Monday, April 2, 2007

It's Christmas in April!

Mom went down to the mailbox and came back inside looking pretty excited. She was carrying two HUGE yellow packages and she told us that one was for Mitch and one was for me and they were from Sunshade and Jaffa - all the way from Canada!
OMG we were both so excited!

Mitch opened first because he was being a real pain! This was his first pressie so I guess I can sorta understand his excitement!

Mitch here - A pressie for me! A pressie for me! This is my first ever gift! I'm so excited! Mommy tells me that this is from Jaffa! I read Jaffa's blog with mommy all the time! Jaffa is so handsome and I want to be just like him! Jaffa sent me beef and veal niblets. yummy! I've never had these before Jaffa. Thank you so much. I can't wait to try them!

And Jaffa sent me a toy too - a ropey ostrich with real fur that I got soggy already from chewing on it so much! Maggie keeps trying to steal it and I tell her it's MINE and that my friend Jaffa sent it to me!

And see the note that Jaffa wrote me ~Thank you so much Jaffa! This was so sweet of you to spend all of your allowance on me. I hope I can meet you one day and we can play together!
Your friend,

And Mitch wasn't the only one who got a pressie! I did too and boy did I ever hit the jackpot! Sunshade spent all of her allowance on me! It's been like Christmas here today. My yellow envelope was just bulging! This is so nice of you Sunshade. I still can't believe it! What a surprise this is!

Hey, this is my pressie! You already opened yours! Beat it and FAST!!!

I know - you're excited too and just tryin' to help out. Well okay but just remember whose pressie it is!

The whole package was full of nummy stuff! The first package was buffalo heart treats. Boy, do these ever smell good!
The next treat that fell out of the yellow bag was doggie wishbones! They look like fancy bully sticks and I can't wait to get my paws wrapped around this one and gnaw, gnaw, gnaw!

These are tripe treats! Sunshade sent stuff I've never had before - geez, I've never even heard of before but the smells are just making me dizzy with excitement! You're much to generous Sunshade! You really shouldn't have but I'm glad you did! hehehehe
The next foil package that appeared was called Wild Bites. They're ostrich and buffalo treats. They're little treats so I'm thinking that if Mitch maybe stops nipping at me, I might share one or two of these with him and score points with mom!

The next delightful package that was in there was called "feel good ranch bars".
OMG they smelled sooooooooooooooo good - right through the bag! I couldn't stand it a moment longer! I begged mom to open up a bag - awwwwwww come on mom - just one treat! You're driving me NUTS!!! Mom gave in! Whoopee!

She opened the feel good ranch bars and boy was this cookie ever good! It sorta broke in half when I crunched on it and Mitch was right there to scarf up the crumbs! He liked it just as much as I did!

And that's not all! The next item was this dark brown raw-hide looking bone. Mitch and I were both pretty interested in this delight! Nope, not sharing that one little Bro! Sorry!

Sunshade also sent me this note ~
Can you read it?
It says,
Dear Maggie,
Mom gave both me and STINKY some money to get what we wanted for you and Mitch.
I, of course only wanted to spend my money on you. So I took all my money plus a bit of STINKY'S money and got you all kinds of yummy treats I love.
STINKY loves those beef niblets, so he got Mitch those.
Love nibbles,
Isn't that just so sweet of Sunshade and Jaffa to take time out of their busy lives to write us notes and spend all of their hard earned allowance on pressies for us! You're just the bestest and nicest friends ever! You're much too generous!
Mitch and I can't thank you enough!
And we can't wait till tomorrow so we can start chowing down on these great treats!
What a fabulous day we had today! Yup, it's Christmas in April for sure!
Until next time.............
Love ya lots,


Faya said...

Ah Maggie (and Mitch) you are so lucky to have a friend like Sunshade (yes and Jaffa)... Kiss, Faya

Putter said...

Hi Maggie!

Wow, super cool! You and Mitch must be so happy! Sunshade and Jaffa and their Mum are the bestest, right! Have you both been playing with your pressies???

Your Bestest Buddy,


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...


Bussie Kissies

The Airechicks said...

M & M's - (Maggie & Mitch):

Miss Sunshade & Jaffa are just so nice ....what wonderful gifts they sent you two...

Enjoy them.....

It all looks yummy.....

Joe Stains said...

sunshade and jaffa are just the nicest pups ever!!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Maggie,
Those goodies look very good. Do you want to share? hehe

Suki & Joey said...

Aw, what nice Aire friends you have! How were the tripe treats? Mom says it grosses her out when she sees tripe at the supermarket so she won't buy it for us, but if they come like that, maybe I can talk her into it!

Puggy kisses

T-man Angel said...

Hmmm..buffalo hearts and tripe..that sounds like a gourmet feast!! Even though I don't know what they are..they sound so good when you describe them :)


Boo Casanova said...

maggie, i got some of the gift you got too. oh, i got to tell you those treats, are just too nice to let go. sunshade also sent me a beef stick (looks like bully stick). coz i have small mouth and teeth, i didn't manage to finish it. :-(

wet wet licks


Simba and Jazzi said...

The best presents are the ones you can eat.

Simba xx

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Wow, I'm dribbling all over the computer. Those treats sound FABULOUS. What a lucky pair you are!

Oscar x

Fu Fu said...

Sunshade & Jaffa are so nice to get those nice toys and treats for you and Mitch. :)

~ fufu

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

mmmmm! Tripe treats, even the name is poetic to me! and it is making me drooooooooooooooooool!

Sunshade said...

Ohhhhh so happy you guys liked those yummies!!! That rawhide looking roll is actually salmon skin!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Myeo said...

Your this post makes us drool.

Boy n Baby