Tuesday, January 2, 2018

First Soup

Our first soup of 2018 is New England Clam Chowder~~
 Mom was cooking onion and potatoes and a wee bit of carrot in her new pot that she got from my sissy for Christmas.   She got a whole set of pots and pans and she loves them.
 She doesn't normally put carrot in her clam chowder but she said that she couldn't share onion and raw potato didn't sound too healthy so.............
 Her new pot has a glass lid and she can see what's going on.   She LOVES her new pots and pans.  I think I mentioned that already☺
 She took the Christmas stuffs and garlands away yesterday and it looked so bare.   My sissy gave her the idea to add the lights to the Christmas garland for the holidays.  
 So she switched the garland from evergreen to ivy and added the lights and voila - she's happy with it and she can see better at the kitchen sink!
And our very sad news -
Our dear friend, Uncle Phil, passed away yesterday.   He has been a NorthfordTimberFramer for a long time.   He loved Maggie and Maggie adored Phil and he loved Mitch. Uncle Phil was there when dad brought four month old Mitch home and mom and Maggie were meeting him for the very first time.  I knew Uncle Phil and so did Mackie.  We all loved Uncle Phil.   He gave the best back rubs.
 Our longtime readers know the hours and hours that we spent at Crumpies.   Phil spent days and weeks and months there and he carved pinwheels in the beam that's right next to the entrance door and they will be there forever and ever.  
The entire beam has Uncle Phil's pinwheels carved into it.
 Uncle Phil drew years of timber frame class plans for dad.  
He was there for every single celebration of life pawty and all of dad's workshops and barn raisings and so much more.   We will miss him for a very long time.   There will never be a more wonderful friend♥   Our hearts go out to his wife, Miss Amy and his daughter, Kim and his granddaughter, Faith♥ 

Love ya lots♥


  1. We are sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Hugs.

  2. Mums pots look Fabulous.
    and of course the soup looks good too!

    We send love and hugs to you and Mom and Dad on the loss of Uncle Phil. Good friends are rare. Great friends are Rarer. You will always miss him but you will never forget him.

    Much love

    Teka and the Muzzer

  3. Molly we can nearly smell the delicious soup from here....those are some fine pots and will make a gazillion tasty things we are sure. Love the ivy and lights!!! So cheerful for the dreary winter days

    We are very sorry to read of Uncle Phil's passing.
    Purrs and hugs to his loving family and circle of friends.
    Mitch and Maggie will surely be waiting to greet him
    Madi and mom

  4. Oh no,,, we are so sorry about Uncle Phil and that he passed away.. Its so very sad to loose peoples and furrys who were part of our lives!

    The soup looks yummy

  5. So sad having to say goodbye to Uncle Phil...We know he'll be missed.

    That clam chowder looks so good. It's the one thing SHE always has when visiting the US. Australia doesn't seem to have clams....

  6. We're so sad to hear about your Uncle Phil. Sending lots of hugs and POTP to your family.

    That soup looks yummy. We never made clam chowder from scratch before. Maybe it's about time we did.

  7. We're so sorry to hear about your Uncle Phil. Sending prayers of comfort to his family.
    PS: That soup looks yummy!

  8. We send our deepest sympathy at the loss of Uncle Phil - he looks like he was a nice gentleman.

    Mom loves her Caphalon pots too. And this is the perfect weather for soup. Mom made her crockpot beef stew over the weekend and it really hit the spot.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. That soup looks delish. The glass lid is nice so you can see what is going on. We're sorry to hear about your friend.

  10. we are so deeply sorry about the loss of your Uncle Phil (((hugs))) DakotasDen

  11. We are so sorry to hear of Uncle Phil's passing. Sending lots of pug hugs and prayers for his family and you
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. We are so very sorry you lost such a wonderful friends. Hugs and Snuggles to you and your Mama.
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  13. I love clam chowder and can only imagine how incredible a bowl of homemade chowder would be! I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. He sounds like a great guy!

  14. Oh Sue & Molly I am so so sorry to hear of Uncle Phil's passing, we are thinking of you both and sending lots of hugs and love your way. Susie & Treacle xx

  15. That soup looks really delicious! We are so very sorry to hear of your dear friend's passing. We lost two of our best friends recently and we are really struggling to deal with it. our thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

    It's nice that you have a pretty setup at your sink! Looks very inviting!

    Happy New Year!

  16. Uncle Phil sounds so lovely that I know the world will be a worse place without him, but every time anyone sees his beautiful woodwork he will be remembered.

  17. Mom LOVES clam chowder. When she lived at the beach, she ate it all the time. She thinks clam chowder might make her feel better, so it sounds like Dad will be going out to find some soon.