Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Update on the Crump Barn Project

Hi everyone! It's me, Mitchy reporting! I was the supervisor in charge yesterday on the on-going barn project! Mom and dad will be working on this project for another year till it's completed!
Naturally the outside work is done because the seasons have changed so we've moved indoors.

Dad uses all the fancy timberframe saw equipment and mom mostly works using the hand tools. She finds it less stressful and safer!
This mortise is all done and mom is ready to move onto another one. This is one of the posts in the barn.
Dad prepares it for her with the skill saws and timberframe saws like this
And mom uses her mallet and chisel to get everything nice and square and plumb so that this pattern storm brace fits and then she knows that she can move on to the next mortise.
I've got my eyes on you, mom - no goofing off!Dad made the mallet! This one happens to be white oak. He turned it on his lathe and he had the bronze head machined. It was an idea he had one year. Actually, he made a whole bunch of them for his timberframe students to use in class. The bronze was so pretty and shiny that mom didn't want to use the mallet at first and mark it up! Dad told her to go ahead - they were to use - not to display!

Maggie has the day off from supervising! She's busy with her stuffed bone.
Break time! It's time for me to enjoy that nice warm fire and my stuffed bone too!
Yesterday was rainy and yucky and the fire looked and felt so good!
The project is coming along nicely. Keep up the good work, mom and dad!

So until next time.................

Yer friend and supervisor,



  1. You are an excellent inspector Mitch. I am sure that your mom and dad could not do with out you there to make sure that everything is perfect. Glad that you got a stuffed bone for your efforts.

    Your friend,

  2. My momma is not allowed to touch the tools in the barn. Good thing too as she is most dorky when it comes to anything manual.

    That barn project will be lots of fun and keep everybody busy for a while. Hope that your old dad doesn't have to work outside too much in the winter.


  3. Wow - we are super impressed that your mom knows how to use all those tools - our mom doesn't have a clue!

  4. Those tools are so lovely that muzzer would put them in a shadowbox, and use the one from Sears. Good job Mitchie.


  5. Mitch, what a GREAT job snoopervising!

  6. We didn't know your Mom helped with the construction, she is so talented just like your Dad! cool!

  7. We're also very impressed with your mama's construction skills. Not only does my mama not know what to do with tools and wood like those, she's never even heard of these things. What's a mortice? Anyway, obviously, your mama is doing a great job thanks to your excellent supervision, which I do understand because I know you're so very clever. You have absolutely earned a fireside chomp on your stuffed bone.




    Love, Putter ...

  9. I love your eyes in the first shot, and the last one by the fire! i love warm fireplaces. I love to go out in the snow snow snow during winter and come in and lay RIGHT in front of the fire!

  10. Wow Mitch you sure do have a big job on your hands. Pop pop sure must be talented making all those thiings. Be careful so no one else writes on the wood.
    Happy Sunday
    Benny & Lily

  11. You were doing an excellent job of dogervising and I am sure your help was greatly appreciated - after all - we KNOW they couldn't do it without you. I think maggie had the best job though....cosy at home with a good bone.

  12. Mitch you are the best snoopervisor we ever did see. You will keep those humans on the straight and narrow.
    We must show your update on the barn to our Dad - very much his sort of thing.
    He also has students he teaches all about wood and making things!
    We reckon we should send him over - he would have such fun!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  13. Things will go very smoothly with you in charge!

  14. Ehy Mitch.....sure you're an excellent supervisor and your mom and dad will be very very very proud of you!!!!!!!!!
    we don't know how our humans could live without our help in their humans affair!!!
    And Maggie looks soooooooooooo happy with her bone on the big pillow!!!
    We love all your pics Mitch but our preferred is the one where you are close to the fire!!!!!
    Awwwwwwwwwwww.....after an hard working day what's better than take a rest with a big bone in our mouth???!!
    Have a great day!!

  15. Hi M & M,

    That fire looks so cozy and the bone Maggie is chewinhg on looks even better. It still 80 here in the afternoon.
    Yesterday me aand Mommy sent to cookout at my Aunt Tina and Chris's house and guess what? Dachsies Rule suprised us and they came too from the country. I was so happyt too see my friends in the flesh and Sammy & I went behind the sted and had a few kisses. My heart was pounding. Ya gotta come over & see the pictures of Woof!Stoick last Saturday. Them peeps and doggies had to pay for my kisses but Sammy gets them for free.


  16. Nice work keeping the job flowing smoothly. You definitely deserved a rest by the fire.
    Pee s: those tools are something to behold!

  17. Great job supervising Mitch. We really enjoyed reading all about the work and tools.

    take care

  18. Supervising is hard work. It appears, however, that the people are doing what you tell them. Whenever I give complex directions to my person, she just tells me to be quiet. Can you believe it?

  19. Mitch, you´re doing a great job supervising the barn project. Looks like all is pawfect!

  20. Mitch
    You awe an amazing wondew maggie can take a west. you awe on top of things!
    Those woods awe soo bootiful and youw pawents do the most amazing wowk. It's twooly bootiful.
    Daddi salivates evewytime he sees those tools and bootiful woods.
    I wish i could sit in fwont of that inviting fiwe wif you .It's the most inviting place
    smoochie kisses,ASTA

  21. Supervising is really the most important part of any project!

  22. Thanks for the update on the project - looks like a lot of hard work well done. Hope you enjoyed your bones. Phantom would have loved to sit by your fire and keep warm.

    woos, the OP Pack

  23. Yet ANOTHER Mom with talent -

    Woo two are furry lukhky!

