Friday, June 2, 2023

Nature Friday

 We are joining Sunny this week for Nature Friday~~

Off we go to find pretty flowers!

The Ferns are making a showing!
The wild Roses are coming into bloom.   The fragrance needs to be stronger to satisfy mom and it will happen~
We are still finding beautiful perennial Bachelors Button in bloom~
We see this wild bush in bloom all the time and mom looked it up and it's in the Cherry family.  
Mom transplanted this red Yarrow four times and FINALLY, it likes the spot where she moved it!  It looks pretty blooming next to the Chives.  
Happy Friday, everybuddy!
Love ya lots♥


  1. Such pretty blooms. The flowers are bursting here now too. Happy Friday!

  2. you found the plants with the most interesting smell, congrats!!! happy furryday and a very good furst june-weekend...

  3. Molly what a wonderful floral show you gave us today. The Bachelor button name always makes me smile. The Yarrow knew exactly where it wanted to be and omds it is thriving
    Love you lots

  4. Hari OM
    Another fabulous roundup of fine blossoms and foliage, Molly! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. It is always so khool to see all of the wild things in Connect-The-Dots!

    So pretty! AND that's just you!

    Stay in DaShade!


  6. You found lots of pretty flowers around your home, Molly.

  7. Beautiful flowers! Looks like lots of pretty scents for Molly. :)

  8. Lulu: "Beautiful plants and flowers as always! I can only imagine how wonderful they smell!"

  9. Such a pretty gal with her pretty flowers!

  10. Wow Molly, you found some beautiful flowers this week. They are almost as pretty you as you are!
    Rosy & Sunny

  11. OMC Molly, if'n we stuck our nosey-noses in the bushes like that we'd be sneezin' our furs off!
    (But, of course you look adorable doing so ... KERCHOO!)

  12. What beautiful flowers! We have some lovely iris and peonies blooming right now. I'll be sure to post some pictures soon. Have a good weekend!

  13. Hi friend, Ojo here! Happy Friday! Happy nature! Happy sniffing!

  14. What gorgeous flowers! Ours look really sad...We have wire worms in the garden and in the flower beds...Mom is a little bummed from replanting (we have planted the peas 3 times). But it is still early in the season! In 2019 we had a late spring and the garden did not get planted until the middle of June and we had one of the best years ever, so we are keeping our claws crossed! Molly, you look fabulishious darling! Keep being awesome! Marvelous Marv

  15. I love the flowers. Ours are starting to come out now, now that we have some lovely warm weather instead of the cold and wet! Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx