Monday, February 4, 2008

Our Celebration of Life Pawty

The bad new is that we didn't get to go! What do you mean you had NINE pizzas!!!! And you didn't even save ONE piece or even ONE crust for us??!!

The good news is that we had clean-up duty the next morning and we got a LOT of freebie handouts! Mom's friend MaryEllen was putting tin foil on everything in sight and now mom needs to unwrap it to see just what was underneath that foil (mom was watching the musicians play and was neglecting for hostessing duties - bad mom!)

So when mom would unwrap a dish and if it wasn't chocolate or anything not on the doggie acceptable list, we got a smidge of it! This is a cracker and we got the cheese to go with it!

And this is a chip and we each got a taste of vege dip too!

And this is an entire box of veges that didn't even get opened! OMG, Mitch was beside himself with excitement to think that all of that celery might be for him! There's carrots in there and broccoli and cauliflower! Mom says this will be lunch! whooooooohoooooo

Mom says that everyone had a blast! We had about 80 people show up so there was a lot of food and a lot of fun and it went on till about 11PM and BTW, mom was still up at 4:30AM! Mom says the musicians were awesome!

Meet Pete and Ron!

We got a short video of Pete playing a song from his new CD! See that little girl dressed in red? Her name is Megan! She is 3 years old and has had more heart surgeries than most people have in a lifetime! Megan is the sweetest, cutest little girl that loves life! She has a mom and a dad and 5 brothers and sisters that adore her! And what a ham she is in front of the camera!

Can we have another pawty soon, mom! This eating leftovers is sure fun!

And we have to congratulate the New York Giants! Dad was dancing on Aire last night! What a win! psssssst - it was the magic peanuts!!!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. Good job working as the official tasters at the party! I'm sure you guys did a great job.

    That game was a good one,eh? I was worried about your dad's heart!


  2. Sounds like the party was a great success even though you missed out on pizza.
    Congrats on the Giants win too. You and your folks must be wrapped.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  3. Your Mom and Dad sure know how to party. I have to admit, the Giants were just the better team yesterday. I've never seen Tom Brady spend so much time on the ground! Oh well, better luck next season.


  4. Wonderful maggie it...
    Happy party that musician sings.
    Wonderful time is the dream world.
    It was envied ume tyan.

    from loved ume tyan

  5. WHOA...What a PAWTY ....

    That Megan - she's a cutie we could just smootch her.....

    Cleanup is GREAT find some really good stuff on the floor.....

    Guess Mom will be sleeping in....


  6. OMG! Maggie! Mitchy!

    What a neatest ever pawty! Mom and ME are still so disappointed to have missed it! MY brothers just had to have their PAWTY on the samest ever day didn't they???? OMG!!!! Don't they know anything about timing?????!!!!!!!!


    Putter ...:)

  7. So now you'll have to have a party for 80 before every Giants game???

    Wooo-hoooo! Lots of cleanups for you!

    wags from the whippets

  8. Sounds like an excellent pawty! And congrats to your Dad on a great game! It was the magic peanuts for sure.


  9. Hey pals,

    We were so excited at the game and how it turned out. A Giants' win not only was a big thrill for New York -- a city we love -- but left our Miami Dolphins 72 season intact.
    Way cool. And JH now thinks he is Eli Manning!!


  10. Nice tunes!! Maybe next party you guys have some pizza.

  11. Hi M&M, you kiddos sure get to eat a lot of good food. we can't believe your mom stayed up until 4:30 a.m. good grief. isn't that like tomorrow or something?

    we think your musicial is really good too. your parents really have a lot of friends.


  12. Hello! We hope you have a lot of fun, helping to "clear up" all the food from the pawty!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  13. WOW! You really know how to throw a PAWty! You had everything and most importantly you had lots of FOOD AND FUN! I am so glad the GIANTS won too! Congrats to your team!

    Luvs ya!

