Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dad's Timber Frame Class

Dad teaches timber frame class this weekend and mom and dad have been very busy cleaning and organizing and getting ready for all the new students for about 2 weeks now. The classroom is not on our property so all the tools and saw horses and props and timbers, etc, have to be trucked up to the school, which is about 40 minutes from home.
On Monday the students come here and they go on what dad calls a tour of barns. The tour consists of past projects, which are either dad's barns or barns that students have built or barns that dad has built with the help of many past students that have learned the art of timber framing.
Monday is the fun day here because there are lot of goodies for the students to eat before they leave to go on their tour - donuts and pastry -you know - the good stuff! When dad and the students all leave to tour, mom is elected to clean up. She never minds because mom loves scarfing goodies and we'll get to go out and help clean up too! We'll have to post on Monday to let you all know if we did a swell job cleaning up after the barn pawty!
While mom and dad have been cleaning, we've been trying to stay busy. The weather has really been very depressing! Thank goodness for the workshop or we'd be totally bummed! At least we can run around and play out here! Mom won't let us act up in the house. There's too much stuff that can be broken she says!

I just had to post this picture! This is just as it should be - me as the Queen and Mitch as the royal servant!

Later on in the afternoon, just as we were headed for the house the sun came out! yippeeeeeeeee! OMG we almost forgot what the sun looked like! What a nice surprise!

Mitch is such a great helper in that he helps mom lead me into the house - like I really need help!

He does this every single time we go out together. A girl needs her privacy to pee and poo and he just never takes the hint! What a pain! Mitch is growing like a weed! He now weighs 33 pounds! He's over half my weight!

This weekend the weatherman calls for glorious weather so hopefully we can play outside and help mom pick up sticks that got scattered EVERYWHERE from the storm! We can't wait!

Till next time..........

Love ya lot,



Putter said...

Hi Maggie! Hi!

WOW, the treats and stuff planned for Monday sure sounds good ... You and Mitch let me know if you need an extra mouth for that, okay?:) Thanks goodness, Mr. Sun is back, huh? I had also forgotten what he looked like:) Talk to you soon, Maggie:)

Asta said...

Hi Maggie,
We've had the same dreary weather here in NY,but paws crossed, it's gonna be bootiful this weekend, and you and Mitch can really romp.
You have to be patient with Mitch, he's just a baby..I'm already almost 7 months old , and I still do silly stuff
kisses to you both Asta

Toby said...

Maggie, I see we're having the same icky weather. But at least you have a great workshop to play and run in!! I asked Mommy if we can get a workshop just like Maggies's and she said it wasn't gonna happen in a condo?!?!?! Huh?? Not fair. Maybe you can talk some sense into her!!! Shheesh!


Ruby Bleu said...

Dear Maggie...
Yay for the sun!!! You must have sent your dreary weather west because it's going to rain here on Friday :(

I can't wait to hear all the fun you and Mitch are going to have on Monday. Snackies...I just love snackies.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

PS - My mom told me to to tell you that Mitch reminds her of the doggie she had as a little girl, AD (original, name huh?). He was her favorite pet, except for me now.

Suki & Joey said...

Wow, Maggie, Mitch really is growing fast! He's almost as big as you!

I love the picture of him lying down at your feet. That is definitely how it should be!

Puggy kisses

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Yep, love the photo of queen Maggie! Maybe Mitch is finally learning who's boss.

Oscar x

Unknown said...

I love to clean up. It's so nice to get some human treats. Popcorn is one of my favorites. Our weather has been good here.

Chelsea said...

Mitch really seems to be pulling your chain.



Linda said...

Hey Maggie,
Glad to hear the sun is out where you live. You probably have lots of stickies to pick up. We still have tons to pick up too. You & Mitch sure look cute together in your pictures. He is already 1 1/2 times what we weigh.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Luckie Girl said...

Hiya Maggie,
Your Dad is very talented!! You are so lucky to have a barn space to run away. We don't get that cos space is very tight in Singapore. It's usually apartments and flats all round.
Mitch looks like he's worshiping you like the way he should!
Can't wait to hear abt your workshop adventures over the weekend.
Wuv you lots!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool! And Oh yes, Mitch should definitely be servent to the Queen.......BOL!


Deanna said...

He is so helpful! He might make your folks obsolete!

Herbie said...

The food sounds yummy! I'll pray for good weather for you too. I know how bad weather can be such a bummer! We had rainy days for the last week and the sun is finally shining a little now!

Boo Casanova said...

maggie maggie, i notice mitch is biting your leash in the last 2 photos. lol

yeah, the queen must show the little one who's boss rite! and look at mitch's facial expression.

wet wet licks


Myeo said...

Mitch is so big now. How old is he now by the way? Same as Stinky?

Boy n Baby

Urban Smoothie Read said...

timber frame class....oh ur dad must be a great artist man...

Simba and Jazzi said...

Wow how clever is your Daddy?! You are very good helping to clear up.

Simba xx

Huskee and Hershey said...

My Majesty Maggie...
Wow your dad is sure talented! My dad is only good with anything to do with computers.. ughhh..

Your humble servant,

Murphey said...

Whaaaa haaa, I like to bug Audrey when she's trying to pee and pee too! It makes me laugh every time, and it makes her mad, every time....

We pups can be a pain, can't we!


The Army of Four said...

LOVE the queen picture. LOVE it! As it should be. Ha roo!
Tail wags,

Joe Stains said...

MIthc is a GIANT, I think he grew since mom went to vegas!!!

Billy (YES Casanova!!!) said...

Love the picture of the Queen! Couldn't have been captured at a better time I'm sure!

Glad the weather has turned for you as it was our first sunny day today too and about 14C...some people were even out in shorts and t-shirt!

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

Simba and Jazzi said...

I have been nomimated for the awesome blog awards!! How cool it that. Please vote for me.

Simba xx

Amber-Mae said...

Hmmm Mitch looks exactly the same as Stinky, Miss Sunshade's little stinko brother... LOL! Wah! Mitch brings for your daily walks is it? Hahaha!!!

P/S: Visit my blog & join the competition now before it's too late!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Cash said...

WOW...Mitch is getting big!!!
We are glad to be back,
Jasper & Jack

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Mag, I bet you can't even remember feeling disgruntled when Mitch came to live with you. You two look like the bestest of friends now!

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Sounds like they'll be treatasplenty! Mmmmmmm. J x