Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nature Can Be So Cruel

We posted about Speckles last Friday and little did we know what we would discover a couple of hours later.  A predator got into the swan cottage and did the most horrible crimes to our sweet Speckles.  Mom had to help her cross. It was one of the hardest things that she's ever had to do in her life but it was the only thing that she could do. The damage was too great.   This happened only a couple of hours before mom picked our dad up at the hospital to bring him home to us. 
The predator did not touch Speckles' eggs.  They were all in the nest exactly as she left them.

The incubator was set up and all of the eggs were grouped inside.  The ones with "F" on them, meant that dad had candled them before he left for the transplant games.  The ones with "J" on them are the ones that mom collected on this horrible day.  They hadn't been candled yet so we didn't know if they were fertile are not.

As mom was loading the eggs into the incubator, she heard peeps coming from inside a couple of the eggs.  She called dad, who was still in the hospital to tell him. Mom also told him that the eggs were rocking and rolling all by themselves.  Dad asked if there were any "cracks" in the eggs.  YES!

How horrible that Speckles babies were going to be hatched less than 24 hours after she died.  She was such a good mom.

 I"m going to be an uncle again!

I'm keeping watch~~
 There are 12 ducklings - an even dozen. 
 One more egg is in the incubator and we think that it's fertile. It rocks but not a whole lot.

 We hope that Speckles knows that we saved her babies and we're taking good care of them.  She was the bestest mom and we feel so badly that she will never meet these adorable ducklings. 
RIP, Speckles.  We miss you and we wish your ducklings could have known you.  Life stinks sometimes. 

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly


  1. that is so sad and she was such a pretty duck - we sure hope one of the babies takes after her. hmmmm maybe you need a guard dog on that swan house .....bad bad critter that got in there

  2. Oh NO!! How sad! She never got to meet her babies :(

    The babies are really adorable, tho. I'm glad they didn't get harmed. She would be really proud of them :)

    Hope you're dad's gonna be ok.
    ♥ Behr Behr :)

  3. This is so sad. RIP Speckles.

    Her babies are adorable.

    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. Poor Speckles. She was a lovely lady. She gave you some lovely ducklings.

  5. We are sorry to hear about Sprecklss. We know that her babies are safe with you and will have a good life. We know that this is the way of the animal world, but we grieve with your family for your special Spreckles.

    Gus and Teka

  6. Firstly so glad daddy is back home and we wish him a speedy recovery. We send our very best and welcome home.
    So sorry to read about Speckles. That is so sad and we are sorry poor mu had to help Speckles pass over. How awful for you all.
    We hope the chicks grow big and strong.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. This is so sad. Poor sweet Speckles...RIP knowing your beautiful babies will be well taken care of.

  8. Oh no, our heart is breaking for you and Speckles to miss out on her babies. This is just the saddest thing. How lucky those babies are to have you. Lots of hugs to you.

  9. Oh no we are so sorry. We are so happy to see the babies
    Lily & Edward

  10. I am SO sad to read about sweet Speckles!!! But glad you have her babies. They look so very adorable.
    Kathryn XX
    Take care - all of you!

  11. Oh how sweet they are. Poor Speckles. Are you hand raising them?

    Monty and Harlow

  12. OMD Speckles was TRULY a wonderful mom.... she gave HER life to save her beloved Babies... THAT is ASTOUNDING.....
    It is SAD butt yet... so JOYOUS.
    We know your mom did not Want to help Speckles... butt she did a LOVING thingy. Bless HER heart too.

  13. Oh my gosh...this is both a sad and super happy post! I feel so bad for poor Speckles. I hope she is over the bridge where she can see you helping her little ones hatch. The babies are so cute.

  14. Oh, I missed the postie abouts Speckles..I went and read it, and OMD, I hopes your Pops is doin' betters!
    Wow, I'm so sorry abouts Speckles. She sure did a pawsome job savin' her babies, and would be sooo happy that they have a wonderful place to call home.
    Ruby ♥

  15. We're so sorry to hear about Speckles but are glad her chicks survived. Your pond is going to be full!

  16. Mitch and Molly,
    We are so sorry to hear about Speckles. Give your mum gentle woofs and love from us for doing what must have been so upseting to have to do, even though it was the kindest thing for Speckles. Her ducklings are very cute.
    Love Riley and Enzo

  17. Fred and I are so sorry to hear about Speckles! Her ducklings are beautiful!!! We know you will take good care of them.

  18. Howdy Mitch and Molly. Oh this was so sad but we are glad the babies survived and can give you happiness too. Poor Speckles. Hugs to your mum for helping Speckles when she needed her the most. Hope your dad is doing well. We're sorry we're behind with all your news. Take care mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  19. That are sad bout Speckles. Da lil babies are so cute though!

  20. So so sorry Sue about what happened!!!!
    Glad the babies have you and Mitch and Molly to take care of then for Speckles!!!!!

  21. I am sooo sorry,, and I am sooo sorry your mommma had to go through this terrible thing,,,
    now we keep our paws crossed for the eggs, and for your dad.

  22. So sorry about Speckles. She lives on with her 12 new babies. We will look forward to watching them grow.

    Wyatt and Family

  23. I am so sorry for your loss. And what a miracle that all the beautiful babies have survived and hatched! It is going to be so much fun watching this cute group grow and flourish!

  24. oh this so sad, but Im glad you have all the new babies to take care of. RIP Miss Speckles. Hugs to your momma too, what a difficult thing to have to go thru.

  25. RIP Speckles, she lives on in her babies.

  26. Thats so amazing and they are so cute. Im sorry about Speckles but Im sure she knows you are taking good care of the babies!!


  27. I am so sorry that such a horrific thing happened to Speckles. But it sounds to me as if she saved her eggs, knowing that you would raise her young so very well. Rest in peace sweet Speckles. You can count on your family to love your babies.

  28. The news of Speckles breaks our heart while on the other hand the duckling photos are really joyful! You've got alot going on right now. You're in our thoughts!!

  29. oh no, poor Speckles, sometimes life isn't fair. what a good mom you have for saving her babies ... glad they have such good babysitters

  30. Oh poor Speckles. That is very sad after she was such a good Mom to be. I hope some of her babies grow up to look like her as she was so pretty.

  31. OH NO!!!!!! Oh, I am so so sorry to hear about Speckles! God rest her soul.
    We wish her babies long, healthy lives, free from predators. They look just adorable! Take good care of those puppy-ducks!

  32. That just stinks poor Speckles. You put her in what you think is a safe home and a predator had to get her. Glad the eggs were saved.
    Sweet William The Scot