Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Saturday Pizza

Dad normally swims at the YMCA on Saturday afternoons and he'll stop and pick up a pizza on his way home! Pizza makes us the happiest dogs in the whole wide world! OMG, Mitch - check it out!! Are we totally drooling or what?!

Wonder what dad spilled on his sweatshirt? He hasn't had a taste of his pizza yet! You're going to share that, right dad?!

This weeks pizza is half bacon and half onion! We don't get a piece all to ourselves like some of you do - we only get the crust! But we're not complaing - it's pizza and we're very happy campers that it has made its way into our house and we get to have some!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa, I score the first crust! More please!

We think Saturday is our happiest day of the whole week! Bless that person who invented pizza! We'll be forever indebted to them!

I have to say that I scored more pizza than Mitch did but my little beer guzzling brother got a taste of mom's beer! Look how happy he is! Can you see those black lips smiling away?!

Some of you might not know this but while mom was in Florida, Mister Mitchman broke the tap on the keg of beer that we had at our Celebration of Life pawty by chewing it to death and he was getting himself pretty bammed up on Sam Adams! The beer keg was on the cold side of the barn waiting to get picked up and Mitch was out there helping himself! He had created a nice little beer puddle on top of the keg and he was having his own pawty! Dad didn't discover Mitch missing from the workshop for a few minutes so the little lush had a pretty good swig of draft beer for himself!

See my tail in the above picture? That's me running as mom is offering me a taste of her Corona!

Sorry, mom! I don't "do" beer! YUK!

Real ladies don't drink beer but I'll have more pizza if you're offering it!

So until next time..................

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch


  1. OMDoG! I love pizza! And Mom says I get to eat some tonight!! How pawesome.

    I only drink beer if it's my special Happy Tail Ale...which is made for dogs. Now my Dad, on the other hand...he likes a good Magic Hat #9 every now & then.


  2. OMG! OMG! OMG!

    You guys KILL ME!

    That is the first thing ... the next thing is that I want to COME LIVE AT YOUR HOUSE!!!!! DO you think that is possiblest everest????



    Putter ...:)

  3. Pizza...I love pizza too! I only eat the crusts too...but they are still yummy because they sometimes have yummy bits of the pizza on them. I've never had beer-mom drinks it with her pizza-do all humans do that????

    Is the snow still on the ground? I hope you two got to play in it!!


  4. Pizza is perfect food. How could anyone not love pizza. You can put anything on it. Keep an eye out for Mitch and that beer. You don't want him in trouble with the law.


    Why couldn't I have been there when the keg was liberated?


  6. pizza + beer = happiness
    I don't ask for pizza...I demand!!

  7. Oh, I know pizza is yummy, but we hardly ever have beer with it. We have what muzzer calls "cheapo red" wine. It smells funny and makes my eyes water. Maybe dad will have beer next time.


  8. Oh, I know pizza is yummy, but we hardly ever have beer with it. We have what muzzer calls "cheapo red" wine. It smells funny and makes my eyes water. Maybe dad will have beer next time.


  9. Whoa, pizza! I love pizza. You guys are lucky. The Woman is really stingy about people food with me so I really envy you. I did manage to steal a whole piece of pizza though once, when The Woman was on the phone. But that's another story, because it happened to have hot sausage on it and I paid. And paid. And paid.

  10. Hi, Maggie and Mitch!
    My mom is drooling looking at your pizza! Glad you two had some!
    Are you saying that Mitch got drunk? Sure he was a happier boy!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Hey guts! We love pizza, too! Princess likes beer - she snuck a few licks at an art fair. The boys have never been around any beer. Hope you het your own slice next week.

  12. Mitch ! Maggie ! Pizza is soooo goooood.... just like you I receive the crust. Véronique calls it the "trottoir-pavement".... I think it is the best part of the pizza ! And with is a dream (even if I am a lady I drink beer...)...
    Kisses, Faya

  13. woofies Mitch n Maggie, me luvssss pizza...but me like u only gits da crust...mayb iffin me lookies pitaful dey mite gimme a taste of canadian nots drink beer...

    b safe,

  14. You guys know pizza is mah favorite too right? Hey, crust is good enuf too but ofcourse, having the whole piece to yourselves is much better! I had to pieces for myself last time. And WOAH! I had some explosive diarrhea the next day! But it was all goooood...

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  15. Oh yeah, pizza rules!

