Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Mom groomed me today! It really was against her better judgement because it's so cold out but I hate being hot and I'm miserable when I'm hot and mom knows it!

Sunday night the whole family was in the family room watching the Giants-Packers football game with the fireplace going and the candle lit - a real special Sunday it was - and I was in the kitchen, trying to stay as far away from that heated up room as possible!

But I got my way! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I feel so much better and so much younger! When mom grooms me, for that entire day I act like I'm one year old instead of almost 10! I play with toys and tear around the house and today I was a real B***H to Mitch! (hey, that rhymes) I chased him around and snapped at his hiney and basically gave him everything he totally deserves!

So here I am after eating my dindin finally laying down to enjoy my bone, which by the way, I used to do ALL the time until Mitch came and now it's a rare occurrence!

Do you see this? I want you all to know that we have FOUR of this very same bone! One of them is this chocolate color and we have 2 tan ones that we got for Christmas and we have 1 that's a lighter color! But this doesn't matter to Mitch! If I'm enjoying it - he HAS to have the one that I have! What a pain!

He stares at me and then his stump tail starts to wag and then slowly but surely he swipes it away from me! He very slowly and meticulously reaches down and gently snags it! He doesn't care that I growl and protest! He takes it anyway because he's a spoiled, mean little brother!

But I'm a good sister and I give it up willingly but not before I give him the raspberries! hehehehe

So until next time.................

Love ya lots,



  1. Hey, Maggie, that bone looks really tasty! No wonder Mitch wants it! You look really beautiful with your new Aire-cut!

    Poppy & Penny

  2. The life of a warm fireplace : ..the yearning...
    Happy Sunday. :)
    From sunburn to the cold avoiding

    from loved ume tyan

  3. Mitch is very sneaky... why boys are like that? why?

  4. You look pretty with your new do. I wouldn't let Flash take my bone like that so you are much nicer to Mitch then I am.

  5. Oh Maggie, you look much neater after your grooming session! Hey, sad to say this but I'm like Mitch too ya know? I have GOT to have the chew bone that my sista Chloe is having eventhough I have another one which is exactly the same. Old habits are hard to break...

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  6. Aww Maggie! You look very pretty with your new haircut! And the bone looks yummy... Unfortuatly, Weeny does the bone thing to me, Daisy, whenever i have a chewy, he will always have one too but he will drop his and try to take mine! Silly boys!

    Love Daisy and Weeny xx xx

  7. Hi Mags...
    You look so bootiful after your grooming!!! That Mitch really needs to learn some manners huh? He is so luck to have such a great sister as you!!!

    Lots of Licks, ruby

  8. Wow, you're 10 years old? You look like a young pup! And I know you feel so much better after your haircut!
    Tell Mitch he should let you have your snackies in peace!


  9. Hi Maggie,
    Your new Aire-cut looks nice.. it makes you look beatuiful (then again, you are always beautiful!)

  10. WOW! We would NEVER take ANYTHING from Lady Maria or Mama Pajama or Delia and expect to LIVE through the experience!! You are the bestest of sisters!
    May we please have your leftover hair?

    brrrrrrr cold wags from the whippets

  11. Awww, you look beautiful!! And how nice to give up your bones. I always give up mine too when that obnoxious and very persistent Zen is breathing down my neck ;)

    Peace + Paws,


  12. Maggie! We could never tell you're 10!! No way!! You always look pretty and after grooming, you look prettier! :)

    Oh Maggie, you're very good sissy!! (Momo)

    Momo & Pinot :)

  13. hi Maggie, you're a very nice lady to let Mitchy always take your bone away. I, Baxter, am good that way too. I guess it's just not worth fighting about.

    you are really beautiful with your new haircut and we can see why you feel young and frisky. we always think that Bailey looks younger after his hair is cut too. me, Baxter, i always look like a kid - oh yeah, maybe that's because i am one! hee hee

    we hope you get another bone and some peace and quiet to chew it.


  14. is that a 'charcoal-looking-bone' u're holding?

    i wonder izit yummy as the red one i had here....

    but i really wanted to try a blackbone that looks juz like me...

  15. Ah Maggie, you're so sweet to not kick Mitch's butt after he steals your treat :)

    And looking LOVELY, might I add...


  16. Maggie. Lookin' good. You must have the cabin fever, too.
    Mitch, dude, I used to steal bones from my Beautiful Raja. You gotta be really careful 'cause those gals can get a little grouchy sometimes.


  17. I know the feeling Maggie! I love when I get a bath & I'm all nice & cool. I get the zoomies and run all around the house like a 2 year old. And I get Lola back for being a PITA all the rest of the year.

    You look real pretty with your new doo.


  18. Me be like you Maggie, me likes to be cold!

    Me likes to steal Harry's Kons and bones too, tee hee.

    Cassidy x

  19. Maggie... you look fantastic! and "theffffff" to Mitch for stealing your bone.


  20. oh wow, what a little thief that mitch is! mommy usually takes my bones from me..but that's cuz i don't eat my din din b/c i'm too enthralled with my goodies!

    one of these days you should tie it to a string to trick him or something! (no offense mitch, it would just be funny!)

  21. Maggie, I totally understand where you're coming from with the heat thing. I hate it too and love having all my fur shaved off. It's summer here and I'm all boofed up, way too hot. Can't wait to go to the groomer. I wish my pinkies new how to use those clippers, then I could stay short haired all the time.

    Hugs and tail wags

  22. I prefer to be hot! I don't like being cold one bit and like being totally covered up! You're very kind to Mitch, letting him steal your bone. I'm not sure I would be quite so nice if I had a sibling! Jx

  23. Maggie, you're looking quite lovely!

    Your friend, Lenny

  24. Maggsie!

    You look so svelte and chic. I LOVE to be cool too, so I try to stay outside as much as possible when it's freezing out there because my girl is letting my coat get all woolly this winter.

    I have to say that I also am totally LOVIN' your raspberry face! That is hilarious!

    You could give me raspberries ANYtime (and probably would have to if we ever meet snout-to-snout).

    Goober love & smooches,

  25. Louie does that same thing to me. He is always stealing my treats and chewies.. It doesn't matter how many chewies are laying around he always has to have mine. Don't we just love our siblings??

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  26. Maggie, you are such a kind girl letting Mitch have your bone. You even look away and pretend you can't see he is taking it.
    Very nice Airedo! I don't like being hot either. I didn't realise you're 10!
    Finni xx

  27. woofies Maggie and Mitch...heehee mayb u shood trade mitch fur a cat...jus kiddin, u luv mitch to much...and u dont lookie a day over 1 yr...

    b safe,

  28. Mags,

    The youngins are such a pain. Did you enjoy the game? Other than the bone stealing and grooming that is.


  29. Obviously taking lessons from Agatha......Archie

  30. That's a nice groom there. You are such a sweet sister, Maggie!

  31. OMG! What a wonderful haircut Maggie! I am going to hopefully get a nice groomy before the Valentine's Party for MY Putter Girl.

    Love, Hercules

  32. Hey maggie and mitch!!

    Oh maggie you look so pretty with your new cut!!

    That bone looks so tasty to, makes me want one!

    peace out

  33. Comet does the same thing to me. What is is about little brothers?

  34. You are a good sister to share with your little brother.

    jans funny farm

  35. Hi, Maggie!
    You look beautiful! And pretty young too!
    You are so nice sharing your bone with Mitch! Good girl
    Have a good night

  36. Maggie
    You awe a bootiful vewy young looking giwl and such a good sissy..Mitchy should leawn to be mowe wespectful..it's just that he's so cute he can get away with a lot, plus you'we genewous
    smoochie kisses
    pee essmy Mommi knows all about always being hot,heheh

  37. You really are a good sister, Maggie, letting him have that bone. I don't think I would, but then again I don't have a cute little brother.

    You really look nice with your haircut, and you are a very brave girl to have it done in the middle of January. Not me!! Give me lots of fur.

    You missed a fun game on Sunday, but I'm sure you don't care. Just so the Patriots won their game. Right?

    Koobuss Kisses,

  38. Maggie, you are the nicest sister ever! (that's why lucky Mitch got spoiled!)


  39. You look younger then Mitch now with short hair Maggie. And you're such a nice sister to share

    ~ Girl girl

  40. Mummy says you two remind her of herself and her brothers. I'm glad I haven't got one, they sound really annoying.

    Simba xx

  41. Maggie

    I have a little brother who takes my toys and being a generous big sister I give in gracefully, but when it somes to bones....OH no that is quite a different matter! Nobody has my bones! You are very kind to your brother.
    I have just had a bit of a trim myself, not too much off but as I resembled a woolly mammoth it was decided it would be best to have a tidy up to keep me going till Spring eventually arrives.

    Molly (and Taffy)

  42. Little brothers were born to keep you on your toes! You look so dashing with your new hairdo. I get so hot too, hopefully Mommy will groom me soon. I'm not keeping my toes crossed though, I don't have a phisque quite like yours, so she doesn't like me nekid.

  43. We love our bones too, and whichever one one of us has the other has to have it! Good thing we have about 20 leftover bones around here, BOL!

    But you are a nice little sis...

    Woofs, Johann

  44. OK... I was just going to stupidly ask what breed of doggie when "Airedale" barked into my mind... very very cute they are too... kind of half poodle-looking and half Disney-mutt... you know the kind of dog they use in Disney films with a beard thing round its face very sweet indeed


  45. oh poor Maggie. I am glad I have not got a brother when I read stuff like this!

    I liked your poetry tooooooo!

    Very funny. Love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxx

  46. If I ever get a sister, I'd like her to be just like you, Maggie!

  47. Hi Maggie
    I love to be groomed too, and even though I pretend I don't like to be bathed, when I'm bathed and groomed, I race around like you too.
    And you know what, my brother, Hobson does exactly the same to me. Whenever I take a toy out of the basket to play with, he always wants THAT toy. And he growls at me. Sometimes we have a little fight, but I usually let him have it. He's mean to me.
    Love from Hammer