Friday, May 25, 2012

The Mailman Brought Me A Pressie

Hi everyone. It's me, Molly. The mailman brought me a pressie! I've never gotten a box in the mail before!  I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do!
 Mom cut the tape on the box for me and it didn't take me long to figure out that opening pressies with my name on them is fun!
 Apple pie treats!  What until Mitch sees these!
 Wait until Mitch tastes one!  yummmmmm
 My surprise box is from Aunt Lydia, the cookie lady and Dave, her AireSon.
They also sent me this cute pink piggie that will sleep with me in my crate and keep me company.
And I got homemade treats that I'm supposed to share with Mitch. 
 I've never had a homemade treat like this before so I had to play with it and playbow to it and flip it.
 And make crazy faces at it before I eventually ate it! It was sure good!
 Did I ever tell you that my dad calls me Molly Pitcher? She was a very brave lady during the Revolutionary War.
Isn't this stamp just the coolest!  It's for my scrapbook!
And look at my adorable card.  Doesn't this pup sorta look like me?

Mitch came home from Crumpie's and immediately stole MY pink piggie.  I'm letting him know that this behavior is totally unacceptable to me!
 The mailman also brought me Boomerang tags!
 I'm an official Molly now with my very own name tag!
 And another pressie came for me!
Mom says this one will keep me safe!
Thank you so very much, Aunt Lydia and Dave.  Your pressie made me so happy!  I will always remember that my very first pressie came from the two of you!

Love ya lots,


  1. Wow Molly that is so cool. I love your pink piggie, Silly My Vickie thought you were saying you it was edible. I told her NO, it is a cool stuffed friend and that perhaps I should have one.

    She said NO Bert, even if it isn't edible, you would eat it.

    What Me??????

  2. Oh Molly, your very furst excitin'!!!! Girl, you is so loved.
    And tells Mitch to put da piggie down, I said so...hehehehe.

    Apple pie treats? Where them come from?


  3. did just right with your first pressie. Good thing you put Mitch in his place quickly or he would expect to share all your pressies. I had a hard time training Gussie, but if you need any tips, just give me a call.

    Teka Toy

  4. What great gifts. You are so adorable Moly
    Benny & Lily

  5. Cool stuffs Molly!! you are getting so big already!! Tell Mitch, just cuz he is older doesnt mean that he can take your stuffs ok? ;-)


  6. Hey there MOLLY PITCHER... I love that name!!!

    WOW you got your furst Ever Pressie.. You dealt with it LIKE A PRO !!!


  7. Molly, I love the way you played with your home made treat before you ate it. You are one silly pup.


  8. Oh Molly your are such a cutie! And isn't it fun getting pressies in the mail?! Mitch was probably just showing you how to play with your new piggy. bol.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & Hootie

  9. Let this be a lesson, Molly. NEVER BITE DA MAILMAN! HE COMES BEARING GIFTS. You're a lucky pup!

  10. Molly-
    Your mailman must be much loved!! He brings good stuff :D (I never got a stuffed pig...I need a better mailman!)


  11. Hi Molly, you're a very lucky girl but yes, you'll have to share your bounty with your big brother Mitch. You'll go through life together and that's a long, long time so it's best to go through life as friends. Hence the sharing, okay?

  12. Hi Molly, you're a very lucky girl but yes, you'll have to share your bounty with your big brother Mitch. You'll go through life together and that's a long, long time so it's best to go through life as friends. Hence the sharing, okay?

  13. Hi Molly! This is SO exciting!!! Your very FIRST pressie! You did just the right thing with it...and sharing the treats with your brother is a good thing! You have gotten so big!! LOVE these pics!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  14. Molly, that's some cool pig. And treats, well, a dog never gets enough. Tell your mom to let you play with the box, too. Tearing up cardboard and flinging it all over the livingroom is great fun!