    Tank woo fur sharing all those khool details!


  24. That barn is truly a work of art! Your dad is INCREDIBLE! (Because of your help, of course!)
    Tail wags,

  25. Hi M&M
    Those are mighty nice looking tools. Now my mom thinks she needs those tools too!
    Your moms and dad are both crafty. How unique is that!
    I wish you mom could build us one of those smelly pot things that you put smellys in- because we cannot find any. And we also would like a recipe for some nice smelly stuff- and then we would like a barn like your mama and daddy are building. I guess we have a big wish list,

  26. M and M
    Nice supervisory work Mitch. I agree with mom those mallets looked fancy and made to display. How did maggie get the day off? Hmmm...

    That rain was yucky.

  27. Mitch, you are a great project manager! I bet your Mom and Dad appreciate all your help. Tell them to keep up the great work!

    Teddy Bear

  28. Hi, Mitch!
    Your mom and dad are doing a pawesome job!
    And they have you to supervise everything!
    Have a good night
    Kisses and hugs

  29. Those mallets are works of art - as are all lovingly crafted tools that are perfect for their purpose.

    That mortise looked so exact, as if it were just waiting to do its job.

    And what's a stuffed bone?

  30. mitchy you guys have way to much fun. the humomm sez tell your dad he makes beeeUteefull tools..and your mom is an ace mortisor or would that be a mortisee? hmmm nice mortise anyhow...may all the tenions in life fall in place.
    theBUSTER, Ma.Persephone,&Ms. Blue

  31. Those mallets your dad made really do look more like art than tools! No wonder your mom was hesitant to beat it up! What a great project :)

    Brutus the Frenchie

  32. Mitch, you are a wonderful snoopervisor - and we know your Mom and Dad appreciate it.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  33. Mitchy,
    You are such a good helper!! Thanks for updating us on the barn... I bet they couldn't do it without your help!!

  34. WOw Mitch....even yer Mom works on the barns......she sure is talented....'n Gram was just droolin' over those tools yer Dad made......beautiful wonder yer Mom didn't want ta mess 'em up.....We have ta remember ta check back ta see how the project is comin'....

    Dewey Dewster here....

  35. Your Mom and Dad do nice work and I'm sure your help is invaluable. That fire looks so nice and cozy. What lucky dogs you are.

  36. you did an excellent job supervising and reporting Mitch. Happy Monday to you and Maggie

  37. Looks like you're all very busy! That fire sure looks warm and inviting; just right to lay beside and enjoy a stuffed bone! Love to you both! You are adorable. I love popping by to see you both.

  38. Nice project! I love helping but I'm not allowed to use the tools. I hate that.


  39. Amazing post and so interesting! I just love watching the progress of this barn being built. Can't wait to see it when it's done.

    Mitch you do such a good job of supervising.

    Luv you guys,
    Riley and Star.

  40. Sounds like mom and dad are both really busy and you two are doing a great job snoopervising. Thats my favorite thing to do :-)

    Dont work to hard there Maggie and Mitch!!


  41. M and M
    Yeah it stopped raining! You can go back to your regular scheduled program.

  42. Hi!
    Thanks for the bark-day wishes -- I got Mom to let me update the blog so there are pictures!

    Your Mom and Dad do great work. Those tools are also awesome!


  43. Mitch, you are a good supervisor but I think I would have been by the fire with maggie eating a stuff bone!



  44. Hi Maggie & Mitch
    We don't know what a Crump Barn is? Will you tell us?
    The fire looks like a great place to lie beside for a snooze.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  45. Hi ya pals! Great work snoopervising Mitch! Loved that inside fire...looked like some pretty long pieces of wood there.
    Your snack bones looked delicious too!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  46. That is one talented group you have to watch over.

  47. Mitch you are doing a fine job supervising.

    Teddy & Louie helps me crank out the socks. yeah, right :)

  48. wOw Mitchy..I had no idea you and Maggie's talents and education included careful inspections. Your Ma and Pa r sure lucky 2 have you!!!!

    I like how very intently you examine the work.

    You deserve bigger and highly stuffed bones for a job well-done. Keep up the good work and enjoy the warm fireplace.


  49. What a good job you do supervising, Mitch!!!
    It is nice that you ALL can work together! Very special!!!

    Bless your heart Sue! 50 or more comments!! I could not answer all those in days with dial up.
    Hugs, Fern

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  51. Mitch, you are a Supervisor Extraordinaire! And so thoughtful to let Maggie rest by the fire on a rainy yucky day. We love watching the barn project progresss ... your work is amazing. And those mallets and chisels are alike pieces of art.

    We're lucky to know you.
    Jake and Fergi

    (Tell your moma we hope she loves her new fuzzy crocs!)

  52. Good job supervising, mitch! your parents are just amazing craftspeople! i think maggie had the right idea... bone + cozy fire=perfection!