flowers.
 The Daffies always make us smile☺
 We found ferns that are just coming to life~
 And we found TONS of Poison Ivy~
 Happy Friday, everybuddy!
Love ya lots♥


  1. Stay AWAY from the poison ivy! But you know that. My dad didn’t know just how allergic he was to that plant until we moved into this house. Then he looked like a tall troll until he finally went to see his doctor

    Just sayin’


  2. we love the gardenias and this beautiful easter lily ...and we think that Ben's is a smart trick to chase that evile flies away ;o)

  3. Beautiful flowers. No flowers here yet, things are just starting to come to life, but we will have snow again tomorrow. Those flies sound horrid. Hope that stops soon. Happy Weekend!

  4. What is this 'Ben's? The only Ben's know comes with Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

  5. Such pretty flowers! And I loves your bandana. Purple is my color!

  6. We loved seeing all those plants and flowers. Most of our hyacinths and lilies in our yard were originally gifts in flower pots that we later planted outdoors. Thanks for the advice on those black flies.

  7. Spring has sprung, but those flies would be terrible indeed.

    All the pretty plants, blossoms and flowers. I love spring.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Molly. My best to your mom. ♥

  8. Molly I am so sorry about the buggers....they love me too just like they love you and your sweet Mom. I have to limited my time outside as dusk approaches to keep the buggers from turning me into an all they can eat buffet.

    Your nature photos are beautiful and the indoor posies add a special touch to the house.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Black flies, poison ivy...Mother Nature does like to throw some curve balls sometimes. Glad the Bens is working, because it looks too beautiful to have it ruined by flies!

  10. Dang those pesky flies. We love all the beautiful flowers you see

  11. Silly flies...we are glad you found a way to keep them away while you took a walk to look at all those pretty flowers!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  12. What pretty flowers! Those flies sound nasty.

  13. You found lots of pretty flower to show us today. We've never heard of that Ben's stuff but it sounds like it works well.

  14. Your Spring Flowers are doing really well. we just love blue flowers as blue is our favourite colour. So glad you found something to keep the flies away they are annoying. We have lots of midges here and they like the wet and warmer temperatures and do bite as well. Treacle doesn't seem to be bothered but they eat DH up alive!!!

    The ferns coming out look pre-historic. We have quite a few in our garden and I think they look great in summer.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs, Susie & Treacle xx

  15. Gardenias are one of my favorite smelling flowers. I was tempted to buy one last week but found a night blooming jasmine instead. Have you ever smelled one? It is incredible! All of your flowers are gorgeous and I'm hoping y'all dry out and the flies go away!

  16. We saw our first "fiddleheads" - ferns, today too! The black flies are not out up here yet, but the ticks are. We're sure those other nasties are not far behind!!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets