Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mitch's First Real Bone

Dad left really early this morning with a friend of his so mom had to walk the both of us by herself for the first time. She did bring the camera but needed three hands to take a picture, which means no picture! Sorry!

We actually did surprisingly well! I walked on her left and Mitch pretty much stayed on her right most of the time. It got complicated when one of us had to pee or poo and we crossed into the other ones dance space but we worked it out and we got our walkie in! Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be miserable - lots of rain! YUK!

After our walkie, mom hit the grocery store for the weekly shopping. She came back all happy about something! As soon as the groceries were all put away, she took Mitch and I outside and gave us each a bone. Mom always pushes all the marrow out before we get these bones. She's learned the hard way that too much marrow makes runny poo's and she sure doesn't need that problem with either of us - especially Mitch!
I love getting a bone! It makes the day pass so quickly because I stay super busy gnawing and gnawing for HOURS!

This was Mitch's very first bone of his own. We always have old chewed bones hanging around in the house and in the workshop but this one had little niblets of meat on it and Mitch was a happy boy!

Mom was a happy camper too because we were both content with our treats and she could get lots of gardening done!

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Mom and Dad saw the movie "Firehouse Dog" on Monday afternoon. Mom thinks Rexx, the star of the movie is an Irish Terrier, not an Airedale, seeing as he doesn't have a black saddle/grizzle. She and dad both loved the movie and they recommend it to anyone who wants to see it. I can tell you that when mom and dad got home, Mitch and I got lots of hugs and kisses!

Until next time...........

Love ya lots,



Suki & Joey said...

No marrow? Bummer. I've never tried the stuff myself, but it sure sounds great.

That's too bad he's not an Airedale. He looked like it in the previews, but I guess Mom didn't look closely enuff.

Puggy kisses

Bogart H. Devil said...

Yeah we think Irish Terrier too... sometimes kids stop me in the street yelling "it's Firehouse Dog" and I have to break the bad news to 'em...

Really cute dog, tho! And those look like some yummy bones!!!


Maggie said...

sorry that i told you (and everyone) that that was an airedale .... its moms fault . yah know we both have ALOT in common . well where both airedalians (thats a given) , same name (whell duh ....) my mom shops for food on wendsday , i also walk on my moms right side (well if its called the right then it hasto be ...) and its also suposto rain here tomarrow , and i cant ead bone marrow eather . well great minds think alike .... maggie #2

Hana said...

Hi Maggie!!

Thanks for leaving me woofs on my bloggy. I hope Casper gets well soon.

Hey, I really like the picture of you on the right side frame. That's so cute!!

~Hana the Dog

Billy (YES Casanova!!!) said...

Aren't bones the greatest you two! Mom wants to go see Firehouse Dog too. My oldest hooman brother wants to be a firefighter and has wanted this since the age of 2 and he is now 17 so mom wants to bring him to see it.

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

Luckie Girl said...

Yummy, that bone looks very good. :) I wish Mom would get me some to try.

Joe Stains said...

my mom never brings home bones for us, she sure is mean!

Chelsea said...

Maggie, you and Mitch are so good to your mom.

My mom doesn't give me bones but, I get a DENTA stick everyday after my walk. I love it and look forward to it. It is very good for my teeth.

Got to keep my whites nice and pearly being a supermodel and all.


Liberty Doo Dah said...

mmmmmm, marrow bones! Every so often, mum gives one of those bones to me. I think she has a secret stash of them in the freezer!
Hope you have a raincoat for all that rain!

Fu Fu said...

Oh Mitch really enjoyed the yummy bone. :) Your mum did a great job handling you 2 for walkies by herself. The "Firehouse Dog" looks interesting. I hope they show it in Singapore

~ fufu

Jas's footsteps said...

oh we like bones too...
time to get Jas to heat up some for us...Till then!! Ta ta

Hammer said...

Hello Maggie

I did not know that marrow can upset our digestion. I love my marrow bones but maybe I'm super immuned.

About the camera thing, mum dropped the new Canon digital camera and stuffed it. You know what this means. EXCEPT she's taken lots of photos to add a post. I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Thanks for caring about Beau, Maggie. You are a good friend.

Love from Hammer

Simba and Jazzi said...

You are so lucky having bones. Mummy worries about my little teeth so I hardly ever get bones.

Simba xx

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Mmm bones! They will be good at getting Mitch's crocodale baby teeth loose so his not quite so sharp big ones come through!

Oscar x

Toby said...

Maggie, I love my marrow bones too!! And my Mommy does the same thing your Mommy does. She takes a knife and scrapes out all the marrow.... But I still have a great time nibbling and chewing the little pieces of meat on the side.

Your marrow bone looks a lot bigger than mine though... I get the super tiny ones.


Putter said...


Oh Boy! Marrow bones are my most favoritest thing ever ... Well, almost, I have many favorite treats given that I LOVE to eat:)! How perfect, a marrow bone and helping your Mom in the garden!

jaffeboy said...

Everything has it's first & I love first, esp when it's food or treats related.

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

mmmmmm! the bone sounded so yummy Maggie! Glad you had a nice day!

love and licks Marv xxxxx

Linda said...

Hey Maggie,
Rexx IS an Irish Terrier. We can't wait for Mama to get the movie on DVD so we can watch it with her. Rexx sure looks cute. Looks like you & Mitch had a good time chewing on your new bones. Is the red barn in the picture your Papa's workshop??
You're probably getting rain from our snow storm we just had. First we had rain on Tuesday, then snow all day & night on Wednesday. Now today the sun is out!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, bones! I could barely concentrate on the rest of your post after that!

I am glad you guys were good for your mom on the walk.....take it from me, when you are naughty on the walk they cut it short! I am good now so I can walk extra long and smell lots more stuff!

Nessa Happens said...

I had a delicious marrow bone today too!

Faya said...

I will never have marrow bone again ! I hope that that "Firehouse Dog" will come in Europe.... Big Kiss, Faya

Boo Casanova said...

u reminded me that it has been so long since i had a real bone. well, it's difficult to look for a bone for small me. can't blame mom for that.

wet wet licks


Myeo said...

Cool.. We should get Mama to go and find out about the show.

Boy n Baby

Huskee and Hershey said...

Do you think you can get your mum to talk to my mum abt giving me some of those bones??

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Yummy bones! Can't wait to see the film but we won't get it until August here in the UK. My ladylove Molly is an Irish Terrier, so we're looking forward to seeing it! J x