Monday, March 28, 2022

Molly Monday

 I was happily de-stuffing a new bone and mom was busy finishing up a puzzle that she said was a total nightmare.

She looked  up and out the window and said - "Oh my goodness, Molly.  We have to grab your lungeline and head outside!"
What happened to Spring?!

I'm not sure we should be rejoicing, Molly!   What will happen to the flower buds on the trees?

The poor Lenten Rose is on the ground and the Hyacinth has snow on it!

I think Spring is taking a break and that's just fine with me!
Have a marvelous Monday, everybuddy!

Love ya lots♥


  1. If it's anything like the last snow we had, it might be gone by lunchtime BOL!
    Enjoy the white stuff, Molly!!
    Rosy, Sunny & Jakey

  2. Hari Om
    Oh deary me, yes... we have been warned of plummeting temps and possibility of snow again here, too!!! I did remark to my sister last week that it was far too early to be as warm as it has been this past fortnight. Silly climate... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. The proverbial lion is giving one last roar ... happy Molly, unhappy flowers!

  4. Snow! In late March! Molly what fun. I am hoping for snow later this week, although Gail seems to be less thrilled with the prospect of standing around in garden in the cold while I master this 'house training' thing...

  5. You're just the cutest ever, Miss Molly. I love going on walks with you.

    I also linked you to Awww Mondays.

    Have a woof woof day and week. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  6. Molly? You enjoy it!! Not me ... it's in the 70° range and sunny here...perfect.

  7. Winter has returned to our yard too. We didn't have any flowers up but the birdies are having trouble finding food so we are keeping our feeders topped off.

  8. You got some snow! I am glad you had a lovely time but you are so right with it being so late in the year and with Spring just sprung. We hope the plants and trees bounce back. After a few nice days last week it will be cold here and we will have some frosty mornings again. It is such a shock to the system having had some nice warm days. Hugs & Love Susie & Treacle xx

  9. Good Golly Miss Molly
    March is going out like a fierce lion. I hope this weather is short lived.
    Mom's puzzle would make me cross eyed
    Love you lots too
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. Miss Molly- by golly you are a cutie!

  11. You look like you were enjoying your cool roll about sweet Molly!

  12. That is how it is here in March, hot cold, rain, snow, repeat. Enjoy the snow.

  13. Lulu: "Spring went on Spring Break to Cancun! At least you get a little more snow to roll around in, eh, Molly?"

  14. I never would have finished that puzzle. Have fun in the snow. Take a roll for me.

  15. We had snow, too, over the weekend, but its almost gone, though the temps are very much Brrr! Winter is fighting hard to stick around, but we hope Spring will win.

  16. We've been getting on and off snow here too.

  17. SO glad you got some more SNOW - but my mom was sad th kholder weather would be impacting the blooms and buds


  18. Guess what Molly ! It's snowing outside right now even though it's going to 70 tomorrow.