  14. You two make a great clean-up commitee! We think your celebration of life is a very great thing! Too bad about the lack of pizza, for you, but the veggies are better for you anyway! Our dad was happy, too, that the NYGiants won. Mom couldn't have cared less, but she caught some of the commercials. Have a pawsome week!

    Poppy & Penny

  15. wow - no pizza, something's wrong there!

    Sounds like a good time was had by all and that magic peanuts really do work.


  16. That looks like a fun party. I don't think we could get 80 people in our house even if we included the garage. I guess that would mean more food for me!!
    That little girl is very adorable!

  17. Hey pals, sounds like your parents had a great party. And you got some leftovers, which sounds pretty good to me! J x

  18. Woohoo for the Giants! ... and peanuts! Our dad also loves peanuts, he's never had magic ones though.

    That pawty looked great - music and loads of friends sharing ...
    I very much liked little Megan. Next time you see her be sure to say Hello to her from me. She must be the bravest little girl I know.

    Finni xx

  19. Hi Maggie and Mitch
    Thank you very much for your happy barkdays wishes for Beau and me.
    We're sorry you couldn't go to the pawty but at least there were treats left over for you. Vegies are very yummie and they're healthy too.
    We really enjoyed your video of Pete and Ron. Pete is a very good singer. We hope Megan doesn't have to have any more heart surgery. She is a real cutie.
    Glad your pawrents had such a happy time at the pawty and the New York Giants caused an upset by winning we heard. Wow, Super Bowl is huge in America. We watched it on the news last night.
    Love from Hammer

  20. Wow!! Cool party!! :D
    Glad you got some food!!
    And here, we'll share some of our new treats with you guys too!! *hands over a pawful of treats*
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  21. Maggie!
    Hey you guys!!! It's me....Jasper from Arkansas......I AM BACK!!!
    I have missed you all so much!!!
    licks & hi-5's,

  22. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    Glad to hear that the party was great! Too bad you two were not there! And no pizza!
    Congratulations to the Giants and all their fans!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Doesn't your momma sleep?? That party looked like lots of fun!! Glad to hear that you at least could help with clean up detail. I love to help clean up.

  24. Hey Ms, chips and dips and veggies too. Sounds like leftovers are loads of yummy at your house. The band sounded pretty interesting. Sure nice to see little Megan having so much fun. Hope her surgeries are all over with. It's so hard when such little ones have to go through so much.


  25. That sure is a pawsome pawty. And it's great that you doggies get to many food. Hope little Megan dont have to go for more surgeries and grow up healthy

    ~ Girl girl

  26. Don't you feel bad for the dogs who don't get to sample human food. Suckers!

  27. OMdoG.. you had a pawty for 80 people? How totally cool is that!

  28. Wow that sounds like fun. Almost as good as playing in the snow. I don't much like those veggies tho

  29. That's a big party!! I'm glad you got to try some leftovers even if you missed the party..

  30. NINE PIZZAS?! The video was great, that little girl is adorable!

  31. Great party! 80 people?! Your human firends and families must have had a great time.
    Lots of leftovers? I have to ask mom when they are going to host a party too.


  32. Maggie and Mitch
    I think the magic peanuts pwobably helped an awful lot!!!
    That pawty youw pawents had looks soo wondewful1so many nice people, gweat moosic and food..and cutie pie to..I just wish you could have been thewe..I'm glad you got to help"clean up"hehehe
    smoochie kisses,

  33. it muz have been an amazing pawty! bet dat chip was yummy yummy!

  34. food, maggie & mitch, SHARE!

    wet wet licks


  35. What a great party, nine pizza's thats the most pizza's ever.

    Simba xx

  36. Hey guys! Just checking in. Did your momma abandon you yet? Is your dad going to let you blog?


  37. oh Maggie, so glad all went well.

    Megan is the sweetest!

  38. Thank goodness you were there to help clean up!!! Well since Archie has stpped crying I guess we will say Congrats and do you think we can have some of those magic penuts for next year?? LOve A+A

  39. The party sounds great! I'm glad you got to help clean up and celebrate a little bit.

    Your friend, Lenny