  15. What what fun pink pig. If you come to Atlanta around Christmas time, you can see humna puppies riding on a big pink pig roller coaster ride. You are very lucky!
    Sally Ann And Andy

  16. You got a pink pig WOW! My city is full of pigs. Cincinnati was once Porkopolis. We even have a Flying Pig Marathon, as if pigs can fly.
    Sweet William The Scot

  17. Molly
    What a great day you had!
    A package coming in the mail with your name on it!
    A new piggy and cookies!
    I think you hit the jack pot!
    And I think it is so cool that your dad calls you Molly Pitcher! And to have your own stamp- that is too cool too!

  18. You are a very lucky girl Molly.
    I think Mitch has claimed the pink piggie :-)

  19. Oh Molly, what a cool pressie, everything a girl could want! A cute pink fluffy toy, cookies to eat and a pretty card!
    We are so impressed that you learned early on that sharing is so overrated - especially with one's sibling!
    You keep putting that boy in his place.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  20. What a lucky girl you are, Molly! Your pressies look really good and I love your pinky pig, it's so cute!

  21. You've grown taller Molly, taller than last time I saw you. Are you?

    Lucky gal Molly. It's not even Christmas yet! ;)

  22. You've grown taller Molly, taller than last time I saw you. Are you?

    Lucky gal Molly. It's not even Christmas yet! ;)

  23. You're a special girl to get so many presents, but then we knew you were special already.

    I like your piggy!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  24. Well, I've been away for awhile and just catching up. I see that Molly is fitting in the family just perfectly. It was obviously meant to be. So excited to get to watch Molly open her first pressie. You are such a sweet girl.

  25. Molly, you learned right quick how to get to your pressies-you're one smart gal!

    And oh do you look adorable with your new pink pig, and we love the photos of you playing with your treat:-)

    Congrats on your first presents, Molly!

  26. It's so much fun to watch puppies discover new things. Have fun with your pig and don't eat too many of those treats.

  27. Why ms. molly.. you are as cute as a button.... so, i'm confused why are buttons cute? oh bother.. you're cute anyhow. I also have a piggie and i LOVE my piggie.. it's a huge piggie stick, when I go it it was bigger then me.. I'm two years old now and it's still pretty big.. so love your piggie!!! your friend ms. grrracie the grrreat! theBUSTER let me type today!

  28. Pressies are the best aren't they?! You sure got some great stuff, don't let Mitch steal your piggie - you just let him know that girls rule, and boys drool!! BOL


  29. Molly, pressies are the best, especially the mail kind. You look just like the puppy on the card. I hope you have fun with piggy and enjoy those yummy treats. I bet Mitch was just checking out your toy to make sure it was safe for you since you are so young. Happy Memorial Day.

    Loveys Sasha

  30. Howdy Molly, wowza, great first pressie for sure. We love your pink piggie and hope it last for a long time. You sure do look sweet! Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  31. You airedales are so silly. Always killing your food before you eat it and making cracker dog face.


  32. Hey Molly, WOW your 1st pressie and such nice one too! Love the pink pig but do you have to share with Mitch? Maybe you can convince M to get him a new stuffie of his own??
    Very own name tag too- what a lucky girl you are!
    Ernie,and the rest of the pack

  33. The pink piggy stuffie is so cute. Loved hearing about all your presents!

  34. Strong work on the choice of collar color dear look amazing. And how RUDE of Mitchie to try to nab your stuffie....

    You still Aire Chompin'? I've tried so hard to master that artform, but all I manage to do is a hoooge Lakie SNAP. My bad.

    Kisses to all!!

    Lacie and her stoopid brothers

  35. What a great surprise from your auntie! I love your cute stuff toys :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  36. Molly, it's great to see you are speaking up for yourself. That pink piggie is lovely. Maybe you can share it with Mitch on occasion, but do let him know it's really yours.

  37. What an awesome pressie

    Stop on by for a visit

  38. Hi Molly & Mitch!

    So sorry - I'm playing catch-up AGAIN! But at least I'll have lots of your posts to enjoy...! :-)

    You are such a lucky pup, Molly, to get so many pressies! And wow - I have never heard of "apple pie" flavoured treats before! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  39. I'm so sorry about falling behind reading your posts, Molly, butI'm so happy for you that you're doing so well when I was away. Congrats on the first pressie and like I said, you need a really big goodie bag to keep what's comin for ya!