    Mitch, my man, go easy on that stuff. You don't want to give yourself a Hang Odor.

  16. We love pizza too! We get Dad's crust and Mom sneaks us pieces of pepperoni. No beer, though...all we have is that non-alcoholic beer that Mom cooks with. Dad calls it "no-account" beer. Many years ago, Dad used to drink Rob Roys and every time he set his glass down and went to do something, when he came back, some of it was gone. He thought Mom was doing it until he caught their dog having a big snort. One time, she got so drunk that she passed out. Glad that didn't happen to Mitch!

    Poppy & Penny

  17. You are such a lucky pair. Ma and pa are far too greedy to share ANY of their food with us!

    Cassidy obviously isn't a proper lady as she likes to try and get the foam on the top of a glass of beer!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  18. Sounds like that Mitch knows how to party.. Louie is always trying to get Mom's beer to but Mom says he is not old enough to drink yet. I am not to interested in it but now Pizza that is another story. I do all kinds of tricks for that...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  19. Mitch, my boy, let's pull up a comfy chair and share a pint of beer while I apologise to the two of you for being incommunicado for so long. I'm blaming mum, but she's blaming me, so I think a pint or two might help.

    Big hugs to the two of you, and thank you for sending messages to check I'm still ticking.


  20. Mitch has a drinking problem! I used to have one when I was a pup, but now I don't touch the stuff. I got that monkey off my back.


    p.s. I only get crusties too.

  21. hi M&M, beer & pizza - woweee. it doesn't get much better than that. not that we would know. we've never had either. that's too funny about Mitch breaking into the keg. was he burping from all that beer? hee hee


  22. Pizza every Saturday? Can we come live with you???? We love Pizza and our girl only gets one a couple times a year. You are soo lucky to get it every week.
    Comet and BLU

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  24. Ohhh.... all that pizza has made my M crave for one too!

  25. Ooh, that beer looks like fun!! Mom says pizza and beer are not on my diet...can we trade moms??

  26. WHAT??! You had pizza over at your place and Mitch had beer? You must be living in a place called Heaven..

  27. Oh Maggie, you look so happy eating that pizza and Mitch is so cute drinking the beer hee

    ~ Girl girl

  28. oh wow, you got pizza! All I got this weekend was sickness.....

    I ate something bad.

    although it tasted just fine and dandy to me. I could have done with some of that cool beer to wash it all down with.

    Well done Mitch, good work on the beer!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxx

  29. Good evening M&M.
    ...coming to wanting eat when the pizza is seen...
    , I. regret and do not endure it
    It increases to it, and the drink is drunk delicious.
    As if, as sung through one's nose. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  30. I used to love pizza but the lady took me off all grains and now I can only drool when I see pizza. She is nice tho, she makes me a treat ball filled with grain free treats so i have something to do while the humans eat!

  31. Pizza and Beer! You guys sure know how to have a great time.

    We hope Mitch didnt get tipsy :P

    Boy n Baby

  32. I love pizza too guys. I like it so much that I bark at ma while she is eating it till she gives me a piece.

    Happy trails - Lucy

  33. BOL!!BOL!! We snorted reading about Mitch-man and the beer!!!!!

    Pizza is the bestest. When mom does get pissa, which isn't often :( we always get a taste of the crust. YUMMERS.

    We need to have a pizza pawty!

  34. Pizza! It smells so good but I haven't had any yet. Motch is way too stingy.

    I'm with Peabody. We should have a pizza party & THEN I'd get some!

  35. Oh my DOG! You get PIZZA!! Woweee! Lucky things!

    Love and kisses

    Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  36. I only get the crust, too. Mom is usually pretty good about leaving some cheese and sauce and sometimes a little meat on it for us. I like the taste of beer sometimes, but not always. Mom says the only reason I want it is because Dad has it and I think she's right.

  37. You're going to be pretty shocked to hear this very sad news but I've never had's true. Lucy & Willow have tried it as they stole B's pizza once when he had to answer the door....he came back and his lunch was GONE haa haaa haaa. Well he should know better!

    Hugs and tail wags

  38. We are so behind with all our reading! You guys are so lucky and Archie says Way To Go Mitchie with the keg!! Love A+A

  39. Go Mitch, he sure is a clever fellow! I tried beer a couple of times when it spilled and I will definitely take pizza over beer any day!

  40. and beer!
    Nice going with the keg, Mitch!

    Your friend, Lenny